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Screen Name Comments
CathyOHHere we go again...all a board
BlacsgramI'm excited to be on board.
DeeDeeWhoooo Whooo. Can hardly wait
wannaquilt2Ready and waiting in Georgia!
boobookittyWhoo we go again!
iluvtoknitWhoooo Whoooooo, Chugga, Chugg
lionprideI wanna play too. choo choo
StitchnToo much fun last time! Chug!
kyquiltercan't wait for it to get here
MajAll aboard!!
andy323does the train run to Hawaii??
CathyOHI want to play again
owenjulesmommySounds like fun!
MemaConnieIn need of a quiet ride LOL
sewlove2quiltCan't wait to ride this train.
kateAny seats left?
HeidikinsThe train's a comin'!
iluvtoknitGettin' another ticket
cathybHope I don't miss the train!!
CathyOHI will bring up the rear...LOL
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