Holmesfield FC - 2002/2003 Results

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Date Competition Opponents Result Scorers Venue .
08/09/02LeagueCrown Inn3-0Hartley 2, Byron 1Away1
12/09/02LeagueThe Stag5-1Hartley 2, Willis 2, R. Flaherty 1Home2
22/09/02LeagueRailway2-0Chisholm 2Home4
29/09/02LeagueWinn Gardens 'B'5-0Willis 2, Chisholm 1, R. Flaherty 1 and a great OGAway5
06/10/02LeagueHollybush2-1Chisholm 1, Mason 1Home6
13/10/02Senior Cup 2nd RoundBradkirk1-0MasonAway7
20/10/02LeagueRoyal Oak Beighton1-1WellsAway8
27/10/02Senior Cup 3rd RoundAtthersley Rec3-1T Flaherty 1, Chisholm 1 and an own goalAway9
03/11/02LeagueSacred Heart4-0Default result due to opponents unable to raise a teamHome10
10/11/02LeagueTollgate6-1Chisholm 3, Potts 2, Emsley 1Away11
17/11/02Senior Cup 4th RoundLocke Park W.M.C.P-P-Home12
24/11/02Senior Cup 4th RoundLocke Park W.M.C.P-P-Home13
01/12/02Senior Cup 4th RoundLocke Park W.M.CP-P-Home14
08/12/02Senior Cup 4th RoundLocke Park W.M.C1-2FieldhouseHome15
15/12/02LeagueYork Hotel Athletic1-5WillisAway16
22/12/02LeagueCrown Inn2-2Church, WellsHome17
29/12/02CupColley WMCP-P-Away18
05/01/03CupColley WMCP-P-Away19
12/01/03CupColley WMCP-P-Away20
19/01/03CupColley WMCP-P-Away21
26/01/03CupColley WMC2-1Willis, T FlahertyAway22
02/02/03CupChapletown2-1Willis, MasonHome23
09/02/03CupBradway1-3T. FlahertyHome24
16/02/03LeagueSacred Heart4-0R. Flaherty 2, T. Flaherty, ChisholmAway25
23/02/03LeagueTollgate6-4Chisholm 3, Willis, Church, T FlahertyHome26
02/03/03LeagueBrunsmeer B3-1Chisholm 2, WillisAway27
09/03/03LeagueSicey4-1T. Flaherty 2, Mason 2Home28
16/03/03LeagueThe Stag3-5Kelsall, Willis, FlahertyAway29
23/03/03LeaguePhoenix6-1Chisholm 2, T Flaherty 2, Hartley, WillisHome30
30/03/03LeagueWinn Gardens 'B'4-5Chisholm 2, Willis, HartleyHome31
06/03/03LeagueBrunsmeer B2-1Chisholm, WillisHome32
10/04/03LeagueHawk and DoveP-P-Home33
15/04/03LeagueSicey4-1Wood, Fieldhouse, Willis, ParkerAway35
20/04/03LeagueHawk and Dove6-3Chisholm 2, Willis, R. Flaherty, Church, WoodAway36
22/04/03LeagueHollybush4-1Willis 2, Church, MarshallAway37
24/04/03LeagueHawk and Dove3-0Willis 2, Fieldhouse 1Home38
27/04/03LeagueRoyal Oak Beighton1-1T. FlahertyHome39
29/04/03LeagueRailway3-0Marshall 2, Willis 1Away40
04/05/03LeagueYork Hotel Athletic0-2-Home41
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