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Name Email Club/Zone Preferred Position Age Comment/Experience What kind of team?
Randy Meyskens1319Doesn't really matter where I play
just trying to get on a team
currently play at Brock
Gavan Jamieson17dont care where i play, just lookin to play competitive, next year i will hopefully be attending either Brock or U of O. Been to a bunch of provs.
Kris MartinsDixie C.C. Zone 816Just looking for a junior boys team. Been curling for 5 years.
Jamie RisebroughUxbridge Zone 618I have been curling competitivly since 1997. I am looking to join a competitive team for next season. I am prepared to travel in order to compete with a team that has a focus on zone, regional and provincial play. Willing to play in spiels.
Zones wins:
Bantam boys-98,99
Bantam Mixed-2000
School Boys-99,2000,2002
Silver Tankard-2003
Played in OFSAA 2002
Craig ReidChesley C.C.18I am probably going to be in Guelph next year for school, looking for three guys to curl with for jr. mens
Amberle BocsyOakville17Just wondering of any girls that may be looking for a player for this coming season... anything but skip!
Brett AbbottsBluewater Curling Club/Zone 1116Next season will be my fifth season curling. I have been to three provincials currently as it is. I have won the First Team All Star award at the 2002 Gore Mutual Championships and finished Runner-Up in the 2002 Bantam Mixed Provincial Championships and finished 4th at this years 2003 Bantam Mixed Provincial Championships. We need one more person that is willing to committ to our team, we're a solid and well rounded team and are looking for a serious committment.
Kevin BishopTam Heather/615
Katie PringleOrillia C.C Zone 1015I am looking for both a Bantam Girls team and a Bantam Mixed team. Looking for a serious team that will travel to spiels in preparation for OCA playdowns.
Would prefer to play either skip or vice.
Cathy ParkerOakville Curling Club Zone 818i am looking for a player. We are looking for someone to either play second or vice probably. if anyone is interested e-mail me. Distance is not a factor. We want someone competetive and ready to work hard. the rest of the team has provincial experience and we are looking for the same commitment, but you don't have to have been to a provincial, just ready to play at that level.
Gary JowettBradford/10166 zone events winning three. My bro and I are looking for a vice and a lead. We love going to TCA's, and the Bradford Skins. We like a challenges.
Jamie HoweGlencoe curling club /1618so to have ofsaa expericence
been to zone b finals in batam boys for zone 16
have won a fair share of bonspeils
Mike HaywardCarleton Heights, zone 319bantam and junior provincial experience, lots of competitions
David CoffeyTam Heather/Zone 616I have been curling for 6 years. I have a lot of experience in competitive curling and I would like to form a competitive team for next year.
Mark KeanWoodstock Curling Club Zone 1514I am just looking to see if there are any teams needing another player on their team. I have played in zones for three years as a Skip, but would play any position needed probably prefering skip or vice. Have won Zone 15 Bantam Mixed Championship and been to Zone 15 Bantam Boys A Finals. Am going to be 15 next season.
Hilary JermynBradford Curling club..Zone 1017i have been curling for 7 years now...i have been in competitive curling since i was 11 and have won the bantam mixed zones in 2002 and junior mixed zones in 2003 along with bantam girl zones in 2003
Theresa Alhopefully Ottawa Area19Been curling many years. been to camp. I have experience skipping but prefer vice or something else. have experience at zone and regional level, have won many bonspeils.
Derrick HillArnprior zone 317Hey! im moving to Juniors next year and im looking for a team in the Ottawa area.
Derrick HillArnprior zone 317Hey! im moving to Juniors next year and im looking for a team in the Ottawa area.
Randy Meyskens13 St. Catharines Golf19currently looking for 2 more players, does not matter what positions. Just trying to find 2 guys who want to curl in the big jr spiels and have a 'last' chance at juniors kind of thing
ConnorMinde13Five years of curling. Three years competitive.
Nate EtheringtonZone 1317Jason Jackson and I are looking for two girls. We've both come runner up at a couple of provs, third at juniors this year, lots more zone wins. Distance isn't a huge factor, anywhere in southern ontario. E-mail me for more info.
Jim ClaytonBrantford - Zone 1515Next year is my last year for bantam boys. I, and 2 other guys are looking for 1 more bantam with regional experience. This year we got 3rd in regionals and we are looking to move on to provincials.
Steven HillAlliston/ 917My brother and I are looking for two competitive curlers to play front end for us next season. We want to go into the big spiels (i.e. London and Peterborough). Send me an email if you are interested!
Craig BrennanBrockville Country Club/Zone 118Experienced in bantam and Junior. Looking for a competitive team who wants to win provincials. Attending U of O, Western, or McMaster. Possibly headed to BC but write me and find out.
Kevin MartinTillsonburg /Zone 1516We are looking for one more person to join our junior mens team. We have won Zones from Schoolboy and Junior mixed and competed at WOSSAA this year
Kirsten BobbieScarboro golf..zone 717I have been curling for about 8 years now and am looking for a more competative team. distance is not a big factor as long as it is not more than a few hours away. i have made it to provincials once and regionals many times...used to skipping but will play any position needed. please email me if you are looking for a player.
