Using Style Sheets with DBApps - Directory

This document explains how to integrate style sheets with a DBApp directory. Directories can be modified through various unique selectors, which are explained below. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with style sheets and DBApps.

Below is a diagram which illustrates style sheet selectors with their corresponding elements:

dbapp style sheet selectors diagram

Below is the style sheet that was used for the table above. Feel free to copy and modify it. {
   margin: auto;
   margin-top: 10%;
   margin-bottom: 10%;
   width:  5em;
   padding: 1em;
   border: 4px #FEE solid;

DIV.directory_entry {
   font-size: 120%;
   background-color: #EEE;
   padding: 2px;
   padding-left: 5px;
   margin: 2px;

DIV.directory_entry A {
   text-decoration: none;

DIV.directory_entry A:HOVER {
	background-color: #FFC;

Please post questions regarding style sheets and DBApps on the WebApp Forum.

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