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Babble name: Real first name: (optional) Where are you from: Male or female: Age: Favorite Actor/Actress: Turn ons/Turn offs: Favorite music: Favorite book/Author: Additional comments:
WheresMyBongDanLos Angeles, CaliforniaMale37Humphrey Bogart, Buster Keaton, Lauren Bacall, Ava Gardner, James Dean, Ann Sheridan, James Cagney, Spencer Tracy, Audrey Hepburn, Edward G. Robinson, Doris DayTurn on: Women in satin bikini-style panties!! (Yummy!)/Turn off: Women in cotton thongs! (Yuck)The Clash, Social Distortion, Gene Krupa, Johnny Thunders, Louis Prima, Royal Crown Revue, X, Ramones, Anita O'Day, Louis Jordan, Television, The Stooges, Benny Goodman, The BeatlesDashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane, Brett Halliday, Jim Carroll, Jim Thompson, Hunter S. Thompson, William S. BurroughsIt's great to see a new babble site! I LOVE the rate-a-babbler!! Woohoo!!! Babble On!!!
AnnababyAnneNew ZealandFemale21 last centurKevin Spacey, Robert de niro, Helen HuntTurn ons - intelligent people with a sense of humour.
Almost anything except country. love that polynesian kiwi music - Nesian Mystik!!Any biography or autobiography.
swoozleberryCarrieBuffalo, NYfemale35Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, Morgan Freeman I just like "decent folks"-- nice, sense o' humor, all that crap...
Cattiness & things like that are turn offs.
Don't care for Rap or Country all that much, but other than that? I love all kinds of stuff!Sci-Fi... mostly Stephen King's earlier stuff.I ain't posting my pic... Ell has me way too intimidated!
BloodyEllEllFrom England, residing in Cyprus.Female23Actors: Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hanks, Christian Bale. Actresses: Michelle Pfeiffer, Dakota Fanning. Ons: Intelligence, and a good sense of humour.Rock & Alt mostly, but I listen to all kinds of music. Some of my favourites are: Coldplay..Radiohead..U2..Weezer..Pearl Jam..Tori Amos..Alanis Morissette..Dido..Tracy Chapman.Barbara Taylor Bradford.Babble On! =)
licalotapusstonymichiganmale36cant think of a favorite...there all ok.turn on: naked women

turn off: naked men
classic rocknonei love to play babble and the people ive met and chat with are cool.
SheilasquelaSheilaMissouriFemale28Don't really have any favorites.Turn on: Nice eyes, good personality and someone who laughs at my jokes. =)
Turn off: I hate patchy stubbyly beards. =)
Everything but rap.I'm a sucker for all romance books. =)=) =) =)
WeedLuvinGuyPaulTorontoMale35Drew BarrymoreTurn Ons: spontaneity, attentiveness, genuineness, people who like to laugh, nice full lips, sexy bedroom eyes and come hither glances

Turn Offs:
Rude and Racist People, people who interrupt conversations, people who think they have a "chance", Winters in Canada
Progressive House
Kd Lang, Rufus Wainwright, Sarah Harmer, Alison Kraus, Emmylou Harris, Stevie Wonder
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: Dee BrownWell, it'll be nice to finally post without being Flamed. LOL
PussyGatoMichelleSouthern CaliforniaFemale37Cary Grant, Ann-Margret, the stars of any Alfred Hitchcock movieTurn-ons: Musicians!, a good & twisted sense of humor, a great smile, Shoes! Turn-offs: Lots of body hair, arrogance SLOTH, Jimi Hendrix, The Clash, Oingo Boingo, CID, X, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Big Audio Dynamite, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins, Chris CainCharles Bukowski, Hunter S. ThompsonThe site looks great! Babble On!
WicketyWitchKatieOlde EngelandeFemale31Johnny Depp... Cheekbones, long hair and he's now a pirate!! SWOON!!!!On's Guys with Cheekbones.
Off's Pigeons, Clowns, wrists and slugs.
Gregorian chants and music from monastories!! Anything by Terry Pratchett, Poppy Z Brite and (of course) the Harry Potter stuff.HOORAY!!! For the new site!!
NorthernSkyDaleCanada/USAMale41James WoodsTOns-Blow Jobs(hehe)
TOffs-Moronic Babblers
Janes Addiction-SoundGarden-Walt Mink-Nudeswirl-Seam-Gino Vanelli-B52s-Pearl Jam-Temple of the Dog-Wide Mouth Mason-and many more!John Grisham" Practice makes perfect and perfect makes $$$$$$$ "
LeatherthongGretaNorth CarolinaFemale33Brad Pitt, just because he is so damn good to look at.

