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Instrument Description Name Drive 1 2 3 Cab Spk Dph ZNR EqHi EqMid EqLow EqLvl MOD 1 2 3 REV 1 2 3 From Email Date
Long clean echoLONGEKoff528144893RogerM2002-11-13
Electric bass guitarBAS-GT2108-12-818-12103015615RogerM2002-11-13
12 String simulation12STRGoff121010151016RogerM2002-11-13
Strong clean tremelo effectTREMLO62612-3-249141266RogerM2002-11-13
Pitch shift plus 7SEVENSoff7101542159RogerM2002-11-13
Clean FlangerFLANGE4464-1-44101410410RogerM2002-11-14
12 string emulation for Strat12STRI267 12- 4- 6773111167Freshman2002-11-14
"Violin" type soundVIOLIN42512-2-24bF20750107RogerM2002-11-16
Clean blues(Steve Cropper / Robert Cray mix)ar1306783552027AndyRattle2002-11-17
blues harp patch bluhar58562AndyRattle2002-11-17
Acoustic guitar sim
(Total lev hi)
pretty vocal patch with a slight vibratoVOCVIB616101610210Lazorface2002-12-16
marilyn manson-ish vocal effectMICMAN425Af165172921Lazorface2002-12-16
Searing Tone for Strat w/Active ElectronicsJADGTR388-3238441717644Jcpstrat2002-12-19
Nice Clean SoundCLEAN15566-3-565520Curtis2003-01-24
Nice Distortion for single coils (especially the neck)NEKDIS10176-3-56884Curtis2003-01-24
Nice clean sound for jazz.CLJAZZ5566-3-56Curtis2003-01-24
Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover"dover2367815dt42522815dale2005-06-20

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