What's the tag team name called? Which wrestlers are in this team? Describe the tag entrance, with music. Name at least 3 tag team moves. What's the tag finisher?
the freaksBlood Boy and the saintLOD and NWO3D & Chokeslam it two and Frog Splash & Double Chokslamto cool legdorp and the 420 legdorp
Simply OutrageousBurn Out and Road RageRollin by Limp Bizkit plays and Burn Out and Road Rage, Simply Outrageous, come out. They ride motorcycles down to the ring.Double Chokeslam, Powerslam and Legdrop combo, Double ClotheslineThe Outrageous Bomb (Double Powerbomb)
Devastation Inc.JackHammer
Cowboys from Hell by Pantera plays on the PA system as Angel Black comes through the curtain. A few seconds JackHammer and Chino comes through. JackHammer walks down to the ring with stone look on his face while Chino walks down with a cocky grin. Both men climb up the steps, Both then look at each other and nodd then step over the top rope.JackHammer whips opponet into corner, then Chino whips JackHammer towards opponet with JackHammer nailing opponet with a vicouis clothesline, as opponet staggers forward, Chino runs and nails opponet with a big boot.

Double Flapjack

Chino Military Press slamms opponet to the mat as JackHammer his a Top rope Leg Drop
Total Devastation. Chino puts opponet into a shoulder mount suplex. JackHammer then comes off the Top rope with a DDT to the opponet.
BrotherhoodJohn Cook
David Cook
Flipsyde - Revolutionary Beat plays through-out the arena as John and David come out from behind the curtain. Ready for action as always. They slide into the ring together and taunt. They pound their chest and point to the air above. Neck Bomb: David gets them for a powerbomb, holds them up as John flies off the top rope (or springboards) and hits a flying neckbreaker/sitout Powerbomb.

The Toss: John throws the opponent to the ropes and then hits a back body drop. The opponent flies and is caught by David. David hits his knees, and hte opponent gets his back broken over Davids shoulder. David is still holding on and then tosses the opponent to John. John hits a sit-out tombstone Pile driver.

Old Skool: David and John (at the same time) hit a hip toss. They high-five as they then hit an elbow drop. They get up and hit a leg drop at the same time. They both run and hit the ropes (at opposite ends of the ring). David hits a flipping leg drop to the face, as John hits a flipping leg drop to the lower-section of the opponent.

Family Love: David hits an over head belly to belly suplex. The guy flips and is caught by John who hits a quick sit-out powerbomb. David springboards and hits a moonsault while John is still holding onto the legs from the powerbomb to pin.

(Singles Finishers)

David puts the guy up into a Torture Rack and then hits an inverted DVD.

John lifts the guy up like a suplex, but then drops them on thier neck with a sit-out piledriver/powerbomb.
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