Jennifer ClarkSt. Georges15Hey i've been curling now for 8 years now. i made it to regionals this year with my girls team. but we broke up because of cercumstances beyond our control. but if you are looking for a team my eamil is: princess_of_paradise_69@hotmail.com (it wouldn't fit in the box)
i can play any position except skip
hope to hear from someone soon!
Meaghan SmartMayflower, Halifax NSI'm just looking for any competitive curlers who are moving to NS for school and are loking to join team. If this applies to you, or you know of someone who might be interested just send me an e-mail.

Ethan McVetyLindsay/Peterbrough/513I have been to two bantam boys regions and a juniour mens region and i have been curling competively for five years.
Heather FosterNorth Halton G&CC zone 916went to provs 2 time this year for school girls and bantom girls and won tca and the bayview spiel.
Rachel McKeebrampton curling club zone 916hey everyone i might be looking for a junior girls team next year..i'm not quit sure what my team from this year is doing but i thought i would give this a try and see if there was anyone out there who might be interested..i've been to 4 provincals, been to zones and regionals...i skip but i am easy with postions just write me an email at rubberflubber00@hotmail.com if you are interested..thank you..i've also won a bunch of spiels..this year my girls team won bantam girls TCA and bayview....and made provincals
Heather Beatty716I have been curling for seven years now and I skipped a bantam team to regionals this year but I am looking to play another position next year. Distance is not a factor. Write me an email if you are looking for a player.
Brad KiddPeterborough & Omemee: Zone 517I have been curling since 1995. I would like to join a competitive junior mens team that is close to Peterborugh(witin an hour and a half) for next season. I am willing to travel. Played in zones,regions and COSSA. Willing to play in alot of spiels.
Brittany Gray1317Looking to play lead on a competative Jr. girls or mixed team in the general area of burlington. I've been curling since i was 7, competaivly for the past 4 years, i also made it to both bantam mixed and girls provs this year.
Rhys EtheringtonZone 1315Well, i've been runner up in a bboys prov and went to ofsaa last year. This year our team was runner up in GORE and our whole team was 1st all star, also, been spare with a junior mens team that's gone to 2 junior provs
Brandon TippinBluewater zone 1115I have curled for about 8 years 4 years competitave went to mixed provincials last year!
Jaimee GardnerZone 3-Carleton Heights172 time mixed champ, runner up in bantam girls this year
Ben WilleemseWoodville C.C. zone 515I have been curling for 10 years, 5 years competitive. last year I went to gore and bantom boys provincials. I have 2 years of bantom left. I am looking for a team for next year.
CharleneOttawa16I just moved to Ottawa and I am looking for a competetive bantam girls or mixed team!! Give me a shout if your interested! I also play vice.
Sarah RidgleySouth Muskoka/Zone 1016I'm looking to play on both a junior womens team as well as junior mixed. I have been to OFSAA twice, won lots of zones playdowns....
Heather Sangstereither Hamilton or London area18As of right now, my future is up in the air, but I will either be at McMaster or Western next year. Distance is not that much of a problem.
I have been curling for nine years, and have competed at eleven regional competitions. Last year, I skipped my school team to the consolation championship at OFSAA, and this year, we competed at the Gore Mutual Schoolgirls' provincials. I have experience as skip, but I am willing to play any position.
Feel free to email me.
Brodie Tarvitzone 16/ london to sarnia area17Well im looking for a Junior mixed team next year. I have been to two provs this last year GORE School Boys and Bantam Boys. I was Runner up for Bantam Boys.
Adam JohnsonBluewater Zone 1116I've curled for about 7 or 8 years ... looking for a bantam team for next year. Will play any position
Darrelle JohnsonAvonlea Zone 715I am currently looking for a bantam girls for next year (or possibly for the next 2 years). I prefer playing in the Greater Toronto Area. Have been curling for 5 years competitively. Have won Zone "A" side finals bantam mixed, Bantam Mixed Interclub City Championship, various spiels (Granite Junior Open, Avonlea Skins Speil, York Speil, Quinte speil). I have 2 years left of bantam curling including next year. Please email me if you are interested.
Darrelle JohnsonAvonlea Zone 715I am currently looking for a bantam or junior mixed team for next year. I prefer playing in the Greater Toronto Area. Have been curling for 5 years competitively. Have won Zone "A" side finals bantam mixed, Bantam Mixed Interclub City Championship, various spiels (Granite Junior Open, Avonlea Skins Speil, York Speil, Quinte speil). I have 2 years left of bantam curling including next year. Please email me if you are interested.
Jeff GrantPeterborugh16born in 1987
Looking for a bantam boys team. Honestly, the position matters depending on the people I play with. Anywho, I have won a few zones, came 5th at GORE in 2001, 2nd at OFSAA 2002, 3rd at Mixed Provs '03, and 5th at AllOntarios '03
Drop me a message if interested.
Rob AinsleyHaliburton17curling 8 years. I prefer skip, but will play any position. willing to travel some distance. i need a team.
Allison Rodgerseither zone 2 or 3, cityview17hi , i'm jsut moving into jr. and i hope to fin da compitative team! it woudl be nice if u were int eh ottawa area or close to it! i have been to regionals twice, and won many speils, i'm also looking for a mixed team! i love to curl! and i have been to the camp once and hope to go again! if u are looking for a player or are interested in starting a team let me know!
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