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This is a listing of the books, patterns or other research/project materials owned by crew members.
Click on "details" to email the owner or to talk to them on the message board, depending on their chosen method
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Title: Author: Notes Category Owner
Simplicity's Costume Patterns---pictures of patternsClothingmihrimah/ kalemore
EmbroideryMary Gostelowtraditional, if not period, Clothing Decorationmihrimah / kalemore
Board and Table Games from Many Civilizations R.C. Bellrules and board designsGamesmihrimah/ kalemore
Treasury of Turkish DesignsAzade Akar670 motifs from Iznik PotteryClothing Decorationmihrimah/ kalemore
Dress In The Middle AgesFrancoise Piponnier & Perrine Mane haven't read yetClothingmihrimahmore
Food ManiaNigel Garwood & Ranier Voigtmostly pictures, fun to look atFood/ Recipesmihrimahmore
Tales of Great DragonsJ.K. Andersoncoloring book by BellerophonMythologicalmihrimahmore
Renaissance FashionsTom Tierneycoloring book by DoverClothingmihrimahmore
Medieval FashionsTom Tierneycoloring book by DoverClothingmihrimahmore
CastlesAlan Leesmall blurbs on famous and fantasy castlesCastlesmihrimah/ kalemore
Dress and Decoration in the Middle AgesHenry Shaw, FSAbe careful with authenticity, clothing and jewelery, dress and decorationClothingmihrimah/ kalemore
Mythical BeastsFridolf Johnsoncoloring book by Dover, beautiful designs and imagesMythologicalmihrimah/ kalemore
Castles of the WorldA.G. Smithcoloring book by Dover with blurbsCastlesmihrimah/ kalemore
Knights and ArmorA.G. Amithcoloring book by DoverArmormihrimah/ kalemore
Encyclopedia of Things that Never WereMichael Page & Robert Ingpenbeautiful pictures and good information about mythological creatures from all over the world.Mythologicalmihrimah/ kalemore
The OdysseyHomer---Literaturemihrimah/ kalemore
Canterbury TalesGeoffrey Chaucerolde english/ english versionLiteraturemihrimah/ kalemore
A Gift from ZuesJeanne Steigsixteen favorite myths, pictures by William SteigMythologicalmihrimah/ kalemore
Norton Anthology of English Literature v2eds.starts in 1700Literaturemihrimah / kalemore
Norton Anthology of English Literature v1eds.goes from the Middle Ages right up to 1700Literaturemihrimah/ kalemore
Works of William ShakespeareShakespeare---Literaturemirimah/ kalemore
Clans and TartansGeorge Way of Plean & Romilly Squirepictorial guideHeraldrymihrimah/ kalemore
Scots; Kith and Kineds..A guide to the clans and surnames of ScotlandHeraldrymihrimah/ kalemore
Take a Thousand Eggs or More vol I and IICindy Renfrowalmost 300 medieval recipes many of them converted to modern recipe notationFood/ RecipesCharles Silverthornmore
1066 And All ThatWC Sellar & RJ Yeatmanhumorous short history of England?Historymihrimah/ kalemore
A History of the Arab PeoplesAlbert Hourani...Historymihrimah/ kalemore
Eternally BadTrina Robertsgoddesses with attitudeMythologymihrimah/ kalemore
Historic Costume in PicturesBraun and Schneiderb&w images from all times, some out of period, all wonderfully detailed. (side note: you can search and find this collection online and in color)Clothingmihrimah/ kalemore
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Childrened. E. Nesbitsome of the plays written for children to understand- with gorgeous b&w illustrationsLiteraturemihrimah/ kalemore
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