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Tom JanisePick oneNone... as a bass player. I own a bass, if that counts. I wanted to become a member so I won't get chastised each time I peek in to see what you mischevious 4-stringers are up to.Fender Squier - P-BassAncient Kustom head and a recent Peavey 4x10 cab... both lent to me by Robert Folsom.
Johncan't say(keep it civil)Too Laid Back currently. Jam when I can with Rusty Wallace, Mike Smith(not the autoplaza guy), and Kenny Sanders(great teacher, by the way). Fender P basses. 4 and 5 stringers. Also have psuedo Steinberger headless one that I don't really play much.Digitech BP-8 processor. Whatever amp is present. Have a fender BXR 100 at home.Rock, Blues, Greasy southern fried rock. Wish I could do R & B and funk stuff. Sorry, but I think most jazz is boring(please don't excommunicate me from the site, Reverend Ben-you are my secret bass hero).Would use almost any excuse to play bass with others and ain't picky about what kind of music to play, but that darn day job interferes.
SteveP-I have a Spector Bass that I guess allows me into this club! Actually, I own lots of instruments, just can't play any of 'em!Spector.. Not sure of the model. It's a 4 stringer with active pu's. Don't ask...It's smaller than a breadbox. Great forum...You guys thump!
Kenneth SandersKennyThe Kenny SandersFender SquireLine6 POD 2.0Instrumental GuitarMainly a guitarist, but I have always played Bass guitar. I have begun playing Mandolin. I give Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Mandolin Lessons, as well as Music Theory.
Ben SandersRev Wes NilesSix Foot South
I 4 N I
Jerry Mullin
Fender P bass Deluxe
Peavey 5 String Foundation
Yamaha Fretless Rbx260
GK 700 RB - 410 w/ Horn
SWR Workingman's 12
Kenny Sanders,Keith Slack,Josh Courts
Just an old fart trying to do what I can while shift working and single parenting. Love grooving with a drummer. Hoping to make voices heard with this forum.
Tommy MannLocal Music GuideI maintain, operate, work, slave, etc on my website, Local Music Guide.Ibanez SR 800
B.C. Rich Mockingbird
Hartke 3500 Amp
Hartke 410 TP cabinet
Carvin 1X15 cabinet
Steve Harris, Jack Blades, Billy Sheehan, Mike Inez, Duff McKagan, Lemmy KilmisterI have more influences, but I didn't want you to die from laughter just yet.
only one...a short scale Memphis. It's small, it's crappy, and I love her like my own mother.Marlboro amp that sucks a whole lot. I need money...I need new equipment.Mostly punk (cause it's easy), Looking more into Jazz though...I think muffins are overrated.

And this a business, not eurodisney, damnit.
Zachscobeys69SCOBEYS is my main band... I also sit in with friends, SKRUMP, and do other studio work for other friends...Yamaha BB G-5 String
Yamaha BB G-4 String Fretless
Ibanez SR1205-5 String Fretless
Fender Precission 4 String
Ibanez EX 4 String Bass
Ibanez TR 4 String Bass
SWR SM-400 Bass Head
Hartke Model 3500
Zoom 506 Bass Effects
Metal -- Cliff Burton, Steve Harris, Rex Brown, etc...

Funk/Other -- Les Claypool, Flea, etc...

Jazz -- Jaco Pastorius, Micheal Manring, Steve Bailey, Victor Wooten, etc...
I've been playing bass for about 8 years now... and am loving every second of it.
MickMickDead Men Walking1991 Ibanez EX Series
2002 Epiphone EB-3
Hartke 3500 head
hartke 410BXL cabinet
Zoom 505 (yeah I know it sucks, but it's all I got!)
Geezer, Rudy, Geddy, Gene, Steve, Cliff, Jason, Bach, BeethovenBang your head, motherf***er!
Larry Carter-Playing with classic rock band Malayden.Ibanez Soundgear BassBasic Peavey Amp with various bottom cabinets.John Paul Jones...I only wish I could play like that.Yes, I'm still a guitar player,But I like to do the bass thing too.
