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Totally Hip Support GroupURL of Site (Link)Online support group for people with joint problems especially of the hip.


Founded in December of 1996 by Linda May-Bowser
Linda May-Bowser
Totally Hip Discussion Board 1URL of Site (Link)The first discussion board for hip and joint related problems. Very active, easy to access, no membership or passwords required!


Founded by Linda May-Bowser in 1997
Linda May-Bowser
Questionable DoctorsURL of Site (Link)Find out if your doctor has been disciplined by federal or state authorities. Small fee for use required.beverly in the blue ridge
ActiveJointsURL of Site (Link)Patient-to-patient resource with facts on the latest technology with the young and/or active hip patients in mind. Suggestions for pre- and post-op care. Links to manufacturers and news.Keith
HipUniverseURL of Site (Link)A browse around this site reveals info on premedicating for dental care and pap smears, list of surgeons for PAO, resurfacing, and an active message board among other things.Mitsu
VioworksURL of Site (Link)Free registration permits viewing of Depuy videos of surgery. (Sorry, there wasn't enough space in the URL line to accommodate the complete URL). Examples: "Combination fixation" & "Closure techniques"Mitsu
DATELINE story Hip replacement investigationURL of Site (Link)"After months of pouring over documents, we’ve uncovered a story of corporate secrets, a company’s evasions and the devastating impact it has had on thousands of lives. NBC’s Chief Consumer Correspondent Lea Thompson reports."Linda May-Bowser
Antibiotic Prophylaxis for dental/hip patientsURL of Site (Link)This is the American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons advisory for dental patientsGeoffreyF
exrx.netURL of Site (Link)Exercises and the muscles they involve, movements and so on.

The Kinesiology section is especially useful in under parts that hurt and the muscles involved.

The articulations section will help to understand terms like "hip abduction" and the muscles involved.

Caution ... some exercises may not be suited for some hippies at some phases of recovery.
Prevent dislocation after THR surgeryURL of Site (Link)This is a very nice dos and donts for post op hippies. The site owner is boston total joint, the partner ship at Harvard Medical School that includes William H. Harris, one of the most emminent of orthopedic surgeons.geoffreyf
Merck Home manual on lineURL of Site (Link)This is one of the oldest and most comprehensive of general medical manuals, now on line. It is quite comprohensive and covers a broad range of drugs and conditions organizaed for the lay persongeoffreyf
Whelless Orthopedic manualURL of Site (Link)This is an actual text on orthopedic surgery on line.geoffreyf
Robert A Goldstone MD, OSURL of Site (Link)The bulk of my practice is performing examinations and, when needed, testifying as an expert witness in LIABILITY cases, that is accidents (auto, slip and fall, etc.) but NOT Malpractice.

I am also on the board of QuackWatch.

Robert A Goldstone MD
Robert A Goldstone MD
Depuy surgical manual for their acetabulumURL of Site (Link)This is a particular product but also one of the best descriptions of what is done in implantation. For lay purposes, the process is not different for different products.

The acetabulum also allows the surgeon to set the joint angles desired with different liners. This process and its reasons are discussed.

This particular acetabulum accepts Metal, Poly and Ceramic liners (the latter on hold until the Ste. Gobain mess sorts out to Depuys satisfaction)
FDA database of device failuresURL of Site (Link)This is voluntary. You can find out if a doctor had an issue with a device, but it can not be used to compare devices since the compilation is not comprehensive.geoffreyf
Yoga journal, safe practice for total hip patientsURL of Site (Link)This is EXCELLENT discussion of the different hip approaches and how they dictate precautions for yoga. Both yoga terms and medical terms are used. Thus your doctor could comment on what he thinks is and isn't best.

