Do you know a good web site? If so, would you be willing to help a colleague who is looking for a good resource? Many faculty members have said that having another faculty member to call on for help and information would encourage them to use the Internet more often and more productively.

Check out our list of web sites. Copy an URL of the site you found helpful and paste it on the following form.

Name URL Why do you recommend this site?
BenzouURLGood tutorial site for Calculus
LucURLGiven a lots of information in order to do a better job.
BenzouURLGood for worksheets very easy to use
R. RobertsonURLExcellent site; however, I could not bring up in a school environment.
KathyURLMany different types of sites.
kimmiURLLots of interactive programs, really fun
BenzouURLRessources for teachers
JakeURLLooks like fun for 4th Grade
KathyURLGood site for daily math applications
kimmiURLGreat website for "order of operations!"
AndreaURLGreat site for graphing! Provides interactive graphs
JakeURLClear video explanations of problems/concepts from different textbooks
kimmiURLGood for Algebra tutoring!!!
R. RobertsonURLAnother great geometry interactive program; however, your school may block the java / ? info that enables the program to work
R. RobertsonURLGood for introducing students to pie, line and bar graphs
wilswickURLGreat web sites for lesson plan.
KhaaliaURLExcellent activities & interactive lesson plans for middle school math
R. RobertsonURLSAT and you. fair
JakeURLTextbook homework help
R. RobertsonURLExcellent for teaching prime factorization using divide by prime method and the relationship between LCM, GCF and CM
kimmiURLThis website lets the students answer math questions with other students around the world...if they are right, they have their name posted!
jakeURLNice explanations
JakeURLFree 2 week trial for parents for homework help
KhaaliaURLDraw lines and shapes on a whiteboard by clicking/dragging.
JakeURLLots of good stuff
R. RobertsonURLMotion program, excellent
TeacherURLMental Computations (for tomorrow)
ElenaI think we have to do ......b
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