Rozzano ZamoranoRozzFondue Monks-currently, D Bo's Chickin Coupe,Moses Guest,Rozz Zamorano TRIO
check out
1981 Ibanez Road Star 4 String w/ EMG pickups from 1988.(This is my hetero life partner) My beloved FODERA Monarch 4 string-Tobacco sunburst. And many more the Lord has blessed me with. Demeter pre-amp,mackie 1400I power amp, and three Euphonic Audio cabinets(2-210's, 1-310)All Music that comes from the Heart. Influenced by everyone on this site. Great Site, hope to interact with everyone on this site. What great attitudes about bass ! Very impressive ! A southeast Texas community of low enders. Very Cool!!!
Rob ButlerRobBCurrently Graffiti Beach and GravityIbanez SR300 w/upgraded EMG pickups, 77 Fender MusicMaster.Carvin Redline R600, Sunn 1x12x1x18 cab.I feel you can learn a little or a whole lot from every bass thumper. I try to appreciate all musical styles when it comes to lying down the low end.-
TreyTreyLivin Proof....Used to be in FDS if anybody remembersIbanez Soundgear 405 5-stringauto wah
Funk, jazz, anyone that makes me groove when I walk in the club. I love live bass players that can lay it down.Real cool forum. I look forward to reading everyone's posts.
Joseph CessacjoeyamosAmos-we've been together about 5 months and currently working on getting gigs and finishing up a set line up.SquirePeavey TNT 15Incubus, Jimmy Eat World-
Michael SmithPickerToo Laid Back (sorry, play guitar here). New yet to be named band (recent rock such as Fuel, Goo Goo Dolls, Better Than Ezra, etc), that I actually play bass in.Ibanez SR400
Parker Fly 5-string
Carvin RC210
Avatar 15" cab
Peavey 15" combo
J.J.J.J.played 5 yrs. country, 10 yrs. Gospel and hid from the Love of my Life for 5 yrs. playing again for approx 1 yr with A LOT to learn.1988 Peavey Ultra II, and my "BABY" a G&L SB-1Hartke 1415 with 1-15" speaker, blows my shoelaces at half power!!!!any BLUES, can't say that one blues player is better than another - if they play with their whole heart and soul - then it's RIGHT but I love just about any genre of music (as long as I can understand what they are saying)Love to play, any where, any time. If you want to jam and see what we can teach each other, give me a hollar - and be ready, I will play until.........
SterlingSterlingRiverfly......Cajun BlendG&L ASAT, G&L L-2500, G&L-2000All Ampeg Baby! Tone is a secret. But it is a stero rig.Steve Harris, Geezer, Doug Pennick, Greg Christian, Rachel Bolan, James Dewar, Geddy, Jay Bently etc. -
Domonic ParigiCigarfartBuffalo Blonde1988 G&L SB-1 stripped and refinished blonde (of course)New Peavy 160 watt heat
Old Acoustic cabnet covered in fake fur, loaded with one 18" peavy Black Widow
First inspired by Cris Squire and Getty Lee in the mid 70'sI haven't played bass in over 26 years before joining this band. Have played acoustic during that period and lo and behold - it made me a better bass player.
Tom JonestjSweet Spot, Deja Blues, Red Horse, Rock Bottom, Blues PowerRick 4001, Thunderbay 5,Washburn 6Peavy Mk4
Peavy 412reflex
DOD Bass 30
Everything but RAP-
Michael BainMikeFantastic EnemyIbanez ATK, SDGR, Schecter Studio bassPeavey firebass 700 with a Peavey 4 10'' cab. Boss Chorus EnsembleIndie, Funk, Progressive.
Les Claypool, Victor Wooten.