Turn Ons: Beautiful eyes, great smile, tall and athletic,
Intellegent with a sense of humor.

Turn Offs: Dishonesty, People that love themselves too much.
My radio stays on Classic Rock, but, I like anything from Mozart to Eminem and Disturbed. Just press play and I'll listen.Patricia Cornwell, suspense/thrillers.

Oh, and I have to say classic literature being that I'm a librarian and all.
I'm starting a Babbler Anonymous support group to help other addicts.
fluffycat74karenenglandfemale28Johnny depp he has eyes to die for, Hughjacks he's got a fantastic ass, and Brad pitt he's a cutie.I like ppl who make me laugh alot and being with guys who don't wanna cyber you as you walk in the door.well where to start dance,rock,60s,70s,80s not 90s and r'n'b.((lord of the rings)) magical myth and fantasy fiction anything johnnny depp has starred in basically.i'm great at sucking badly in babble lmao!!
gangstaluvenshanedenvermale18ummmmmm, shit i dunno!a girl that know how to handle her self and shit like that
rap and r&bi aint got no favorite bookholla at me asap
FROMABOVEUABOVEU (joking) IndianaMale34Tom Hanks, Al Pacino,Gene Hackman, Demi Moore,Bill Murray,Old Lady From Driving Miss DaisyTurn Ons: Old fashioned values in all things except the bedroom Turnoffs: Lazy peopleAbout anything but rap or country and even some of THAT is tolerableSteven King is the MAN!Theres only 2 things that smell like fish in this world. One of them is fish.
sassari1MiaDenmarkfemale29Jean Claude Van Damme..I want to jump his bonesTurn ons: Honesty

Turn offs: Dont know really
All kinds, ell favorite song: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen cause they say Mamma Mia in itI like playing babble and get to know and find friends
4AngelKissesDeannaIndianaFemale33Ben StillerTurn On:A man that truely cares.Turn Off:A man who thinks with his head and not his heart.A little of everythingSteven KingI Believe i'm addicted to Babble . hehe
kfdadohiomale41sharon stone u no why courtney cox alsochics that make eye contact and smile.rude peopleany head banger shit violent covers all of itdont read !like to chat i suck at the game but laugh my ass off at everybodies phrases!
looneygalTamatha(Tammy)Atlanta, GeorgiaFemale36(8-6-67)Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Susan Surandon, Jimmy Stewart, Giovanni Sabisi, Tom Hanks,John TravoltaTurn Ons: Men with long hair (no mullets or rednecks, just rock n roll types)Hard Rock, Ozzy is my Fave. I like all kinds from the 50's all the way up to recentcant rememberJust remember that it's more than a computer, It's an "actual" person your interacting with.
catlvr35DonnaMissourifemale36Steven Seagal & Richard GereOns: honesty, a man that knows how to treat a lady right.
Offs: liars, cheats, theifs, and assholes
country and soft jazzAnything by Johanna Lindseylove the new site! I've enjoyed meeting and playing with so many different people. You all are the greatest!!
Yea_WhateverNikkiEnglandFemaleTwenty-twelveHugh Grant(mmmm)- who cares if he can't act!?
Cameron Diaz
Bridget Fonda
Turn ons: Honest, intelligent people, with a similar sense of humour who can make me laugh out loud.

