These are No Doubt Traders that have decided to tell you a little bit about themselves. If you are looking for people in certain locations, or with certain screen names, you can use the search tool to do so.

Name Year of Birth Location Email Your Screen Names Experience Trading
Amy1981Toronto, Canadagwenique1, gwenique, Amy I have been trading for probably 5 years. I have recently started to use ebay too. I have had good and bad experiences. I check my email frequently throughout the day and send stuff very quickly.
Elise1986MDoxdarkbluexo- AIMNew to this site (experienced at eBay though!)
Georgia1985Seattle, WAitmeanseverythngI've been on ebay for a few years to this site.
wim1971the netherlandswim4livestart trading since 1987, starting with the mean time over the 1000 cds,200 Vcds and 150 Dvds......from different artists
Ryan1989Monroe NYiloser01some trading, but still a bit new. tons of ND stuff to trade.
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