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the me in the previous post is Anna.."XtraHotTrini"AnnaXtraHotTriniyo yo yo
Kevin [Kevnut]..if you're reading this..email me..
memeyo y'all
sheilas dog makes her squelaAcidicTouchStinkyTwat
this was a sentence from Ncogneato1, in the game Farragomate... I just had to share, it's great!
Fuck, Are baby's d e ad, make it a coffin.
Ncogneato1ItsDaisygo to the babble myspace, we'll log our fav farragomate sentences in a blog there!
For scratchying my willly and my ballsBigPacBigPacThe theme was "why did you go to the principles office?"
If you think it's but hair bad its not, eds. She if on!Memifootfetishbrought back commercial memories
!tie my wife to the table then moved out.shad0w
s up. Do of is?alunakarissDoofustwoI had just logged into the room, and this was my welcome!
Seely,s edify ball you, ! A sin are.JusPeachydoofustwo
Made in run wand a.ogedlol. tff!!!
! have ased reflex.doofustwoncogneatoomg. me too! lmao
I feed people seem in or come at picnics. PoppacappItsDaisyThanks for giving us a choice! LOL!!
! made hell from something happy.NeauxlessErotic ahI have been accused of doing that very same thing... more than once. TFF
Needto is are girl geniusSassyseraYou know it's the truth lol
I were babely clothes on the
windracerGEM53lots of well deserved votes for this one! LOL!
Stop,Drop,and Fork? RiverCityManRiverCityManSounds better than Roll... and in this case the hot part is after the drop! LOL
Hey, the room liked it....
! Call children, little forks.duckfartcute_boy852Get it straight!!!
! call little children forksduckfartAquaReeseHilarious..........LMAO!!
I win, s of a Q!we_edHand_soloMy bro whipped ass with this one. The best one I've EVER seen. Congrats bro.
Po tada up ma but?swoozleberryGEM53I gave her 5 gold stars for
"po tada" alone
Pander drinks because of, s a see.haha haTFF hhhhhhhhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha
I'm miss China. A, light?og edlmao!!!
Ottawa and a.MenRBastardswe_edlol.
Chat of a club, be by!edogomg. stop copying me! lol ;-)
Chat of a club, be by!ogedlol :)
I killed my pregnancy in the shed.shad0wItsDaisylmaoooooooooooooooooo sicko!
I let go of my infant one a rollercoaster.ogedlmaoooooooooooo!!!
cans is won't blow me. kill me now. my life is of are.Steve_Z_mancans_as_girlgeez I can't count how many times I've heard that....LOL
! got it in her but. Write on!seely1FelixFelinisSomeone's happy...
Numbers blue me while,! called her Julie.Steve_Z_ManJenna_Tulls/NumbersMost of you know that Julie is cans_as_girl...the OTHER redhead! Get it right or pay the price Steve!! Hmmmm...diamonds or a new Porsche maybe....
! Blow like NBC in the fall.GEM53ncogneatoL M A O !!
! graduated the dumb as,s of high school.snugglebuggypantsWhy was I not surprised that this was your sentence?!
I came in you, so that makes me her father?Steve_Z_ManArtByScarsbest babble of all time- you can't step to this truth.
even horses want me.Muse1974Idunnothis was so sick but, I couldn't stop laughing. Perfect Tiajuana occupation.
Give group head in here?eaglepaguyteal21Ask about the group rates.
Can, ! go bed he by now?berrihappighoulShe got 9 pts, to finish with 38 in 5 rounds. I guess she really wanted to go to bed.
I want 5 be bys. You a machine?we_edncogneato1lmao!
"I have a hard on, and she had pen!s breath"kavefish ioweuonetoofirst one i found worthy!! tff
I suched the door man, had to s.follow him too.Scorpio113Jenna/#'sHey girl...if ya wanna play, somtimes ya gotta pay!
! Came! See you later, horse face.kavefishJENNA_TULLS
My sneak ares self activate. Try chasing Me!ncogneato1everyone in the room lol tff. can see it happening now!!!!!!!!!!!!
! Hate men, the half we its!Scorpio113Jenna_Tulls/NumbersIt seems she's onto them...you know the old saying? If he had half a brain he'd be a half wit LMAO!
! had do do in my bed.1WhsprnBreezSelfUt oh! What happened? Did I forget my diapers?
I'm an as, ! such s,hit.ItsDaisyItsDaisy?? still wondering why it got every vote ??
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