Turn offs: Bitchiness. Oh yeah... & hairy backs! ewww lol
I'll listen to most stuff at least once! Barenaked Ladies, Green Day, JT, Nelly, Eminem, Carpenters, Beatles...Inconceivable by Ben Elton & the Adrian Mole books by Sue Townsend(v.funny)I can't think of anything witty to say so i'm gonna go now.. bye x
1SlicChicLisaTexasfemaleTom Hanks, Angelina Joli, Brad Pitt, John TravoltaTurn ons: Nice eyes, full lips, pierced tongues....but the very most important thing is a good sense of humor, and loving to laugh...(even if it's at yourself). Turn offs: Racists , loud rude people,jealousy drunks when I'm sober...lol. Love all different music, about anything but country or opera. I listen to rock and hip hop mostly.I guess Stephen KingI've been playing babble for about a year now,and who'd have thought that I'd meet the love of my life playing a silly game. i met my b/f playing...(pimp303, or wombraider, and am planning to marry him and move to england in the near future....THANKS BABBLE!!
pinkfishLiverpool, thats in the UKGirl35Danny KayeTurn on : men with long hair
Turn off : fat men
I'm a karaoke presenter anything goesanything to do with real life murdershey just ask if you wanna know ?
delldude5569jimportallegany pa.male47jacklin smithwomen who joke around turnoffs ones who lie country and westeren love 2 fool around alot but am very honest and loveable
Womb Raider/pimp303MarkUnited KingdomMale33De Niro, Nicole Kidman TURN ONS..... Lots of things. A wicked sense of humour as well as looks is nice.
Nagging women,
Hairy women (ewwwww),
Men (hairy or not)

Rock , Hip Hop + bits off everything.
My favorite albums are 'Blue Lines' by Massive Attack & 'Unplugged In New York' by Nirvana
American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis (much funnier than the film)Apart from having a lot of fun playing the game, I`ve met loads of great people (and twice as many idiots), but best of all I met Slic here :-)
DucTapeThongStacyUSA, PennsylvaniaFemale of course!17Vin Diesel, Jason Biggs, Mel Gibson (hot for an old guy),and The guy on the "Free Pizza Day" commercial! (I would LOVE to FORK him!) Is that for Dominoes or Pizza Hut???Turn on's: Unibrows (on MEN of course), guys in thongs, a good ass slap, when a guy calls me a bitch and actually means it, Being cuffed to the bed, Goth's, Adidas Cologne, WeedLuvinGuy (for a 35 year old...He is FIIIINNNE!), And i Fall for guys that have the guts to shave their WHOLE BODY at least once!...(like the guy on jackass) Turn offs: The ugly hoes on the Jerry Springer show that show off for Jerry beads! (If ya dont have it...DONT show it!), Old men with grey hair that hit on me! (I'm 16 for God sakes! go get rented!) STD's, Bad body oder (dont be surprised if I back off cuz you stink), ABLOODYMESS'S HAIRY ASS! (LOL...Just messin with ya bloody! you're cool in my book!) Men COVERED in HAIR! (dont you guys know what the fork a RAZOR is??? GOOD GOD!) And dont get me wrong...I LOVE all races but I am only sexually attracted to my race...(white) but rican's, mexicans, and cubans are exceptions! ;o) Disturbed, Korn, Powerman 5000, Grateful Dead (you know what i mean if you is drivin that train high on cocain), Nirvana, Switchfoot, Pillar, Supertones, Newsboys, Micheal W. Smith, Adam Sandler (my favorite song by him is "I Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog") And so on and so forth...She's Come Undone by: Wally Lamb...I dont read much! That is why i am "Retarted"I hate it when people in the babble judge me...They wouldnt even think of opening their mouth if they knew what i've been thru! If you ever want to know my life story...I aint ashamed...Just ask aight?
2fnhot4u69annisafemale19Brad Pitt,Johnny Depp,Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullockturn ons; nice ppl turn offs; rude pplAlmost anything depends on my moodI try not too read much lolBe nice to everyone because u never know when u might need a friend
moggiothe midwestmale30somethingnone in particularturn ons: REAL people.
turn offs: phonies, sick racist assholes (you know who you are) and mind games.
zappa, metal, classic rock, weird shitcurrently reading house of leaves (danielewski)non illegitimus carborundum (don't let the bastards grind you down).
iclondonJamieCharlotteY chromosomeJuly 1970People that really think they are normal.Does this mean there is going to be a babble centerfold photo shoot?If you play country I will have someone come steal your stereo. Anything else is a go.Karma Sutra. They wrote other ones?Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur.
SweetestTabuCharlotteNew Zealandfemale23Jodie Foster
Tim Robbins
Turn ons;good wine, good minds,good humour,bad boys and being a New Zealander..sheep ..ahem!
Turn offs:whiners,hypocrites,white sneakers, gold chains..you know the sort..and sheep (people that is)
Undoubtedly Sade is my favourite artist.Anything cruisey.. anything with a good beat..but just forget CountryI read non-fiction : biographies, autobiographies, anything to do with forensic profiling. Babble is where I come to purge myself of impure thoughts so that I can be a better human being..and somehow I feel normal in there.
CindykayCindyTennesseefemale38Robin Williams
Denzel Washington
Nicholas Cage
turn on--facial hair on men

