SCO Reporting System
SCO Reporting System
SCO Title: SCO Name: Status Alert (Red, Yellow, Green): Diplomacy Issues: New Recruits / Recruiting Info: Battle Report: Report Type: Date:
Fleet AdmiralTC65None as yet.Captain Mike7050Officer Mike7050 was evaluated last night in SFC3. The evaluation report is available in the Command College Forum.

Note: This officer has been promoted to Captain.
Fleet AdmiralTC65None at present.None at present.Battle Report:

MacLeod, Mike7050, and myself played Battlefest in SFC3 and had one heck of a time. It is nice to see familiar faces around SCO once again.

I expect Captain Mike7050 to make a fine role model for the Command College cadets.

I have noticed that Captain Mike has taken an interest in the Borg race in SFC3. No doubt this will serve to keep everyone in SCO on their toes and in the games.

I fought Captain Mike7050 in a Sovereign class ship and was utterly beaten down like a yard dog by his Borg Cube.

He is unbeatable in one ship flying that darn

Time for me to oil my traps.

Anticipate more battle reports very soon:).
Reporting in....SensorNonenothing new to report besides for our new division jk2, I have been up late the past few nights makeing a map for SCO/JK2 server all in all things are going as planned but with a few miner bugs to be fixed, I have a training map made for the temp server if mac and tc wish to use it. I'm currently working on the main map as of now with Z's help I should be getting things done more faster then expected, release on this map don't have a date set for it yet but will keep all posted on ithad a few fights here and there in JK2,SFC3,KA I had much fun during these battles and for once i'm starting to feel at home now that things are picking up and I'm more involed with fleet activietys2003-05-16
CADETSCO-JABINOSORRY THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I COULD GET MESSAGE THRUi need clearance to post on board in forum this is sco jabino 2003-05-18
Fleet AdmiralTC65Cadet JabinoYou should be cleared...try it again.2003-05-20
Vise AdmiralSnabesreporting in 2003-05-25
AdmiralSensorN/AOther Info: been working on jk2 mapp progress is slow but it is comeing along. I'm learning alot of things now with radiaint and i'm sure this will be use full when EF2 comes out,
Gameing info: Been playing sfc3 with the fleet have got some good players and I learn from my mistakes.. no other issues at hand for now
:::End report:::
To many to reportso i will just say I won some and lost some..2003-06-01
Vise AdmiralSnabesEve

got my second bounty only reason i am breaging is i am currently waiting to drop off a liveing but heavily sedated charicter who is controled by the head programer of this game lol. seems he pissed off geovanni and well i was asked to he he get him drunk and bring him to geovanni well he he he he got me drunk but i druged his beer abd well he is currently enjoying the cargo hold of my ship. poor guy never knew what hit him till he soberd up and started screaming well in my ship only i can hear you scream and well i had a headache(in real life i did and well we had mic's on) so i drugged him and put a sentinal droid in his cell i wonder if they'll make freinds
Vise AdmiralSnabeshad a fun dog fight in eve today. a couple of pirates desided to bite more then they could chew there little fighters vs my modified light cruiser(jovian) you know like takeing a shuttle in KA up against the gorn DD(the one with the tractor weapon that just hurts the hull. it was quick and brutal i made alot of enemies today though next couple of weeks are going to be anoying pirates hold grudges and well i am a bounty hunter in eve so freinds are hard if not impossible to find or keep.2003-06-18
Vise AdmiralSnabeshad a good battle with mike7050 today he ripped my sov "USS Pink Taco" apart with his hit and run tatic's so i desided to set my tractor beam to full and go fishing. well what i caught ate me so to speak all in all i hope i gave him a run for his money still need to work on the skills but i am improveing. my computer crashed as i was comeing out of the game but oh well. he beat me down once i caught him in the tractor.2003-07-02
Vise AdmiralLittlesnabeshad a nasty battle with three computer viruses all of witch made it through my fire wall
one of witch was actualy(you old computer people will say i am lieing but the gate way tech said it had to be)CMOS resident. so when i formated the hard drive(hadn't even put aol back on the puter) wierd stuff was still happening. the tech said to take the battery out and clear the cmos. well guess what the computer works great.
so once it was all worked out i am back to kill and capture anyone who desides they want a piece and a can. for i have come back to whip ass and chew bubble gum but let me tell you the damnest thing i am all out of bubble gum.
Fleet AdmiralTC65None at present.None at present.Well, after I mouthed off in SFC3 lobby...Praetor Uppity noticed and challenged me...

Uppity handed my arse to me on a silver latinum plate.

RSC is still alive and well.
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