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Tracy MasonMason Creations Candles & GiftsWebsite AddressI live in Langhorne, PA and have been married to Rick for 12 years. We have a son, Ricky, who is 11 and a daughter, Malloree, who is 8. When I'm not making candles I'm a soccer and football mom and I coach my daughter's softball team. I've been making candles for 7 years and love every minute of it!May 23
CetaceaSea 2 Sea CandlesMy real name is Jennifer Runion. I live in Wisconsin with my husband and we move around quite a bit so it is futile to list a town. LOL. I've been making candles for about 4 years now, and got started in North Carolina when I made candles as Christmas presents for my family. When we moved to WI, I decided to make candles full time as there is a definate lack of marine biology jobs in the Midwest. LOL. For those that are interested, I am a marine biologist, I worked with endangered sea turtles in Florida before we moved. My screen name is the Order for marine mammals and is pronounced Se TA Sha. 5/26/73
DannyScentsation Station CandlesWebsite AddressWell, I'm a 17 year old soon-to-be high school senior. I've been doing this for 5 years, 3 years as a business. I drive a 1995 Nissan Altima, maroon with blue "cyber eyes"; in my free time and when not at making candles or at my part-time job as a cashier/office manager, I enjoy playing soccer, listenin to hot new music, chillin with friends, and partying. December 23, 1985
Tracey BrewerThe SandGardenI live in a small town north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. My husband Bill and I have been married for almost 9 years and have a beautiful 3 year old daughter Nicole. I have been making and selling candles for 2 years now and just added bath and body products to my line. I also work full time in finance. My main hobby is gardening, although our Midwest weather only allows a few short months for it.September 8
Jean ColeCole's CandlesI am a nurse during the day, and a candlemaker by night! I have been married for 5 years to Steve, and my daughter's name is Brooke and she is 4 years old. I started making candles about a year ago and it has become a very lucrative business. I love reading the message boards! I'm pathetic!12-17
TamieCandle Classic's By TamieWebsite AddressI love candles, and was sick of buying ones that didn't burn decent and I could never smell them, so I decided to buy at kit from Ng's, and that was almost 3yrs ago I think? I can't remember!
I live in Sheboygan Wisconsin, and I have 2 children Kelly and Matthew.
I also own a tavern with my boyfriend Wayne.
October 22
Barb DorseyCold Creek CandlesI've been married for just about 10 years (wow 10 YEARS) to a really great guy, Jerry. I have 3 kids (step, but their mine), 2 grandsons and a granddaughter on the way in Aug. I've been making candles for 1 year and I Love it! We live in s very small town in Ohio, between Toledo and Cleveland.September 8
Lana SmithWix 'N Stix & Heavenscent Candle Co.I am 35 years old and married to my best friend Morris. We have 2 beautiful girls Meagan(14) and Hannah(10). Can't forget the weenie dog "Angel" and "Happy" our cat. I am a social worker by trade and make candles on the side. Have been making candles about 4 months and love it. If you have any questions just ask any of the nice people here. They will not hesitate to help you. God Bless and Have a Great Day!!! Feb 1
TraceyNatural ScentimentsI live in a small town in Texas with my husband Randy. We have 4 boys, 2 daughter in laws, 1 grandson and one on the way. I love making candles, it enables me to be at home with my younger children and grandson and still be making a living doing something that I love. I hope someday to have a retail store.9/15/65
Robin KayI live in Michigan, With my hubby, my daughter Alexandria, and son Austin. Oh, my two parakeets, "B" & "G" (aka Blue Boy & Green Girl). I have been making candles and bath and body for about 4 months. And I love it.11/27/1973 (boohoo almost 30)
Kathy MerrittOld Homestead CandlesWebsite AddressI'm 45 years old, my 2 children are raised and I still work full-time out of my home. I started making candles in my spare time about 3 years ago. I especially enjoy helping new candlemakers when they have questions. I'm not an expert, but can at least share some of my candlemaking experiences with them. 10-11
