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Ede's Directory of Households

Name of House Website Contact Email (Required) Kingdoms Active In Baronies or Shires Active In Motto Culture Period Fighting Household? Specific Interests # of Members Date of Inception Description of Arms Comments Accepting New Members?
SilverdragonWe are far reaching , but centered in the EastAll feel our touchCry havoc, and release the dogs of warmultiwide rangeFighting. Arts and sciences. Keeping out of trouble, not succeeding well.2000-01-01Master Feral von Halstern, Master of the Pelican, Baron of the Court of the East, and holder of the Queen's Order of Couresty.
Ty Gafrewig Wen (House of the White Antelope)WebsiteMeridiesShire of Sol Haven
Shire of Tir Briste
Shire of Forth Castle
Service,Arts & Sciences, Fighting, Children's Activities and Education251996-06-01
House CorvusWebsiteAn Tir, Atlantia, Caid, East, Meridies, Middle, TrimarisVariousDisfides et VeritasVariousVariousVarious432002-12-29Three ravens close conjoined in annulo.
Silver d'OrWebsiteWestProvince of Silver Desert, Shire of Mont d'Or,& Province of Golden RiversSi non adjuvas, noces
(If you're not helping, you're hurting)
A Norse is a Norse, of course, of course...800-1100Service to the Society. Our members hold the offices of Kingdom Waterbearer, deputy Kingdom Chronicler, Principality Arts, Principality Sciences, Copper Spoon, & lots of local offices...
Plus we do a lot of Arts & Sciences, and our two men fight.

Quarterly Argent and Or, a doorway Argent upon a tower Sable.
House Bakhtar/Great Desert FreeholdCaidStarkhafn/surrounding areaspre 1500 Asiatic/near East/Indo-European but open to most any culture/personnafall of Rome to 1500CE, Academeic studies, brewing, metalworking, SERIOUS academic reserch into Dark Age metallography (head of the Hold is a world recognised authority on Dark Age metallurgy) and metallurgy. Armour, cooking.51998-06-06Standard Freehold Alliance "Ziggy" with Tulwar insetad of broadsword.
RedoaksAtlantia, East, Middle, Aethelmarc, Meridies, AtenveltServicePeriod art/techniques/matterials/artists/confraturnities, Cooking, sewing, research, having fun361983-02-21
Summerhawke, HouseWebsiteCaidLyondemereHome of LyonSong
Also home to Fraser Sommerhawke, artist
Norman to ElizabethanMusic, arts, research1979-11-01(Badge)
Purple field with a sun in splendor, overall two gyrfalcons, facing, wings adorsed and elevated, one in winter phase (white), one in summer phase (black)
Always looking for good singers or instrumental musicians who can rehearse with us weekly
Adlersburg (The Ancient and Honorable Household of Adlersburg)WebsiteDrachenwald, Trimaris, Caid, East, MiddleManyNoneUnspecifiedUnspecifiedThe Household has a long and distinguished record of unselfish service to the SCA.201976-01-01(Badge) Gules ermined Or, on an eagle displayed argent a castle sable.Originally founded by Sir Alrick von Baeker, the House is now led by his former Lord Lieutenant and Body Squire, the Honorable Lord Sovany Barcsi Janos. The house is essentially a "federation" of friends (former squires, men at arms, and others) who are free to establish their own households. Former Household members who wish to reaffiliate themselves (regardless of the reason for their departure) may contact Lord Janos for more information.
Csikos LoDrachenwaldStronghold of Forgotten Castle, a part of the Shire of TurmstadtUnspecifiedUnspecifiedService to the SCA (without the use of alcohol or drugs).1990-05-04(Badge) Fieldless, a horse passant paly of seven Or and gules.LDS members (and those of similar beliefs) are welcome to enquire about membership.

This Household is affiliated with the Ancient and Honorable Household of Adlersburg, and is also led by Lord Sovany Barcsi Janos.
Free Company of the Iron LanceWebsiteMidrealm, East, Meridies, Trimaris, Ansteorra, An Tir, LohacWe have two: You Pay, We Slay.