turn off--facial hair on women
rock,pop,oldies, whatever as long as country is not in it.Sandra BrownNice new site.
Skippy24scottMilwaukee WIM24Will Ferrelon: fun people that are fun to be around. you know who you are.

off: smoking
Dancehall Raggea (jah mon!), Rap, hiphop, and stuff foreign to the US `no books.. but car and stereo magazines work for me.i'd like to that psychobabble for the countless hours i COULD have been doing something productive.
onfire249JennManitoba,Canadafemale25He's not really an actor, but i love Jamie Oliver the naked chefTurn ons:Guys that are confident and can laugh at them selves
Turn offs:Vain guys and liars
All the mew punk stuff i got from Timey :o)Tolkien and Robert Jordan Rock!gj, n1, g1, wtg, vg, vn, wd, and...
gg all!
MizRedChrisChristinaSan DiegoFemme25Edward Norton, Edward Burns,
Sarah Jessica Parker
All of the Cast of
"Six Feet Under"
Turn ons:Funny jokes and a sense of humor.
Turn offs: You guessed it! unfunny jokes and no sense of humor!
Face to Face
Social Distortion
Lenny Kravitz
No Doubt
Jennifer Weiner,
Anita Shreve, Wally Lamb, Jonathan Franzen, J.D. Salinger
"There's a Footprint on the Ceiling!!"
snowdrop25tanenglandfemme27robert redford,jean claud van damme!pants,lmoa60's to now....
marian keyesBRING IT ON LOL ;0)
StarwoodJennyPerth, Western Australiafemale36Humphrey Bogart!Nothing in particular.JOHN DENVER OF COURSE!!!!The Thorn Birds, Colleen Mccullough
chesmorBobOhioMale49Jimmy Stewart
Dimi Moore
turn ons are Laughing - sense of humor - big brown eyes turn offs are people who judge other peopleGenesis Boston Stevie NicksRod McKuen/Listen To The WarmA true Babble Addict...once i called off work to play
WildBillW71BillPrescott Valley ArizonaMale31I don't watch enough tv to have a fav......lolhot women and fast carsalmost anything really just no Jazz or disco stuffthe Pic in here is one of me and my bestfriend that dies last year in a car accident we took this pic together because we were like brother and sister we grew up together and now her and her oldest in the pic are dead so I treasure this pic for all the good times.
saphirajuliaukfemale36don't really have one.......... but HATE clint eastwood with a passion!!Very varied taste....... paranoid by Black Sabbath is my theme tune!anything by Terry Pratchett
i've found so many friends on babble........ i love you all!!
CanQuadCanadianQuadriplegicSaskatchewan, Canada.Male33Any girl with a big set of honkers lol.Commercials on TV60-old rock and some countrySylvia Brown, A psychic guide to this life and beyond.Sometimes I cannot answer people because my headphones are not on, please forgive me, those who tried to talk to me in a game but I could not answer. I've been paralyzed since April 2001, it doesn't mean I don't like to talk to people though. For those I don't answer please understand, I need someone to put my headphones on otherwise I cannot answer. I'm not being a prick. Cheers to 1 and all!
VmprmistressWashingtonfemale of course at least the last time i checked31,32 soonnone Honesty,a nice butt and the lil hip things guys have when they are well cutI like all kinds of musicAnne Rice of course I sure enjoy my friends in here but damn I need to be doing something productive.
MeditatorDianeAlabamaFemalepretty oldtoo manyrude people and
no sense of humor
too manytoo manyHey
riffman34davidUS gulfcoastmale35gary sinise,highly underratedstuck up and closed minded people,and hasty assumptions.heavy metalWorld of Tiers-Philip Jose Farmerif i offend anyone with things i say in chat im sorry,its misunderstood,im very open minded and tolerant.But dont insult my intelligence.im very hetero,but if youre gay i dont care,got a lot of gay friends.love to party and jam on my guitar,played 21 yrs.
bigbluefishyLoriPennsylvaniafemale29nonemenclassic rock, heavy metalJ.R.R Tolkien-
Lord Of The Rings
becca_babebeckymancheste, ukfemale19deep blue eyes