Kristin WilliamsKristin's CandlesWebsite AddressI'm from Michigan and have been making candles for about 3 years now. I was tired of candles that didn't smell strong, so started making them myself. Just started making soap, lotions etc. and love it! I have two children (13 & 16)that play sports year round. I also play softball from April to October. My "real" job - VP at a bank, but would love to have my own candle store! Maybe someday... I also have two cats and two dogs! :)Nov. 8, 1967
Portia DevineDevine ScentsI am a 37 y.o. stay at home mom, living in Western, NC. I have a wonderful husband of 7 years and a 14 y.o. daughter who has a rare kidney disease. I graduated college in 2002 with a Business Degree after being a 16 y.o. high school drop out. Thanks to our dear daughter, we have a German Sheperd pup, 3 cats and endless fish, inside and out. I started making candles almost a year ago and Thanks to NG, I've become another unrecovered addict..LOL I run my business out of my home and am FINALLY after so much experimenting starting to do some selling. I never realized how endless the possibilities in this type business would be. Thanks to everyone on NG for your help and advice!March 9, 1966
Karen SeesengoodSeasoned Goods/Seesengood's CandlesMy name is Karen, I go by Karen S (TN.) on the board.My B-Day is 7/6/67 I'm 35.
We are in the middle of moving to Salem IL. So I'm not on here much right now, But I will be as soon as this move is done. I love this web site! NG and E-Bay are the only places I really go to when I get time for the computer.
I am married to Eric Whom I love very much, We have 2 girls, One is 2yrs and one is 10yrs. (Cameron & Shannon) We have 2 Golden Retrievers (Reba & Rufis) and three cats (Sonny & Cher & Fatty)
I have been making /trying to do candles for about 1yr, and I really enjoy it, and everything I have learned has been from this NG board thanks to the help of everyone on this board.
I'll finish by saying if your new to candle making NG is the best supplier out there! all the way around! so stick with NG!
Nancy NixonSoothing Scents by NancyI live with my husband Rex and 2 of our 5 children (3 are married) in GA. I just started making candles about 6 months ago and love it. I am employeed full time.12/10
Jennifer MartinekI am the mother of 4. 1 boy (18 and graduating 2003) and three girls - Deena (16), Jaime (6), and Erika (3 1/2). I have been married for 8 yrs. (9 in Aug.). I am a newbie at candlemaking (only 2 months). My husband suggested I find a hobby and I absolutely love it!! I am starting to get orders here and there, but nothing steady yet. I am hoping to at least do this part time, but hopefully go to full time in the near future.October 16, 1964
(Steffy) Stephanie StebbinsMaxinkuckee Candle & Soap Co.Website AddressI work full time as a Registered Dental Hygienist and have been making candles for over a year. I jumped right into candle making and began turning a profit right away. September 16, 1968
Mary ShieldsCandles D'LightMy partner, Margaret & I started our business in August 2000. Our shop is next to my house off the garage. We sell wholesale and retail and do a big refill business.
My husband and I are also remodeling our house and have been for over a year. Trying to save money, Ha,ha!
We like to spend time with our
5 grandchildren. We took them to Branson Mo last week --kids and grandkids--Boy are we crazy??!!
Sept 13th
Dana EvainI'm 39 and married to my wonderful husband Eric. I have 4 children, ages 18, 17, 14 and 8.

I've been making candles for 2 years (mostly votives and tarts) and my current obsession is bath and body products (because goodness knows the candle supplies weren't expensive enough so I had to use the rest of our discretionary funds on oils, butters, sugars....)

I don't sell my candles.... yet. I make hundreds a month just to keep up with the demand of family and friends, so I may soon begin to sell them.

My next foray is going to be in candles made like pies, cinnamon rolls, etc. I read the candle boards 3 or 4 times a day, like an addict, so I can find the best oils, wicks and waxes for my candles :)

My hobbies? Reading, jogging, online shopping and standing in the basement watching my candles solidify.