We gladly devour those who would subdue us.
anyanyFighting.601991-10-31Yellow Lance on Black Anvil. Yellow background.All members must be authorized fighters.
House AeyalweardWebsiteTrimarisBarony of WyvernwoodeStandfastEnglish1250AdHeraldry, bardic arts, loom, brewing, reveling31979-04-23Sable a lion sejant Or above a latin cross and sword in saltire Argent, quilloned and pommeled Or
Kumpania Painted WheelWebsitePredominantly Atlantia
members in the East (and one in Lochac!)
"Stop, Drop, and Roll"RromanyEarly 1600's So we fence.
Music, Fencing, creating bardic-friendly enviroments at events, drumming201992-01-06Fieldless red wagon wheel painted with yellow gilly flowersWe are not a fraternity, nor are we a club. We are a group of friends.
House BernwaldDrachenwaldSchwarzloch41994-12-17
Iron Circle Mercenary BrigadeWebsiteInter-kingdom (currently West and An Tir)ALLHave FUN!!!ALLALLIntegration of Heavy and Light fighters in a WAR environment and introducing new members to the SCA. We also focus on learning/ teaching new skills (A&S, fighting, etc)302002-01-01
Fieldless, a double-bitted axe gules crossed with an arrow argent.
Buckton, House ofMeridies, TrimarisShire of Marion Glen"Ne Desit Virtus"
"Let valor not fail"
EnglishMid to Late Fifteenth CenturySeige Warfare, combat archers82000-11-30None YetWe welcome people of all interests, whether fighters, archers, craftsmen, etc. Our main goal is to enjoy each other's fellowship and have fun.
Inn of the Weeping UnicornAnsteorraNamronWithout respect and honor we have nothing.Brewing, sewing, cooking learning all we can learn.121999-10-09(Fieldless) On a tankard, azure, a unicorn's head erased argent armed Or.Adult based to further harmonious social activities for it's members. A traveling Inn which follows mercenary bands to war. Caring for sick, injured, cooking for the masses and plundering when ever we can.
House O´MonaDrachenwald, Lochac, Uhhh...Boston and Florida."In loyalty there is honor" Umm...we drink moonshine?Duke O´Mona wants everyone to be a Celt, all others disagree.

Wide range; from Celtic to Landsknecht.
Surprisingly enough, a lot in the household are interested in the fine arts.
202002-12-30Green background. A sword with gold handle in the upper area. Center is a flaming ring. (Duke O´Monas personal weapon)Allied with House of Starfall.
Clan DarksailWebsiteCaidPretty much all of 'emYarr!PirateVery, very lateNautical, French451998-09-25A fanged jawless skull bearing an eyepatch sinister over crossed swords - a cutlass sumounting a katanaClan Darksail (aka the Privateers of the La Villa A Broka) are a group that plays with the SCA as well as various pirate groups. The SCA fighting unit is the Southern Gascony Regiment.
Clan of the Arctic WindsWebsiteDrachenwald
East Kingdom
Middle Kingdom
"Bota... B-O-T-A- Bota..."What's culture???All periods.Fighting, A&S, Dancing, Brewing, Shopping (in that order)601999-01-01
House LemmingEast, Aethelmark, Drachenwald, Atlantiaad Mare (to the sea)Fencing, cooking, new comer support301988-02-14
LeatherwolfWebsiteCalontir, OutlandsBarony of Forgotten Sea;
Barony of Coeur d'Ennui;
Barony of Caerthe;
Shire of Dun Ard;
Shire of Bellewode;
Canton of Aston Tor;
Canton of Cum an Iolair
Semper HeraldicaNo specific culture.No specific time period.Heraldry, clothing, cooking, archery, fiber arts, scribal arts, research, chainmail, glasswork, lace, etc. 301988-11-19
Per pale sable and argent, three wolves'teeth issuant from dexter and as many from sinister counterchanged.
There are certain aspects of life, or philosophies, that members of House Leatherwolf tend to strive toward. Amongst these is the sense of family similar to the Hawaiian concept of Ohana. No one is ever left behind; no one is ever forgotten.

Also stressed are the concepts of courtesy, honor and chivalry. What good is recognition, awards and accolade without integrity?