If you are familiar with yoga, this is a great way to use your knowledge of asanas to understand the mechanics of the hip from a medical perspective.
Anesthesia.netURL of Site (Link)A comprehensive discussion of anesthesia options, effects, recovery and everything.geoffreyf
THR: A Guide for patientsURL of Site (Link)Preparing for, having, and recovering from THR surgery, from Virtual Hospital at the University of Iowa.mitsu
Direct Lateral surgical techniqueURL of Site (Link)A detailed discussion of the Direct Lateral surgical technique, its risks and its benefits. If you look at this and then at the Depuy acetabulum surgical manual, you will have had a fairly complete tour of how hips are implanted step by step.geoffreyf
Molecular Biology of periprosthetic osteolysisURL of Site (Link)Discussion of osteolysis and how it happens based on studies at the harvard medical school. This paper contradicts some of the things said online by non medical professionals.

Principally the focus is on medical and surgical methods rather than bearing changes in preventing and managing osteolysis. It also mentions that ALL bearing types contribute to the process in the right circumstances.
Patient Controlled analgesia (PCA)URL of Site (Link)How the PCA pump works.
THR ImagesURL of Site (Link)77 thumbnail images and photos cover THR surgery from incision to closure. Viewing the thumbnails is free.mitsu
Muscoskeletal AtlasURL of Site (Link)Scroll to "Lower Extremity" for images of pelvis, hip and thigh anatomy.mitsu
Pre-Op GuideURL of Site (Link)Written by a general surgeon, this gives detailed information on what to expect if you're having surgery. I found it helpful when preparing for my own THR surgery and think it would be useful in preparing for any kind of surgery.mitsu
National Institute of Health, Description of OAURL of Site (Link)for people who have osteoarthritis, their families, and others interested in learning more about the disorder. Describes osteoarthritis and its symptoms and contains information about diagnosis and treatment, as well as current research efforts supported by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) and other components of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It also discusses pain relief, exercise, and quality of life for people with osteoarthritis.Beverly in the blue ridge
The Arthritis FoundationURL of Site (Link)The Arthritis Foundation is a great resource with all kinds of practical information for people suffering with OA & RA.Beverly in the blue ridge
National Library of MedicineURL of Site (Link)Great tutorial on hip rehab exercises -- be careful, though. Some of the exercises are for early stages and others are for later stages of recovery and there is no mention of this in the tutorial. Also has some information on anatomy, do and don't suggestions, info on activities and other related data. Very well done. Free.Beverly in the blue ridge
Harris Hip ScoreURL of Site (Link)If you know the degree of your flexion, extension, internal and external rotation, abduction and adduction you can fill out and submit this form and receive a free Harris Hip Score. Don't be afraid of the big words! They have pictures! Free and instant.Beverly in the blue ridge
The Snapping Hip SyndromeURL of Site (Link)Describes the Snapping Hip syndrome - a condition commonly seen in dancers, gymnast, cheerleaders, and runners. This condition can be associated with greater trochabteric bursitis and iliopsoas bursitis. Treatment also described. FreeBeverly in the blue ridge
Ceramic Clinical Study by HOWMEDICA OSTEONICSURL of Site (Link)Everything the MANUFACTURER wants you to know about their ceramic hips. Free. Beverly in the blue ridge
Ehlers-Danlos National FoundationURL of Site (Link)What is EDS?

Individuals with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) have a defect in their connective tissue, the tissue which provides support to many body parts such as the skin, muscles and ligaments. The fragile skin and unstable joints found in EDS are the result of faulty collagen. Collagen is a protein which acts as a "glue" in the body, adding strength and elasticity to connective tissue....
Linda May-Bowser
Sammon Preston Rehab-Aids CatalogURL of Site (Link)This is the website of the catalog of rehabitation aids that was given to me by the occupational therapist at my hospital. Some of the products of interest to hippies are sock & hose aids, long-handled shoehorns, elastic shoelaces, reachers, high-rise toilet seats, etc.kmitch
Cement and Cementing SystemsURL of Site (Link)Pictures, narratives, chemistry, implants, tools--it's all there. Scandinavian perspective is evident, but the information is universal.tcubed
SurfacehippyURL of Site (Link)Support group for patients who are interested in hip resurfacing surgery or who have had hip resurfacing.Keith
The Hip Society (orthopedic conference)URL of Site (Link)Actual papers submitted by orthopedic surgeons at their bi-annual March,2003 conference. Incredible reading material -- will keep you busy for days (or possibly cause your eyes to glaze over).