Sheila BaxterHi, my name is Sheila I'm married to Phil, my best friend! We have been married for 11 years now. I have two boys, Scottie 18 (Just Graduated!) and Spencer 16 (Just started Driving!) They are great kids! I'm so lucky! I have been making candles for about 9 months. I have not sold any yet, because I don't have a business set-up yet and no insurance. I give them out to people to test for me. I have had alot of people say I need to sell them. And, I do plan on doing that one day soon! I love the candle gossip board! I haven't been on much lately. I do work full-time for our local mental health agency. I'm taking a small business course at the college right now. NG has the best site to me, so I buy most of my product here!! And, all the people a great to help you out. I don't ask many questions, but I do allot of reading, and have learned so much from the board!! Thanks NG!!10-4-63 (BIG 40 this year!)
Camille Nugent A Whole Lot of ScentsI am a stay at home mom with a new born. I started making candles about a year ago and have decided I love it so much I don't want to ever go back to work!!May 9, 1977
Kevin WhiteK-N-J Creations38 yo, 911 dispatcher supervisor. New to the candle business. Also do stained glass.12-17-1964
Paulie GardnerCornerstone Candle CompanyI live in New Richmond, Ohio, about five minutes from Cincinnati and the Ohio River.
I am married for 4.5 years to my husband Will. I have two children Alex 3.5 and Katie 1.5. I am stay at home mom, but my husband and I own two comanies besides the candle company.
April 11, 1974
Tami SedlacekHeartland Candle & Comfort CompanyI am 48 and have been married to my High School sweatheart for almost 29 years. We have two wonderful kids. Our son Jameson just finished his Freshman year of college and our daughter Jordan will be a high school junior next year. We live in a small rural communtiy in Northeastern Kansas and have farmed (yes, we raise soybeans so of course I use Joywax) since we got married. I work for a CPA by day. I felt the need to fulfill the creative side of me, so order a kit about a month ago an was instantly addicted. I took about 10 samples to work and sold 45 candles and received a call from a local retailer who wanted to put my candles in their store, so I decided this hobby should become a side business and that's what I'm working on now. I love NG and this board and have learned so much for you all. Thanks a million!!April 7th
LaurieBest Botanicals AroundWebsite AddressI just resently moved back to New York after living in California for a few years. I have been in business since 1997. I am very interested in adding candles to my product line.
I am married to a great man and have two wonderful daughters. They are also interested in making candles, soaps etc....
Gina BurnsBURN-A-SCENT CANDLESI live in Ashtabula, Ohio. I have been making candles for 3 years. I have been married for 27 years and have 1 son who lives in Columbus and goes to Ohio State. I love making candles and since I have been laid off from my job for 9 months, I am able to do it full time. I have been thinking about opening a store front, but am a little worried about overhead. My husband built a garage for us and added a 12 x 32 space for me to do my candles. It pretty much works for me. I live in a pretty depressed area of Ohio, so the candle business is slow. I enjoy candle making, gardening, remodeling my home and being outside. Just love Nature's Garden.April 25
Lori McHenryCollins Candle & Bath Co.Website AddressMarried for 12 years. I am a 34 year old mother of 3 (a sophomore in high school, a 7th grader & a 6 th grader). We live in a very small town about an hour SE of Toledo Ohio-and about 35 minutes west of NG :-)! I have been making candles for almost 3 years, desperately trying to make this a full time gig. "My name is Lori McHenry, and I am a Candle-Making Addict"-it could be worse, right???? July 9
christy bakerchristysoapalicious/docholleycandlesI live in viriginia i have 4children 3that are mine and my stepdaughter shelby is 9brittany is 7,michael is 4and falonis 9months today imake candles i have been for almost 3yearsnow i love it and i make cp/hp soapand other goodies and im trying to get all my stuff together so i can get my website up:)JULY (cancer baby)22,1975
Debbie AlexanderThe Bunny's Burrow Candles & BathWebsite AddressI am happily married to a wonderful and talented man, Skip, for 23 years. He is not only my strongest supporter in this candle business, but my webmaster too. We have a son 18, and a daughter 14. My shop is located on our property out in the county. We can pour our candles, store our finished products and ship from our shop. Since being in business, we have sold to over 40 Gift Shops nationwide and have done fundraisers, gift/craft shows and candle parties. We continue to grow and expand with our website with orders coming from as far away as Japan, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Australia. We never could have had the success without NG...Thanks guys!!No longer have them :o)
Stephanie LoitzAsh-Leigh Acres Candle CompanyMy name is Stephanie, I'm 28, and I live in Illinois on a farm. I've been married to my high school sweetie for 7 1/2 years. I have a son, Ashton (3 years 10 months), and a daughter, Hadleigh (18 months).