House ValkyrieEastShire of Silver Rylle
Shire of Caer Adamant
Ain't got no mottoVarious...heavy leanings toward things Italian Renn with some Swiss and a bit of deranged Celt thrown in for good measure.Various, from extremely early to the extremely lateTons...A&S, waterbearers, service-junkies, newcomers, mols, chroniclers, heralds, you name it, we probably got it!
Basically we are a group of ladies with and without children who travel together.
House Lightning MistWebsiteAnsteorraBarony of Namron, Barony of Wiesenfeuer, and Canton of Rivers RunCuimnich bas TalonMostly Celtic and Norse, with a small number of middle eastern members.No specific time period.Fighting, Bardic, A&S(maille-smithing, leatherwork, culinary arts, garbing, and batique are some of our members talents), and especially Revellry!331997-10-31Not registered as of yet.House Lightning Mist is a gregarious group of family and friends that encourages active participation in The Dream. We are always looking for like-minded folk to share the fun and friendship that makes the SCA such a grand adventure!
Island of RhodesWebsiteCAIDBarony of Dreiburgen
Canton's of Gallavally, also play in Steinsee, and Al-Sahid
Hail, Rhodes!European, Great Britain w/ a smidge of the Eastern influence (just about anything we want)roughly the 13th to 15th century Fighting, Arts & Sciences, drinking what we brew, eating what we cook and enoying each other's company - not necessarily in that order.102000-01-01
You can usually find us (or many of us) at the Gallavally Sunday fighter practice. Come on out!
House DragonWebsitemuch of the Known WorldWe Take Pride in the Knowledge we Impart and the Joy We Bring to Our Friends
Middle Eastern and everything elseDrumming dancing and Generally fun people to be around.1001985-12-15The House Dragon device is ; a Red Dragon Combatant ( in other words it has only one foot on the ground and looks kind of like a Horse rearing up for a fight) Dragons must have four legs and two horns ; else wise they are not really Dragons. The Dragon is Armed ; it has fangs and claws .
Also the House Dragon ; Dragon , has a knowed tail ( in other words it has a
kind of a circular knot in the tail .) and it points upward .The Dragon is (as
you face it ) facing to the left .[But if you were behind it ; it would face to the
Right !] {Or Dexter} The Field is Black ( in other words the back ground) and
it is covered with six armed ( or pointed)yellow suns [These arms are rayony;
in other words kind of wavy] and they are all over the field in such a manner
as to look like the field is about half yellow and half black
BrighthelmWebsiteDrachenwald & An TirHarpelstane, Mynyndd Gwyn, Pont Alarch201990-01-02
SchadenfreudeWebsiteAtenveldt, Caid, An Tir2003-01-02
UndertowWebsitewhere ever we are :-)Stierbach"Leave your politics outside the door"relaxed enjoyment of what the SCA offersvaried112000-08-21gyronny arondi argent and azure, two seahorses crossed in saltire, respectant or

Inn of Bard's Rest, TheWebsiteEast Kingdom and 1 member in Caid
Barony of StonemarcheEntertainers in the form of Song, Musical Instrument, Dance and Storytelling192003-01-03A Tavern sign which upon is printed "The Inn of Bard's Rest" and a chair tipped back (aka Barstool Rampant)We have 8 Household Members and
Currently 11 Patrons of the Household
Legio IX HispanaWebsiteCaid, West, Outlands, Artemesia, AtenveldtFidelitas, Virtus, Magnanimitas Imperial RomeMarch 15, 121AD 8:30am, that's the year 874 according to the Roman calendarRoman re-enactment, Northern Britannia, soldiers and their families plus an auxilia of Native Briton levy251994-03-15
A classic Roman scutum: dark red backgound. In yellow: 4 wings of Victoria, 4 lighting bolts of Jupiter, 1 trident of Poseiden, a double tabula with the words "LEG IX HISP" or LEG IX HSPA"
We are forming a cavalry unit, artillery and we're planning teh construction of a small boat.
House Wyvern HallWebsitePrimarily EastBarony Beyond the MountainVariedPre-17th CenturyArchery, Brewing, General SCA pursuits.1994-05-01
House DracawynWebsiteMidrealmFriends of the dragon
with honor all through
one another together
be we loyal and true
Mostly Celtic, but open to allMostly 11th to 13th century, but open to anyThrown Weapons, Archery, Belly Dancing, Sewing, and having fun. We are attemping to learn blacksmithing, brewing, and heavy fighting.42002-09-15
Duchy LeuwenbergWebsiteAtenveldtTir YsgithrKraft, Einigkeit und Ehre im Freundschaft (Strength, Unity and Honor in Friendship)Mostly German, others varyVariesFighting and Various Arts151995-01-06
Per Pale Azure and Gules, two lions combatant Or, supporting between them a Maltese Cross argent.
Erevnite AsteronMiddleMarche of Alderford151994-01-06
House Sacred CircleWebsitereside in the Kingdom of Atlantia

Play in the MidRealm and Meridias
Nottinghill CoillBrotherhood, Loyality and above all Honor!

