This list is incomplete, but it is the best available now. When I enjoy a book I've bought, I usually keep it. After a lifetime of this, I still have most of the books shown here in my personal library. If I could go back and count all the books I've checked out of libraries and returned, plus those I've loaned out and never saw again, I could reasonably add 40 to 50 more titles. I think there are a dozen or so lying around that I've read but haven't added here yet.

Title Author First Name Author Second Name Subject Fiction Nonfiction In Library Read Now Reading Wishlist Favorite Pub. Date Online Entry #
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering GeniusDaveEggersAutobiography2001-02-13Online
A Short History of Nearly EverythingBillBrysonScience, History2003-05-06Online
A Traveler's Guide to MarsWilliamK. HartmannReference2003-08-01Online
Agony and the EcstacyIrvingStoneAutobiographical novel1961-01-01
Ain't Nobody's Business If You DoPeterMcWilliamsCivil Liberties1996-06-01
AlivePiers PaulReadAdventure, History1992-10-01
AntarcticaKim StanleyRobinsonFiction1999-07-06
Autobiography of Malcom XMalcolmXAutobiography1965-01-01
Awaken the Giant WithinAnthonyRobertsSelf Improvement1992-11-01
Band of BrothersStephenAmbroseMilitary History2001-09-06
Carrying the FireMichaelCollinsAutobiography1974-01-01
Childhood's EndArthurC. ClarkeScience Fiction1953-08-01
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or SucceedJaredDiamondSociology2004-11-29
Confessions of an Advertising ManDavidOglivyAdvertising business0000-01-01
Corridors of TimeRonRedfernGeology, History1980-01-01Online
Country Wisdom & Know-HowStorey PublishingEditorsLifestyle2004-09-01
Darwin's GhostSteveJonesBiology2000-04-11
Deception PointDanBrownFiction2002-12-01
Dick: A User's GuideMichele C. Moore &Caroline de CostaHealth2004-01-01
Don't Know Much About The Civil WarKenneth C.DavisHistory1999-09-01
Don't Know Much About The UniverseKenneth C.DavisPhysics2002-10-01
Earth in the Balance: Ecology & The Human SpiritAlGoreEnvironmental Science1993-01-01
Earth: An Intimate HistoryRichardForteyGeology, History2004-11-02
Eternal Hostility: Struggle Between Theocracy & DemocracyFrederickClarksonHistory, Current Events1997-03-01
Even Cowgirls Get The BluesTomRobbins Humor1976-04-01
Everyday Math for Everyday LifeMarkRyanMathematics2002-12-01
Full MoonMichaelLightPhotography, History1999-05-19
GermsMiller, Engelberg &BroadBiology, Warfare2001-01-01Online
Guide to InvestingRobertT. KiyosakiInvestment2000-06-01
Guns, Germs & SteelJaredDiamondHistory1999-04-01Online
I Ain't Got Time to BleedJesseVenturaAutobiography1999-01-01Online
IcehengeKim StanleyRobinsonScience Fiction1998-06-01
Into the WildJonKrakauerBiography1997-01-20
Into Thin AirJonKrakauerAdventure, History, Biography2000-12-01
Introduction to ArchaeologyLesley & RoyAdkinsArchaeology0000-01-01
Isaac NewtonJamesGlieckBiography2004-06-08
It's Not About The BikeLanceArmstrongAutobiography2001-09-01Online
Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific by RaftThorHeyerdahlAutobiography1950-01-01
Life : The First Four Billion YearsRichardForteyBiology, History1999-09-07
Making of the Atomic BombRichardRhodesHistory1986-01-01Online
Mind Wide OpenStevenJohnsonNeurobiology2004-02-10
NeuromancerWilliamGibsonScience Fiction1984-01-01
Off The PlanetJerryLinengerSpace Exploration2000-01-01Online
Origins: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic EvolutionNeil deGrasse Tyson &Donald GoldsmithPhysics2004-09-28
PatriotsA.J.LangguthAmerican History1989-03-15
Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars, The Martians (4 books)Kim StanleyRobinsonScience Fiction1993-10-01
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