"Here she comes again, with vodka in her veins..."

Ah, "Velocity Girl", isn't it? Bowl heads for goalposts, small boys with big red guitars and fringes, girls in flowery dresses drinking lemonade, cakes of a large and pink variety.

"Here she comes again, amphetamine in her veins..."

But hark! What's this? Surely that can't be the sound of Bobby Gillespie in the late eighties changing the words to the Anthem Of Twee to make it more (whisper it) rock'n'roll?

"I prefer baby animals and cake to rock'n'roll..."

Ah, thank goodness for the year of our Lord 1995 and the occurance of a pasty faced Scotsman being "happy" for a day. Twee had returned and all was well with the world.

Now it's the Twenty First Century. In what state lies twee? And, more importantly, just how twee are you? Oh you may think you're so la-di-da-gunner-graham with your Tigermilk original pressing and that faded Pastels badge. But deep twee is your soul?

Find out here!

Do you wear glasses?
Describe your hair
Do you stare at your shoes while dancing?
What's your favourite Belle & Sebastian song?
Which indie star do you fancy most?
Do you think "la la la la la la" constitutes a good chorus?
Morrissey or Marr?
Have you ever worn your pajama top to the pub?
What's the longest time you've had a crush on someone for?
What's your favourite animal?
Which is the best Primal Scream album?
Have you ever played marbles at a gig?
Which is your favourite badge?
Do you throw like a girl?
Which song always makes you cry?
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