Blackhawk Ski Club Current Ski Conditions and Weather

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Slope Status Snow depth comment date
#1 EyasOpen10-26"Power Tilled, packed powder12-19-03
#2 PrairieOpen10-36"Power Tilled, packed powder12-19-03
#3 Short TailClosed
#4 Rough LegClosedSnowmaking has started12-16-03
#5 HarrierClosedSnowmaking has started12-16-03
#6 SwallowClosed
XC TrailsClosed5-12"Snowmaking has stated - grooming is still needed, anticipate the biatlhon loop open by 12/1912-16-03
Call if you are unsure of about the conditions at: 831-8461 (downhill) or 831-8460 (xc trails)
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