offs bad teeth how can u kiss a guy with bad teeth
old skool,hiphop,dance and r&bdave pelzer
all 3 books are sad but movin

top site so all babble on!!
MartiangirlN/ANorth Vancouver , BC Canadafemaleold enoughVin Diesel (for looks and that voice) Brad Pitt (need I say more?) Keanu Reeves (only for the Matrix) and sooo many more.Turn on:Winning a game of psyschobabble by a long shot with a group of excellent players.
Turn off: People looking to exchange nudy pics and super young kids talking stupid in a 17+ room.
I have very eclectic taste in music. You name it, just not Opera and cryin' in your beer country.Nora Roberts, Fern Michaelsthis game is dangerously addictive
DaZzLeMeTammyUSA...Southern, IllinoisFemale42Bruce WillisJust a good friendly chat.. Nice turn on..//..((A/S/L)).. Major turn offOld Rock,,New RockThe games to addictive..I got the BABBLE FEVER!!!
My38csRSweetPaulineOntario, CanadaYou tell me.. ;O)40Nicolas Cage,, YUM..
Angelina Jolie, YUM
Kevin Spacey,, YUM
Johnny Depp, YUM YUM
Kevin Costner,Slurp
My Boyfriend drives my little ass soooooooo KrAzY..
Mmmmmm Mmmmmmmm
I love you Baby xoxoxo

Turn off's:
Plain and simple, men who treat women with disrespect, and homophobics...
As long as I can dance to it and feel it in my heart and soul, it's good for the listening..To many to mention. I'm a avid readerI have meet so many wonderful, fun-loving peeps on babble since I started playing over a year ago.
Steve_Z_ManSteveNorthern CaliforniaMale31Sandra Bullock,
Robert Deniro, Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins,
Demi Moore,
Bruce Willis, Michelle Pfeiffer.
turn ons: nice smile, sense of humor, nice ass, optimistic

turn offs: bitchey, negative, whiney women
i listen to all music mostly classic rock noneI really should be working but this shit is addicting....
HuffyDebieBirmingham UkFemale34ooooh loads too many to mentionppl who are ignorant and rude
ppl who spit
rock, new age, classical, pop lots moreIm a fun loving gal with a big heart who uses babble to relax and destress (ooo that sounds like a dating bio lol)
tabiTaraOntario Canada100% Female.... I have a penis now and then.....27Ethan Hawk.. just because he is HOT, Drew Barrymore and the crew from JackAssshit... is there anything that turns me off?I am still a huge 2 live crew fan... I also love club music, retro.... Book? Does Playboy count? And Stephen KingWhos site is this?
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