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Enter the postal abbreviation of the state where you wish to search for land and place an asterisk (*) at the end: for example, Maine is " ME* " and Texas would be " TX* ". To visit the larger, nationwide sites, enter "USA" in the search form. The nationwide sites are your best bet for vast land listings. They generally have a large database of properties for sale. There are some states that do not have many (if any) listings. Again, we recommend you enter "USA" if your state yields little or no results. We are working hard to accommodate every state, so check back often for new listings!

This list was last updated on 1-17-06

To receive accurate results, be sure to click the "SEARCH" button after you enter the abbreviation of the state you are interested in searching in, rather than hitting your computer's "ENTER/RETURN" key. Good luck hunting for the land of your dreams, we hope you find it!

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Ref# Web Address Go to site State(s) covered
1http://realtor.comGo to siteUSA*
2http://homeseekers.comGo to siteUSA*
3http://owners.comGo to siteUSA*
4http://land.netGo to siteUSA*
5http://landauction.comGo to siteUSA*
6http://landandfarm.comGo to siteUSA*
7http://elandusa.comGo to siteUSA*
8http://landprop.comGo to siteCO*
8http://land-bargains.comGo to siteUSA*
9http://acreageinv.comGo to siteOH* TN* NY* WV* NC* SC*
10http://ebay.comGo to siteUSA*
11http://yahoo.comGo to siteUSA*
12http://vtliving.comGo to siteVT*
13http://pronghorndevelopment.comGo to siteWY* GA* MO*
14http://appalachian-realty.comGo to sitenorth GA*
15http://realsites.comGo to siteupstate NY*
16http://www.glo.state.tx.usGo to siteTX* (for veterans)
17http://chooseyouritem.comGo to siteUSA* classifieds
18http://maineland4sale.comGo to siteME*
19http://rockymountaintimber.comGo to siteMT* WY* NM*
20http://westernncattractions.comGo to siteWestern NC*
21http://rockymtnprop.comGo to siteCO*
22http://eaglestar.netGo to siteUSA*
23http://empirehills.comGo to siteMI*
24http://ozarkland.comGo to siteMO*
25 to siteNM*
26http://colomtland.comGo to siteCO*
27http://snowbirdproperties.netGo to sitemostly MT* WA*
28http://merrillring.comGo to siteWA* (large parcels)
29http://alabamaforestowners.comGo to siteAL*
30http://landbook.comGo to siteUSA*
31http://usalandsale.comGo to siteUSA*
32http://parkplacerealty.comGo to siteWrightwood, CA* /high desert
33http://schwabrealty.netGo to siteWA*
34http://khlc.comGo to siteKittyhawk NC* (waterfront, etc)
35http://4realestateclassifieds.comGo to siteUSA* classifieds
36http://adpost.comGo to siteUSA*
37 to siteVA* Chesapeake Bay area
38http://vacant-land.netGo to siteUSA*
39http://gocountry.netGo to siteID* MT* MN* ND* SD* WY* NE*
40http://reddingland.comGo to siteRedding CA*
41http://ree.comGo to siteUSA*
42http://reeceandnichols.comGo to siteKS* MO*
43http://beinmontana.comGo to siteNorthwest MT*
44http://landbluebook.comGo to siteUSA*
45http://stjoeland.comGo to siteFL*
46http://uslots.comGo to siteUSA
47http://centralstatesland.comGo to siteCentral USA
48http://pruverani.comGo to siteNH* MA*
49http://unitedcountry.comGo to siteUSA*
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