I've always been interested in candle making, and I love candles. My great aunt had a shop in Texas, and makes them at her home in Indiana now. I took a class given by her in April, and I was hooked! My husband and I decided that this would be a perfect job for me. We live on a farm, so I am turning one of the smaller barns into my shop. We were starting to look for equipment, and my aunt decided to sell everything of hers pertaining to candle making. So, after thinking long and hard, we decided to go for it! I'm so excited, and can't wait to start!

I love scrapbooking, horseback riding, spending time with my family, and renovating our 1874 farmhouse.

I look forward to getting to know all of you!
June, 13 1975
Pat (the "GOD BLESS AMERICA" one, lolValley Gifts Gourmet Candles & MoreWebsite AddressI have been making candles about 4 years now; kinda fell into it and love it! Hubby makes the smelly jellies, and goes by the nick name "Smelly Jellie King", ROFL; he is my best friend-we have been married 8 years now; we have a 5 yr old together, I have a daughter 26 and a son 20, he has a daughter 11; We are located in Michigan, in the Saginaw Valley; we have 5 cats, two "donated", lo, but all still 'part of the family'. I am 45, hubby is 39 and will turn the big 40 in Dec; he works fulltime for the USPS, and I am on SSD and only do candles "on the good days" with my families help...
not much else except-
Robyn FerrariCandlemaniaIm a mother of 3 beautiful children. I live in Sydney Australia. I have been making novelty candles now for approximately 6 years, I do have a small hobby business from home, but am currently not active. I do love to help out others with candle problems and where to obtain certain items. Candlemaking is definitely addictive !
RebekahCandle AlleyWebsite AddressI'm an avid chandler and crafter, and I wait tables to support my habit. I'm in my 20s, so I hope to have many many years to perfect my trade. I love chatting online and meeting new folks, participating in swaps, and other stuff.July 12
Sharon SuttonSutton House GiftsI am soon to be retired and have been making and selling crafts all my life. Just recently started selling candles and body products. Have been happily married to Gary for 41 years and we have 2 grown daughters and 2 grandchildren who call me Honies. I sell many of my products via the home party plan as well as wholesale.
Teri MassaroMade by MeI like in Akron, OH - about 20 minutes out of Cleveland with my husband of 7 yrs. I have a son from my 1st marriage who will be 20 in November. I've been making candles since December and it's now out of my control. I love all these boards - everyone is so nice and very helpful.January 3, 1963
Shirley & SteveCandles & Gifts by Steve & ShirleyWebsite AddressSteve started making candles in 1997 for family and friends. Since then he has added a shop onto the house, and makes and sells candles from there. Steve makes all the candles himself, but I help out by selling them. We are both STNA's, and do this on the side. Steve also makes scented bears which is a hot seller. Just recently he has started making incense using the shaped cones. We have a booth at the craft mall in our town. Steve and I have been married a little over 4 and 1/2 years. We have a dog (Maltese), who is 13 years old. Also, we have Abby, our cat, and one left from her litter of kittens, and a stray that just came to our house. If any one wants to write us, our web address is We would enjoy hearing from others, and any ideas that you would be willing to share.Shirley and Steve
Kerri RowlettKerri's Candle ShopI make customized soy candles from my home and sell them to local merchants as well as over the Internet.April 3, 1973
LauraScensations by The Bag LadyzMarried with two children. Work in financial industry during the day and crafter in my spare time. I also make patchwork totes with my mom and sister (the Bag Ladyz) and I have branched into candle making. 04/71
Stephanie DeChantComing soon...Hello! I live in Ohio with my husband whom is a great man and have been with for 11 years (not to bad since he has dealt with me this long..~*chuckles*~)and he's given me to wonderful gifts..the 2 that hold the key to my sons.
