Hillary Rodham ClintonAmericanpolitics1990As a junior Senator for New York State, Hillary Rodham Clinton works for social improvements for the middle and lower class, including medical health care. She is the wife of former President Bill Clinton.
Prudance CrandallAmericanReform Movements1830steup schools for black children to get a good
Sarah George BagleyAmericanLabour Leader1840
Laura Ingalls WilderAmericanLiterature1940Started to write the famous "Little House Books" in 1932. Then finished an 8 volume book series in 1943. Her books talked about her pioneer life in the 1800's.
Lucretia MottAmericanReform Movements1840Organized a Women's Rights Convention at Seneca Falls. Thought women should have the right of freedom of speech. Fought for devate on favor of reforms in temperance, peace, women's rights, and
Betsy RossAmericanGovernment1770Supposely, she sewed and created the first american
Sarah George BagleyAmericanReform Movement18401. Helped found Lowell Female Reform Association.
2. Editor of th Voice of Industry.
3. Major crusade was the Ten-Hour Movement, which dedicated to limiting the work day to 10 hours.
4. She returned to New Hampshire on her father's death and vanished from recorded history.
Harriet TubmanAmericanReform movement1850Harriet Tubman was a conductor on the underground railroad.She made 19 trips on the Underground Railroad freeing slaves by bringing them to the north. Later in her life she joined forces with Susan B. Anthony to work for women's rights.
Angelina GrimkeAmericanreformed movements1830encouraged all women to fight actively for the freedom of
Dolley Payne Todd MadisonAmericanGovernment1810First Lady
She is known as the women who turned the new nation's capital at Washington, D.C. from a dull swamp into a high society social scene. While Jefferson was President she was a social hostess. She furnished the president's quarters.
Mary CassattAmericanArt and Music1890She started painting images of women and children in or around Paris. She was best known for "The Bath" in 1892 and "The Letter" in 1891. Then she was known for her style of paintings of women and nurses attending to children.
Ruth Bader GinsburgAmericanGovernment1990graduate of havard and columbia law school. 1960- the supreme cour justice was asked to consider hiring her. He said no because she was a girl. She never have up. 1990's-she became a judge on appelant court. 1993- moved up to become a member of the supreme
Sandra Day O'ConnorAmericanGovernment1970First woman and 102 person to sit on the supreme court.
served on the legislative counsil
assistant atourney general in Arizona
elected to Arizona state senate
Susan B. AnthonyAmericanReform Movements1870After helping with the anti-slavery movement, Anthony became involved with an anti-feminism movement. She helped establish the American Equal Rights Association. In 1873, Susan voted. She was arrested, brought to trial, and found guilty but was released. 100 years after her birth, women were recieved right to
Tania LeonCubanArt and Music1990Great composer and conductor; awarded the New York Governor's Lifetime Achievement Award and other prestigous
Alice PaulAmericanReform Movements1910Chief strategist for militant suffrage wing; founded the Congressional Union for Women's Suffrage and the National Women's Party; organized the 1913 parade in Washington, D.C.; jailed 3 times in England and 3 times in the U.S.; organized a hunger strike in prison; hospitalized, force-fed and treated as an insane
Emily DickinsonAmericanLiterature1890Emily wrote over 1700 poems. A few examples are "I'm Nobody! Who Are You?" and "I Died for Beauty but was Scarce"
Harriet Beecher StoweAmericanLiterature1850Harriet wrote poems, travel books, biographical sketches, children's books, adult novels and was most famous for her anti-slavery writing, especially "Uncle Tom's Cabin".
Yuri KochiyamaAmericanReform Movements1900Tried to eleminate racism towards all races. Teamed with Malcolm X to try and help her. Still working for her dream today.
Elenor RooseveltAmericangovernment1930She was into politics and was a part of the U.N. and Democratic
Sally TompkinsAmericanMedicine1860She built a hospital. The hospital staid in business when all other private hospitals went out of business. She was also the first women in the military. She was for the south in the civil
Ida B. WellsAmericanLiterature19701. African American, and women rights
2. Wrote books about the rights
Clara BartonAmericanReform Movement1850She established free public
Marain AndersonAmericanArt and Music1930She made civil rights history through her music.http:/
Mae C. JemisonAmericanMath and Science1990Conducted experiments, she was the first colored woman to go into space. Directs the Jemison Institute for Advancing Technology in Developing Countries. bio.html
Brenda BerkmanAmericanGoverment1970fire fighter, gives speeches about 9-11-00
Ida TarbellAmericanLiterature1880Was a wonderfu author and one of the first woman
Geraldine FerraroItalian AmericanReform Movements1980She tried to acheive the Equal rights amendment. Cheif of the democratic platform comittee. Sponsered women's economic equity act wrote 2 books
Sarah Grimke
Anna Eleanor RooseveltAmerican and EnglishReform movements1930Anna Eleanor Roosevelt became the first First Lady to hold a press conference. She also begins a monthly column called Mrs. Roosevelt's Page, and gets 300,000 letters of feedback. Mrs. Roosevelt even writes a book called: 'It's Up to the Women'. It`s her first book.