JTJTformerly of Zeke Dymon, Turbulence and Ocean out of Houston. Currently "unattached", . .will be looking to hook up again in the near future. Peavey Fury 4-stringerPeavey Basic 60, . .sold my gig rig, . .Lead bass style. Mel Schacher, Paul McCartney and a host of other noteables, . . .it's all good.-
shannon howarddopeyBand Under ConstructionESP LTD B-50- 4-string
Vester 5-string
NADeftones, Trust Company, Staind-
RubioRubioSoul Shock. I use to play bass for Soul Shock, but moved down to Lead Vocalist800 Series soundgear. 4 & 5 string. Washburn. Harkie stage amp.My brother Robert. Duff Mc., Dory Covington.-
Steve BernalSteveMonte Montgomery,Alejandro Escovedo[on cello],Trish Murphy[bass&cello],Imbroglio String Quartet,Grand Street Cryers,Billy White Trio,Ingrid Karklins,Joe Rockhead,Killer Bees,Dan delSantoAlembic Essence 5-string fretless,& fretted,Fender J,& PG.K.700RB,Alesis compresser,w/two single 15"cabinetsalmost all styles. Tony Levin,Bill Laswell,Mick Karn,Jaco,John Entwistle,Chris Squire,Robbie Shakespeare.If some of you don't recognize any of these names,I strongly suggest you look 'em up and check 'em out.
james daviswhamfreelancer teacherseveral epiphonesampeg b-3john paul jones! pop and classic rockhopeing to make more good music with my friends!
Jimmie N. BarnesjazzbassjFormer bassist for the Scott McGill band "OLD DOG MAC"american series Fender Jazz, 2001 model
custom built 68 jazz neck on a demarzio "P" bass frame with cemore duncan studio picups
GK 1001 rb 500 watt with two custom built 15in. Bag End speakers Duck Dunn and various country players.-
Jeremy McElroyJ Maccurrently jamming with the supertonesErnie Ball Musicman StingraySWR 750 with 2 Ampeg 8 10scry of love, black crowes, audioslave, and anything groovy
nelson cullumshowdawgI would like to respond
PuenteColdMan999Euphoria (Current Band), The Pozers, Xero ControlPeavey 5 string Grind bass, Dean 4 stringPeavey 115 300 watt comboheavy metal, punk, alternative, classic rock, jazz, blues
Steve / freelancerIbanez SR800 w/DiMarzio pickups
1978 Spector fretless
1963 Fender Precision
Hartke 1400 w/15" speakerPaul McCartney, Jack Bruce, Chris Squier, Jaco and lots of horn players...freelance also as recording engineer
T.BaileyweedhopperCurrently learning how to play "better". (Started in Feb '03) Currently, I jam with a friend who's learning guitar. Always looking to jam/learn/evolve with othersI own two Ibanez basses, a soundgear SR300DX with "PHAT" bass boost, and a soundgear extreme SRX300 with active music man style humbuckers.Started with a Peavey Basic 112, but recently got a Behringer UltraBASS BX1200 (120w aluminum 12" kickback with awesome tone shaping controls) Effects: Digitech BP200, Boss ODB3 Overdrive pedal.Style is primarily Rock/Metal, but will try anything. Influences: Geezer Butler, John Paul Jones, Paul Macartney, Justin Chancellor of Tool, Lots more...check out the bass section of my website:
(gear descriptions, links, setup how-to, more...
Tim WelchTimWolfe BlitzerFender P-Bass 4 String
Ampeg Amp, Avatar Speakers
DBX Compressor
Hard Rock, Metal,
Cody RobbinsCLRBaby-O (late 80's)
Vallhalla (90 -95)
Mankind (95 - 97)
Livin' Proof (98 - 01)
1962 Fender Jazz (stolen)
Rickenbacker 2001
Ibanez Soundgear
Fender Prec/Jazz Special (stolen)
Trace Elliot (stolen)
anything and everything!!!
GordonGG2ClockworkSchecter Studio 4 stringPevy 450 single 15 with extra cheeseJames Dewar, Mell Shocky, and more Dewar
ben saleriuslong toothclassic rock,blues,outlaw countryPlaying at the stoned crow in orange fri.july 16 9.00 cover
Domonic ParigiEasy DomEx-Buffalo Blond bassist
Play acoustic / electric and bass guitar. Write music and sing - Prefer bass
G&L SB-1 stripped and varnished. Loudest and best bass I've ever owned.Whatever I need to put a serious thumping on you.All of 'em. Paul McCartney to Sting. Anything but Country - If your famous - maybe - but it'll cost you.I broke both wrists in a recent accident. But the boys (my wrists) are ready to rock again - thanks to much acoustic-therapy.
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