O'Connor, Sandra DayAmericanGovernment19301st woman judge on Supreme Court
Carson, RachelAmericanMath and Science1907environmental impact of fertilizers, pesticides.
Hamm, MiaAmericanSports1972Olympic soccer player
Hartigan, GraceAmericanArt and Music1922Painter, posed as man to get work in galleries.
Paul, AliceAmericanReform Movements1885helped women's suffrage movement
Rudolph, WilmaAmericanSports19401st African American woman to win 3 Olympic gold medals
Barton, ClaraAmericanMedicine1821Founder of American Red Cross
Angelou, MayaAmericanLiterature1928African American poet
Ochoa, EllenAmericanMath and Science1958First Hispanic woman in space
Ross, NellieAmericanGovernment1876First woman governor of United States
Anthony, Susan B.AmericanReform Movements1820Fought for women's right to vote.

Dix, DorotheaAmericanReform Movements1802Increased Mental Health Asylums
Mitchell, MariaAmericanMath and Science1818Astronomer
Walker, MaryAmericanMedicine1832won Congressional Medal of Honor for medical service.
Rice, CondoleezzaAfrican AmericanGovernment1954First African American Secretary of State
Tarbell, IdaAmericanLiterature1957wrote about unfair practices of big business
Smith, Margaret ChaseAmericanGovernment1897Represtative and Senator from Maine
Hamill, DorothyAmericanSports1956U.S. figure skating champion
Leon, TaniaCubanArt and Music1943great composer
McClintock, BarbaraAmericanMath and Science1902Geneticist, biologist
Apgar, VirginiaAmericanMedicine1909Famous childbirth Anesthesiologist

Blackwell, ElizabethEnglishMedicine1821First women to get medical degree
Stanton, Elizabeth CadyAmericanReform Movements1815worked for women's suffrage
Whitman, ChristiAmericanGovernment1946N.J. Governor, administrator of the EPA
Albright, MadelineCzech. RepublicanGovernment1937The first women to be secretary of state.
Nation, CarryAmericanReform Movements1846Leader of Temperance Movement
Abzug, BellaAmericanGovernment1920Feminist and Congresswoman
Anderson, DorothyAmericanMedicine1901researched cystic fibrosis
Mott, LucretiaAmericanReform Movements1793social reformer, Abolitionist, proponent of womens rights
Campbell, EdnaAmericanSports1968Retired women's basketball player
Prince, LeontyneAmericanArt and Music1927singer, performed on Broadway
Johnson, MamieAmericansports1935first female pitcher to play in the Negro
Love, SusanAmericanMedicine1948Leader of UCLA cancer foundation and research center
Tubman, HarrietAmericanReform movements1820Helped slaves escape during the Civil War
Wells, Ida B.AmericanLiterature1862Civil Rights and women's rights activist
Lin, Maya LingAmericanArt and Music1960Designed Vietnam memorial
Griffith-Joyner, FlorenceAmericanSports1959triple gold medalist at Seoul Olympics
Tompkins, SallyAmericanMedicine1833First woman commissioned by Confederate Army
Ginsburg, Ruth BaderAmericanGoverment1933Supreme Court
Cassatt, MaryAmericanArt and Music1844Leading Impressionist artist
Fitzgerald, EllaAmericanArt and Music1917African-American jazz singer.
Parks, RosaAmericanReform Movements1913Helped start Civil Rights movement
Roberts, RobinAmericanSports1960Sports broadcaster, journalist
Fern, FannyAmericanLiterature1811First woman newspaper columnist
Tarbell, IdaAmericanLiterature1957wrote many important documents such as very changing acticles
Louisa May, AlcottAmericanLiterature1832Wrote the book "Little Women"
Buck, Pearl S.AmericanLiterature1892wrote The Good Earth, won Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes
Harris, La DonnaAmericanGovernment1931Native American Activist
Ferraro, GeraldineAmericanGovernment19351st female Vice-Presidential candidate
Dickinson, EmilyAmericanLiterature1830Poet, specialized in classic
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