Other then going to school and continuing my nursing degree, working, being the mother that I love to be and the wife that I ever so do enjoy, I recently got into candle making and love it! Since NG is only about 15 mins from my house, I have became a loyal customer and will continue. Thank You NG! My second home!
February 25
Alisha JenningsSmall Cottage SoapsWebsite AddressSorry for the double entry, but the webaddress is wrong in the first entry! hehe
Melanie HerrDakota SoyWebsite AddressHi! My name is Melanie and I am new to the business of candles and body products. I just launched Dakota Soy last year and have slooooowly been building up a customer base and hope to get going so I can give up my full time job out of the house! I live in North Dakota with my husband Glen and my son Danny who is 17 now. My daughter Jessica is going to be 20 and lives on her own. My dream is to work full time at my candle business and actually make money at the same time. Can it be done? :o) August 18
Missy Briscoe(OH)SoyEsscentsI am 31 and a stay at home mom for the first time in almost 8 years. I live in Franklin, OH which is halfway between Cincinnati and Dayton. I LOVE candles and just started making them. I love it! I figured since I spend so much money on them, why not try to make them? I hope to start my business soon with a fundraiser for my brother's soccer team. I plan to offer only soy based candles and hopefully can also offer bath and body too.
I have twin daughters Ashley and Amber, 7, a husband, Tony(we will be married 10 years in Oct), and LJ my long-haired weenie dog.
April 22
alexjhiaranov. 14, 1974
Pat McCartySis and MeI live in Southeast Oklahoma. My sister and I had a flower and gift shop for several years, currently we are doing craft shows. We just recently started making candles and are very interesed in making a good product. We know we have alot to learn and hope that we can gain knowledge from all of you. 10-24-46
Jeannie JonesWarm Hearts CandlesI am a 44 year old divorced mother of 2 beautiful children, a 14 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. I started making candles about a year ago and love it! I work a full time job out of my house, and hope to someday make money with my little hobby. I live in a small town in Nebraska near Omaha. Love it!!! Hobbies are watching my kids play sports (seem to always be going to a baseball, softball or basketball game!), playing softball and volleyball and I run 30 miles a week. Love this board, have learned so much!!!! Thanks all!To long ago
Linda the sky...11/16/1947
Rusty KellerLadyface DesignWebsite AddressMy Mom and I just recently started Ladyface Design to sell our handcrafted, custom designer accessories such as ornate cake stands, planter boxes, toile detailed furniture, vintage pillows and silver cup candles.May 6, 1969
Toni FrederickI live in Newport News, VA (close to VA Busch Gardens) I have 2 teenage girls and a wonderful, supportive husband. I recently left my fulltime job to start a business from home (a non-craft business) but also want to try my hand at candle making, as I have always LOVED candles. I will see where it might take me, maybe another business.1/24
CourtneyRenaissance CandlesI have recently fell in love with candlemaking and am excited that I have found something that I love and that I can make money doing. Most of all I love the creative process and experimenting.
Moonflame (Lisa Greene)Crystal LightsI am the mother of three wonderful young men (John, Brent, and Joshua). I own a new wave shop in which we sell crystals, tarrot cards, candles, ect. I would love to make my own candles for resale instead of reselling from other companies. 2-1-1960

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