(We are a very close knit group.)
Viking / Celtic13th century IrelandWe have Household Dinner every sunday and hold two Household Feasts a year along with the Birthday Bash. Send your'll get an invite!262002-01-06In the worksWe have many different members and are a children friendly group. We also have many different types of members depending what degree they want to be involved.
House LokiWebsiteMiddleToo many to listLoki Loves meCelticmid to lateBrewing, and general A & S351989-03-01
House of FoolsWebsiteAn TirBarony of Adiantum, Barony of Three Mountains, Shire of Dragon's MistNot a motto, but our house toast: "There's many a toast I'd like say, if only I could think it, so fill your glass to anything, and thank the Lord, I'll drink it!" ~Wallace IrwinVaries, we are nomadic entertainers. Primarily (or perhaps entirely) Europe.Varies. Heads of house are 13th century EnglishPerformance, food, camraderie351995-06-10Under construction, but involving house colors (purple and black) and jester hat symbol
House InshallahWebsiteAnTir
Barony of Blatha an Oir,
Barony of Aqua Terra
Barony of Stromgard
Barony of Lions Gate
Shire of Eisenmarche
Shire of Wyewood
That would be sick, that would be wrong, but that would be funvaried, head of the house is Byzantine/Turk/RusAt timesChirurgeonate371995-06-02
Argent, a Camel rampant, supporting a bottle and wearing a fez
House of RisingMoonWebsiteAnTirBaronies: Stromgard, Three Mt.
Blatha An Or,
Dragons Lair,
Glymm Mere
Shires: River's Bend
Heavy fighting
Clan Caer LonnWebsiteAtenveldt, Caid and several assorted othersBurning Sands, Calafia, Gyldenholt and many assorted othersNo Politics, Play the game as it was meant to be played.Norse & Scottish for the most partAnachronistic ;)Having fun, Kicking Butt and Music701999-01-16
House GrynmoorsWebsiteAn Tir, CaidAquaterra, Madrone, Blatha An OirLive by the sword, die by the arrow. Go ahead and run, you'll just die tired.Islam7th CenturyMissle and Heavily Armored Combat281995-10-01
Or, two arrows reversed crossed, a candle overall azure
Please respect our dry encampment. Islam is our way of life. Muslims highly encouraged to join.
House DaosWebsiteAn TirThree Mountains, Dragon's Mist, Aqua Terra, and Blatha an Oir.Ingenium Superat Vires (Genius Ovecomes Strength)ClergyAD 1500sArchery, Heavy Fighting, Fencing, Theater, and Entertainment281993-05-26
Soli Daos Gloria
Langhus Vanir-LagAn TirNorse/Pre-Norse500-1066Authenticity and Experimental Archaeology1990-01-01
western spartansWebsitewest152003-01-15
Zachary Keep AbbeyOertha
Kingdom of the West
Barony of Winter's GateLove in Arts and Love of LifeMostly English, but will include allall inclusiveAll arts and sciences
especially needlework, music, and lacemaking
we welcome fighters as well
62002-07-30gold tower with one single heart window on the right side. Ususally displayed on a field of forest greenThis is a very old house that closed for awhile when the founding member, John St. Andrew passed away. It was reopened by one of his household who recently returned to the Society with several other household members.
Brotherhood of the Black UnicornMostly ArtemisiaSentinels' Keep
Dun Braga
Stan Wyrm
Never play leapfrog with a unicornSpears, Greatsword, tactics301996-01-01Black Batwinged Unicorn on a White backgroundPrimarily a fighting house in Northern Artemisia.
Dark WyvernAn Tir, Northern Principality of An TirLionsgate, EisenmarcheEnemy of cows everywherepredominantly Irishmid to lateleatherworking, rapier, heavy82000-05-10Remember, it's all about the fun!
House de MontfortWest, An Tir, elsewhereWinter's Gate, Selviergard, Eskalya, Earngyld, all over!"When in doubt, escalate!"SCAAnyStarted as fighting, matured as Service with a dabbling in everything!1984-01-01Very old House from the 80's, ('84 is a guess) a Pillar of the West. Our numbers and many, varied and are scattered and lately we've been largely inactive as a unit.
Canton of Hawk's Hollow
Certum pete finemdiverseseveralArchery, cooking, calligraphy
Leatherwork, Bardic arts
162001-07-16On a tower Or, masoned sable,
a thistle slipped and leaved
Clan T'EanWest Kingdom/Principality of OerthaIncipient Barony of SelviergardMixedRom,Hebrew,Merchandising,Smalls112001-06-22We are a group of misfits who play in Alaska.
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