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Please use this database to submit any of your own creative ideas and recipes for candlemaking, soapmaking, and other fragrant products. If you notice any new and creative market trends...please share what you have learned. Also, if you have ideas that would help other candlemakers solve some of their problems, please list those too. Let's all work together to achieve faster, more secure success! Thank you!

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Kelly CroasmunHomemade Hand Sanitizer (makes 4 oz.)

1/4 c. unscented aloe vera gel
1/4 c. Everclear or 100 proof vodka
10 drops of fragrance oil
1 drop of food coloring (optional)
Combine ingredients and stir. Place ingredients in a 4 oz plastic squeeze bottle. Will last indefinitely.
NOTE: This is for personal use only, cannot be sold due to alcohol content.
Kelly CroasmunSoothing Milk Bath (Makes approx. 1 c.)

1/2 c. powdered milk
1/4 c. corn starch
1/4 c. citric acid
1.5 ml Vitamin E or Grapefruit seed oil
3 ml Oatmeal, Milk & Honey F.O.
Mix Vitamin E/Grapefruit seed oil and fragrance oil in the citric acid, making sure oils are thoroughly blended in the citric acid. Blend powdered milk and cornstarch, then sift. Combine the citric acid mixture with the milk/cornstarch. Use 3 Tbs. per bath. Enjoy!!
Kelly CroasmunFizzy Bath Crystals

1 cup baking soda
1/2-1 cup citric acid
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 cup Epsom salts
1 tsp F.O. (more or less as desired)
Color and scent the salts, then add powdered ingredients. Store in cool, dry place.
RobTrick for keeping wick straight for jars such as jelly jars
I use my lids off my test jars and drill a small hole in the middle. I did about 8 lids which is enough for me since I still do small batches. After I pour in my jars I just run the wick in the hole and place the lid on it. If you use jelly jars you don't need to screw it on i just use the insert of the lid and not the screw on part. I use a cloth pin to clip the wick at the top so it stays straight I also use the hot glue gun to secure the tab down before I pour. Keep the lids for your next batch when the wax hards

BonHandmade Candle Holder
Tin can VOTIVE Fill an empty soup can with water and then freeze it. Once the water has frozen, use a nail and hammer to create a design in the can. Allow the ice to melt, pour the water out of the can, and place a candle inside. q Holiday CANDLE HOLDER Remove all labels from a small jar, such as a baby food jar. Using old holiday cards, cut pictures into sizes small enough to fit on the jar. Glue the pictures to the jar and put a rubber band around the jar until the glue dries. Paint glue over the entire outside of the jar, then sprinkle on salt to make it sparkle. Let dry and put a small candle inside.


This is how you make a firebug:

1. Go to your local supermarket and buy the following items:
a. 1 pound of paraffin wax from the canning supplies section.
b. 2 or 3 large boxes of Diamond brand strike-anywhere matches.
(Make DAMN sure you get the strike-anywhere kind!!)
c. A couple of containers of waxed dental floss.

2. When you've got it all home, set the paraffin aside for a while.
You don't need it during the first part of making a batch of firebugs.

3. Gather groups of ten or twelve strike-anywhere matches together with
the heads all facing one way and lash them together with the dental
floss. Be generous with the floss and wrap at least an inch or so
on each bundle of matches. Leave a few inches of floss on each bundle
to hold it by when you dip it in the paraffin.

4. After you've made as many of these as you want or need, find an old
saucepan that is deep enough for the matches to stand up in without
getting above the rim of the pan.

5. Take a block or two of paraffin and put them in the saucepan and put
the pan on your stove on VERY LOW HEAT. THIS IS IMPORTANT!! IF YOU
BonSoap for Kids

Popsicle Soaps for Kids
You Will Need:
1 popsicle mold set
12 oz. of clear MP soap base
Orange soap dye
Red soap dye
Yellow soap dye
2-tsp of soap-safe fragrance
6 Craft/popsicle sticks

Melt 4oz of soap base. Color it red and add a few drops of FO. Pour equal amounts into each of the 6 cavities of the popsicle mold (should be about 1/3 full). Now melt another 4oz of soap base and color yellow. Add a few drops of FO. Once the first layer of soap has got a firm film, spritz with alcohol and pour your second layer. Once this layer has a firm film, insert your craft stick in the middle. Melt the last 4oz of soap base, color orange, add a few drops of FO, spritz the 2nd layer with alcohol, then pour your final layer. Once cooled, unmold. You can also do the same thing in all one color. Just pour the mold 2/3 full, let a film form then add your stick. Spritz with alcohol, and add your last layer. Colors & scents can be varied according to taste. Kids just love these! No more having to "make" them take a bath.

1 envelope Knox gelatin
1/2 cup boiling water
1/2 cup really cold water
2-3 drops of color (food coloring works well in these)
2 tsp fragrance oil

In boiling water, dissolve Knox, in cold water mix scent and color. Then mix together, pour into containers, allow to set. Should take about 2 hours to set completely. (TIP: To retard potential mold growth, up to 2T of 100 proof vodka can be added to the liquid smelly jelly mixture.) This recipe makes two 4 oz smelly jellies or one 8 oz. smelly jelly.

4 oz. 100 proof vodka
30 drops of body safe F.O.
1 tsp glycerin
plastic 4 oz bottle with spray top

Mix all ingredients in a pyrex measuring cup, then pour into plastic bottle. Cap bottle. Shake well before using, as the F.O. does tend to separate some. To use: Spray desired amount on body! (NOTE: This product is for personal use or gift-giving only. Due to the alcohol content, special licensing is required before you may be able to sell this product to the public!)
Stephanie (OH)I got this from Pat (NY)
Makes an 8 oz bottle
Linen/Room spray
6oz distilled water
2oz witch hazel
1Tbls FO
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