The Melina Hanhepi MiniHaHa Name Database

This database is set up to record all known names for the most insipid dualler HTML Gor has known. Just click on the Enter Record button and begin.

Please note that minor changes of name such as through continuous FCing will be incorporated into the main entry where appropriate, provided there is sufficient room in the fields to accomodate the changes.

Also note that repeated entries regarding the same name, regardless of who posted them, will be combined into the first entry with that name, or deleted as I see fit.

Character Name Added Notes Regarding Name
Message from Database Administrator (Flavinius Aurealius)

On a whim, I came back to this database that I created, and what do I find? Instead of it being used to keep tabs on a persistent dualer named Melina, what is it being used for? Bitching, backstabbing, and accusations without clear proof, regarding dualers of any stripe, whether for good or bad.

That's NOT what this database was set up for.

Therefore this database, effective immediately, is CLOSED. But, I do want to thank the people who actually contributed alternate identities of Melina to the database. Your efforts have been noted.

To those of you who decided that this database that I set up was an ok place to sling baseless dualing accusations about anyone and everyone, you have proven to me that my leaving HTML Gor was in fact a good idea. The lack of any of the core values that make Goreans truly Gorean within all of your posts just shows me that y'all have totally lost touch with what Gor truly is.

Bitch all you want, but you'll not do it here. End of story.

Making a list and checking it twice, finding that Melina's been more naughty than nice.
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