1. To advance knowledge of the hip joint in health and in distress.

2. To provide a forum to stimulate the exchange of knowledge concerning education, research, and treatment of disorders of the hip.

3. The Hip Society has an open meeting that has wide geographic distribution. It is open to orthopaedic surgeons and engineers who have an interest in hip surgery. The ratio is 96% orthopaedic surgeons who attend the meeting. There are orthopaedists from many countries who attend the annual meeting.

4. The Hip Society presents a full-day program which is divided into symposia and a session of award papers. The Summer Meeting consists of papers that are presented from a local community to the membership of The Hip Society. There are a total of two meetings per year.
beverly in the blue ridge
Gray's AnatomyURL of Site (Link)This link takes you to a very detailed description of the hip joint with illustrations of both the hip joint and all the ligaments that hold it together. beverly in the blue ridge
American Academy of Hip and Knee SurgeonsURL of Site (Link)This group of surgeons commments on the minimally invasive surgeries both pro and con for hip and kneeCoach Hamilton
G/W Heel Lift, Inc.URL of Site (Link)Our heel lift products are in use for a wide variety of therapeutic needs, including leg length differences or short leg syndrome, Achilles' tendon pain and inflamation, post-surgical and post-stroke rehab, prosthetic adjustment, and in sports such as running and golf.beverly in the blue ridge
Massachusetts General Forum ~ Spinal IssuesURL of Site (Link)a board that discusses spinal issues.

I'm familiar with the Massachusetts General Forums because I have MS and am a regular reader and poster on their MS board.

Spinal Disorders forum of Massachusetts General deals alot with spinal surgery. The boards are moderated and run by John Lester, an employee of MGH.
Massachusetts General Hospital Spinal ForumURL of Site (Link)This board is sponsored by Massachusetts General Hospital and runs many types of forums for various diseases and disorders. This particular forum deals with spinal disorders. I've noticed people post on there that have had spinal surgeries for one reason or another.

COBRA - full text of 1986URL of Site (Link)
HIP and KNEE PAIN: Replacement GuidgeURL of Site (Link)This is the website of orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Huddleston, Los Angeles, CA Southern California Orthopedic Institute.
Dr. Huddleston’s experience includes more than fifty-five hundred hip replacement surgeries and three thousand knee replacement surgeries. He has revised more than seven hundred failed hip replacements referred to him from around the United States. Tons of very useful information.

beverly in the blue ridge
WhizzyURL of Site (Link)Made out of heavy paper, let's women whizz standing up. Easily Portable. Disposable or reusable.
QUACKWATCHURL of Site (Link)Quackwatch, Inc is a nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related FRAUDS, MYTHS, FADS, & FALLACIES. Its primary focus is on quackery-related information that is difficult or impossible to get elsewhere.
Foot Drop: Do you have nerve damage?URL of Site (Link)interactive site with awesome videos and information about foot drop and how to get it corrected.
Family and Medical Leave Act EligibilityURL of Site (Link)Describes exactly what companies are subject to the FMLA. Excellent guidelines.Beverly in the blue ridge
Memory FoamURL of Site (Link)Check prices on sizes and thicknesses of memory foam mattress toppers. beverly in the blue ridge
YAKTRAXURL of Site (Link)Slip these on over your shoes/boots and they help you walk more safely on ice and in the snow. Cost is $19.95. Beverly in the blue ridge
Body SmartURL of Site (Link)An anatomy tutorial. Excellent, easy to use. Free.Beverly in the Blue Ridge
Hip Replacement:Hip Replacement Surgury India.URL of Site (Link)Hip Replacement, Hip Resurfacing, & Birmingham Hip surgery India. Wockhardt hospitals offers hip resurfacing surgery, hip

replacement surgery & Birmingham hip resurfacing. It also discusses the advantage of Hip Resurfacing over total hip

replacement. To learn more about hip replacement, hip resurfacing and Birmingham hip resurfacing visit us at

Tanya Lobo
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