Cyber Friend Quilt Guild Dear Jane® Project Sign-up page
Even if you are not sure - sign-up and answer as many questions as you can. I am just trying to get an idea of where we are and what you all are thinking.
Real Name and Screen Email Status - Positive, Maybe - etc Quilting level - beginner etc Do you have book or rulers or DJ software? (if yes what) What fabric do you think you are going to use? scrapy , repros, red/white/blue etc Do you have a particular question you want answered? Other Comments
BethAn - BethAnAlmost positiveIntermediateHave the bookOff white background, scrappy.
Kim (KFB)almost positive, maybeI will always consider myselfno, but plan on buying itrepros(maybe?), background - m
Joann - mesajoPositiveadvanced beginner?booknot sure but thinking about scI am sure I will have lots of questions and need lots of hel
Marv - heartoftexasPositiveIntermediatebookUnsure at this time. Maybe reNot at this time, but some will come up later I'm sure.Thank you for taking this project on.
Susan - esikaypositiveadvanced beginner - intermediabook is on ordermaybe repros, scrapThis is going to be great!
Pam - AZHeart2HeartAlmost "Positive"Beginner/Intermediate BeginnerPlan on buyingI am leaning towards either ha# of yards of fabric to buy if not using fq's?
Celin - CelinePositiveIntermediatewill get the bookscrapy but nice!No question at this timeI can't wait to give this a try. I plan to had piece the blocks. I think that will make it "easier" for me to do.
Nancy - nancyealmost positiveintermediateon orderbackground tea stain muslin -just worried about the hand stitching and quilting afterwardthis looks like a very neat quilt - hope i have enough skill to complete
Traci - Jomyke74positiveintermediateordered bookprobably 1800's reprosI'll probably have a million as we go along :)Can't wait to get my book and get started on this!
Jodi - spambyPositiveIntermediateBook and Rulers are ordered.ReprosNot yetI've borrowed this book from the library at least twice and never even tried to make a single block. Now, I'm finally going to make this quilt!
Liana - MaJpretty sureadvanced beginnernot yetnot suresounds like it would be fun and can learn alot!
Linda -boobookittyMaybeDefinitely a newbie beginner!Not yetMaybe something to remind me oNot as of yet - I'm sure I'll have many questions later onWhat a pretty quilt! I think it will be a good way for me to practice making lots of different blocks and use up scraps too!
Pat --Needles and PinsPositiveintermediatebook and rulers on orderwould love to do it in 1800'sI am looking forward to this challenge. Should be so much fun. Nice to have help and support of others doing it also.
Kate - oldkateyesbeginnerbook and rulers are orderedscrappy I thinknothis looks like a lifetime project ... hope I am able to get it finished
Cyndie - Silverdragonpositivebeginnernoprobably scrappynot now
Cathi - Pinksurvivorpositiveadvanced beginnerordered the bookreproductionI am really looking forward to this !
Audrey - AudreyAmaybe...I'm a bit apprehensivequilter for 2 yrs. I am adv bejust bought the bookwould love to do this in CW fano question now but I'm sure I will have lots along this joui will need lots of help and support with this project
Sue - SuziqueueYep, I'm sureMAJOR BeginnerNot yetNot sure yet, probably reprosNot at this time, but I'm sure I'll have many, many questionThis is a beautiful heirloom quilt
Vicki - Vickiquiltpostiive -intermediatewill be getting themscrappy - reproI've been wanting to make this quilt for over a year so am happy we're doing it with the guild
Julie - JulWingPositiveBeginnergetting bookReds and Off Whites OR scrappIf I use red and off white, how many hues of reds would I ne
Sharon - cabinqltrI think I willAdv Beg/IntNot yetreproNot at this time
Linda - nuthatchAbsolutely positive?Confident beginnerBook , rulers, and softwareScrappyHow wide and long to cut strips for outside border, long sas
Truth - momtatPositively maybeintermediateyep, bothnot sure yet, prob repro's scrNot yetPjan on doing blocks by hand. Glutton for punishment.
Janet - SpottedcowProbablyintermediateYesCivil War Repro's
Virginia - GinnyPositiveintermediatebookreprosnot at this timeI have started on my Dear Jane and have about 10 blocks completed.
Roberta - robertamaybebeginner+just ordered itscrapyi love quilt books and history this sounds so interesting
Kelly -Kellywh
Pauline - Swimmomalmost postiveadvance beg. - interm.not yet -civil war repo or scrapyonce I buy the book, I'll be in for the long haul
Joann - AuntJopositiveadvanced beginnerneed to order1800's or scrappyWhere did you purchse the book and cd?Thank you for all your awesome work
Sharon - Stashbuster
Patti - Pattie-cakemaybe - slowlyadvanced beginnernoscrappy or reprosAre directions going o be archived somewhere for those of usNot sure i should be tacklying this right now, but it sounds like too much fun
Dee / ladybugslow but sure !advanced beginnerstill have to order !scrapynot right now :)looking forward to meeting new friends and challenging myself to making new blocks ,and the journey of this quilt !
Lynnae timetotPositivehigh intermediateHave the bookHaven't decided on fabric yet
Jeanette Gilbespositive and eager!Beginner- newbiebook and rulersRepros with a white background
Raven HolbrookPositiveIntermediate/AdvancedBothCivil War Reproduction
Sharon (stashbuster)positiveinnterm.not yetreprosAre we still starting this in SeptemberI am so glad to be a part of this project
Kathy - MsThimblepositiveintermediatebook; CD; rulersscrappy
Mel Graham/melgpositive, right suzi?intermediatebook & templates orderedbatiks or scrappy
Evelyn positive I think Beginner / Advon order batiks or scrappy
jeanmfo - Jean Folkesin progressadvancedall1930's reproduction fabrics TAWI am available to answer any questions that might help others in doing this quilt.the DJ software has a picture of my first DJ project - Challenge Jane (in the book and on the CD also in the pre-designed projects is my design Yankee Doddle Jane - this quilt was a group effort given to Penny at EQ
Karen Stephens/califshrimpMaybeBeginnernoScrapyDo I need the Book?
Judy JudyORI'm positive, but no book yetVery experiencedNot yet - this weekendLots of blue and brownNot at this timeI hope I can keep up! I have arthritis in my hands so I might be a bit slow if there is a lot of handwork. But I'll make it sooner or later!
DonnamiBook and softwareCW repro
Debbie Ricemaybeintermediatebook and rulersCivil War Repo
Charlene Stewart - GrannycharliePositiveintermediateBook and RulersCivil War
Joann Hamilton 'mesajo' "Change in email address"
Susan Osborne - alwaystigger2000positive, maybebeginnernodon't know / red/white/blueDear Jane? never heard of it.I still need to read all the info on this quilt - looks like fun, hope I can do it
Susan Osborne - alwaystigger2000positive, maybebeginnernodon't know / Civil War reprosDear Jane? never heard of it.I still need to read all the info on this quilt - looks like fun, hope I can do it
Freda Price/Fredaalready working on itintermediateCDnatural muslin and civil war reproduction printsnonew member trying to learn my way around VBG
CathyPositiveadvancedyesreprosnowanting to join a group and hope to find a group in St. Louis
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