Madeline AlbrightAmericanGovernment1990She became a member of the national secruity council, she co-founded the center for national policy, she became the US ambassador to the UN, in 1996 she became US secreatary of state
Fanny FernAmericanLiterture1850Highest paid newspaper writer at her time. First women columnist in the United States. In 1868 she becme one of the founders of the New York City's Pioneer Woman's Club.
Rosa ParksAfrican-AmericanReform Movements1950 helped improving the race relations in the country
Her famous bus seat incident helped people relize what was going on in the race relations
Sarah GrimkeAmericanReform Movements1830Sarah Grimke spoke out for the rights of women and blacks.
Margaret Chase SmithAmericanGovernment1950Became first women elected to both houses of congress. Was elected to the senate in 1948
Dorothea DixAmericanReform Movements18601. Worked for better prison conditions and improve better treatment for ill patients.
2. She was the Union's Superintendent of Female Nurses during the Civil War, she also volunteered for the job without pay.
Rosalyn CarterAmericanReform Movements1980fought for women's rights, wrote four books, First Lady of President Jimmy Carter, fought for childrens health care, and worked for Habitat for
Emma WillardAmericanReform Movements1810started a school for women, thought women should be educated and not only men, born into a family of 17 children in Berlin, Connecticuit, opened the Middlebury Female Seminary in her home and over the next few years showed that women could teach and girls learn scientific subjects similarly to what men learned.
Amelia EarhartAmericanMath and Science1930First women pilot. First women to fly solo from Atlantc to Pacific Coast. Wrote book on trip "20 hours, 40 minutes". Made cross country air race for women pilots. Stuck as "Powder Puff Derby". 1930 broke several speed records. 1937 flew across to world but she crashed 100 miles from the Coast of Howland Island.
Maya AngelouAmericanLiterature1990wrote 5 autobiographies about her childhood and life, wrote a lot of poem books, she recited her poem "On the Pulse of Morning" at the inaugeration of Bill Clinton, and she directed the film "Down in the Delta"
Gloria SteinemAmericanLiterature1960Gloria Steinem wrote tons of books and is well known for them. She wrote many books having to do with government, and wrote a biography of Marilyn Manroe.
Mia HammAmericanSports1990first three time U.S soccer athelete of the year, member of gold medal Olympic Team, was the youngest woman ever to play on U.S National Team, and University of North Carolina
Narcissa Prentiss WhitmanAmericanReform Movements1830She played an importanr role in opening the Oregon Trail. She and her husband, Marcus, did important missionary work in Oregon.
Molly PitcherAmericanMedicine1770Brought water to the thirsty soldiers,
would cool down the guns when they were hot,
is known for is when her husband who was running the cannon got shot she took over it
Abigail AdamsAmericanGovernment1760Abigail Adams was the second lady of the U.S. She was married to John Adams in 1764.
Mary LyonAmericanMath and Science1830Mary Lyon believed that women should be ableto hav an education that was equal to a man's. She founded a womens' seminary, that education wise, was very similar to a men's collage so women could be better educated. Students had to take 7 courses in math and science to graduate. This idea was inspired by Mary Lyon's educational
Louisa May AlcottAmericanLiterature1860Louisa May Alcott was known for writing Pretty Women and other children's literature, but she also wrote adult fiction. During the civil war she became a nurse in the Union Army because she hated slavery so much. She also wanted increased women roles in - 8k
Ella FitzgeraldAmericanArt and Music1940She personified jazz for more than 60 years. Everyone loved her singing. She was a talented jazz singer. She ws known as the "First Lady of Song". She also had a movie career , but she was more famous for her music.
Florence Griffith-JoynerAmericanSports1980Won medals for running. Won Female Athleteof the year. Went into the U.S. Tract and Field Hall of Fame in 1995. Nickname-
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