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V4Power Helpful Tips/Modifications

This site is for everybody to post their tips, and modifications that can be done to their SabMag bikes.

Please realize once a tip is posted, I will be the only person that can modify it. Please make sure to recheck before submitting to make sure it is OK. If a post is submitted incorrectly, EMail Len, or Wally, and let us know. We do ask that you make sure to check your post twice to make sure you have it right the first time though.
If you see a tip you want to learn more about, click on DETAILS to see more about. You can print that page and take it to your work area to check it out while you work.
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Brief Description? Name EMail Date What bike is the tip for?
Remove Bad screws in masterCYLLen2002-11-18more
Removing stubborn Fork CapsWal2002-11-18more
Dazzling brake caliipersLarry in Michigan2002-11-19more
3.40 gear donor bikesAlvin2002-11-19more
About Scooters tipsScooter2002-11-20more
About the carbsScooter2002-11-20more
Carb SyncingScooter2002-11-20more
About cam oiling.Scooter2002-11-20more
About cam chain tensionersScooter2002-11-20more
About the fork BraceScooter2002-11-20more
Installing Clutch Slave seal.Scooter2002-11-20more
Master cylinders.Scooter2002-11-20more
Stripping clear coat aluminumScooter2002-11-20more
82/83 V45 Sabre instruments.Scooter2002-11-20more
Turn Signal Flasher FixDave Berkey2002-11-20more
Fork oil change via MityVacMarkC2002-11-21more
Make your own windshieldMason2002-11-21more
Removing Stator/RotorLen2002-11-21more
wire up aux running lightsbigflip-n-va2002-11-22more
Main Fuse FixMason2002-11-22more
Sagging Turn Signal StemsMatthew Sposato2002-11-27more
Damn battery sensorsLen2002-11-29more
PN for tap'd hdstem bearingsWal2002-12-13more
K&N filter for V65 SabreWal2002-12-13more
Dynojet jet kitWal2002-12-13more
Swapping V65 Magna/Sabre WheelGreg in Npvl2002-12-14more
Adding a KG Rack to Your SabMaGreg in Npvl2002-12-14more
Melted Regulator Connector?Greg in Npvl2002-12-14more
DRP Drill'n'Tap Oil ModGreg in Npvl2002-12-14more
Stuck in a gear?Greg in Npvl2002-12-14more
Repairing Your Ignition SwitchGreg in Npvl2002-12-14more
Leakdown Testing (DIY tool)Greg in Npvl2002-12-14more
Fuel Cell on SabMagGreg in Npvl2002-12-14more
Carb separationV65stiffie2002-12-14more
Clutch Slave Fix (Cheap)Greg in Npvl2002-12-14more
Spoon Your Own TiresGreg in Npvl2002-12-14more
Replace Airbox/Carb ScrewsMason2002-12-14more
Frame StengtheningGreg in Npvl2002-12-15more
lower temp fan switchmikebl2003-01-22more
VTX Chrome driveshaft coverCharles2003-01-30more
Front Brake Bleed ScrewsRick S2003-01-30more
Brake pad ReplacementBob2003-03-08more
Clutch Nut ToolGreg in Npvl2003-03-19more
front brake upgrade 82-83 v45eric2003-03-25more
'82-'83 V45 Magna HeadlightMason2003-03-31more
sabre rear shock fluid changeacupunctureone2003-04-01more
air filter for 83 sabreacupunctureone2003-04-09more
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