Name Species Gender Personal Ship Personal Weapons/Armor Sect Rank/Level Faction
Milliardo Diath-Crowe Human Male Whispering Hope - YZ-900 Patrol Ship Lightsaber (dual-blade), Lightsaber (normal). Jedi9 Galactic Republic
Drakh Skra'talSree'alianMale"Raptor's Claw" - Sree'alian Sentry-class patrol/attack craftLightsaber, single-blade
Blaster pistol
Sree'alian symbiotic armor
Shadow Jedi5independent
Arestes KelnoranMorellianMaleStarmite-class Freighter 'Fyrentennimar'Two Morellian Enforcer pistols, Morellian BloodswordNeutralNeutral
Coraz BahaHumanMaleX-WingLightsaber, blasterJedi6Galactic Republic
Gaeriel ElizabethHumanFemaleDragon Strike Crusier "Phalanx"Two Violet hue lightsabers, a Echani Heavy Battlesuit, an Echani Ritual knife, and an echani armband for computer interface.Shadow7Neutral/Former CEF
Drake Colin ReneHumanMaleT-65 X-wing Starfighter "Zephyr One"-Green Lightsaber (normal)
-Gold Lightsaber (Dooku-style)
-Jedi Robes
Jedi6Galactic Republic
Lord GlaciusHumanMaleThe Dark Asylum - Super Star DestroyerTwo red bladed lightsabersDark Jedi9Empire
Burton KaneHumanmaleWraith Wind.
coruscant Heavy courier.
Blue lightsabre.
pair of Flechette pistols
E11 Blaster rifle.
Grey5Corperate Confed of planets
Johnathan "Johnny" WilcoHumanMaleSentinel-Class ShuttleTwo DL-44 Blaster Pistols, StormCommando armour.NeutralNone/Freelance Mercenary
Shining Valour ("Val")Artificial IntelligenceMaleDecommissioned MC-80b Mon Calimari StarcruiserOver four dozen weapon emplacements, durasteel hull plating.NeutralNeutral
Eron NightwindHumaniodMaleBaudo Class Star Yacht
"Wretched Refuse"
2 Dl-44 blasters
2 Short Bladed Vibro Swords
Kenda SenHumanMaleNoneTwo Short Bladed LightsabersJedi4Jedi
Martina SilverHumanFemaleSoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000, "Phoenix." - Lightsaber.
- Oralanis Striker (Slugthrower Pistol), silver, with mother-of-pearl inlaid grip.
Vince GeralHumanMaleLightsaber Blue Blade
Blaster Pistol
Jedi8Galactic Republic
Algon JerjerrodHumanMaleMC-90 "Algon's Revenge"Double-Bladed Red Lightsaber, Blue Lightsaber, Massassai Ceremonial Armor.Sith8Independent/Chiss Autarchy.
Candar'ous'ordoChissMaleISD II "Ordo's Hammer"2 Chiss Charric's, Echani Ritual Brand, Verpine Heavy Alloy Battlesuit.NoneChiss Autarchy/Imperial
Jerad RoseHuman (Corellian)MaleYT-2400 "Ikiru's Mask"Blue-bladed Lightsaber
Vibroblade, Oralanis Striker slugthrower w/ mother of pearl handle (a sister to Martina Silver's weapon)
'Luke'EroicanMaleExecutor-Class Star Destroyer 'Crimson Fire'2 Sith-Katana's and Scythe (Both Amonite based), Modded DL-44, Heavy Imperial Repeater, broken Green-Bladed Lightsaber, Blue Lightstaff.Amonite8Imperium Nocturnus/Empire
Lily MilanoHumanFemaleThe FaceSith-Short Sword (Amonite based) Two mini-hold out blasters, various knives and other assorted sharp objectsAmonite7Imperium Nocturnus/Empire
William LightbringerHumanMaleN/AOrange-Blade Lightsaber (Stolen) Various chemicals in liquid gaseous and powder form, Eroican Body Armor.Shadow Jedi4Neutral
Wedge Adrionicus AntillesAmonite ('Deceased')MaleHapan Nova-II-class Battlecruiser _Shadowflare_Two .40 calibre Morellian Enforcer Pistols, DH-17 Blaster Pistol, two Flechette Pistols, PLX-2M Rocket Launcher, Wrist Rocket Launcher, mm-S3 Mortar, T-21 L-Repeater, FC-1 Flechette Cannon, Morellian Bloodsword, Silver Lightsabre, Amonite Gladius. Amonite6Independent
Lon WolHumanMaleX-WingRed bladed lightsaber, DL-44 blaster pistolDark4Empire
Crystarr Fe'LorianHumanMaleImperial Star Destroyer II - Scorpius

Firespray Patrol Craft - Dark Scimitar

YT-1300 Transport - Pelagian Ranger
Lightsaber - Crimson Blade
Lightsaber - Azure blade

Heavy blaster pistol

Dark Jedi Master8The Glorius Empire
Lacoi GarifEpicanthixFemaleSurronian Conqueror Assault Ship (modified) - "Dragon's Gaze"Cybernetic left arm with embeded personal shield generator activated and powered by the energy of Teräs Käsi, Teräs Käsi Needles (arm gauntlet of 15 and good supply of replacements), set of two custom vibro-enhanced morningstars, simple wooden staff, lightsaber collection of a defeated Jedi, WW-41 Cryoban Grenades, MerrSonn C-14A Stun Grenades, Tholcorp Neuronic Whip, Gun of Command (acquired in a hunt on Charubah), A99 Aquata breather, CQ-3.9x Disguiser, Ayelixe/Krongbing Shadowsuit, five Sienar Intelligence Mark VI Scarabs, pair of silence-modified Westar-34 heavy blaster pistols, two Dragon Noose restraint collars, one Dragon Scale projection cloak.Teras Kasi4n/a
Sargon MazzicHumanMaleTIE Defender2 Wrist Mounted Black Bladed Sabers, 2 Chiss Charric BlastersSith6
Gavin SpryHumanMaleISD II "Gavin's Fist" Random frieghters2 White-Bladed Lightsabers made from the pearls of Krayt Dragons, 1 Blue Lightsaber taken from the body of Nick Waskie, 1 Green Lightsaber taken from John HarknessSith8Non-Affiliated
Ulic Qel DromaHumanMaleSSD "Hass Blecht"Sith Sword, unsure of the rest of his actual weapons.Sith8Non-Affiliated
John HarknessHumanMaleCoruscant Courier "Peaceful Resolution"Green Bladed Lightsaber, Blue Bladed Lightsaber given to him by Admiral Spry. Jedi8Galactic Republic
Zeaul McLellanArtificial IntelligenceFemalenonedual E-11 blasters, military issue.NeutralNew Dragon Caste
Auryn MidasHumanFemaleCourrier Shuttle NANA1New Dragon Caste
MM-2971Artificial IntelligenceFemale AvatarNoneSelf Destruct explosives, single injector mechanism,energy absorbing biometalic compositeNeutralNeutral
Seline AnseionAmoniteFemaleLambda-class shuttle, military variant.E-11 blaster, air dartgun
Mi'zatte TurailClawditeFemaleDiplomatic CorvetteNoneNA
Azria TumekEwokFemaleCloakshape with Hyperdrive sledLight Saber, Spear, Knife Jedi4Republic
Elissa NassinHumanFemaleFirespraysorosuub X-45 sniper rifle, folded mandalorian steel blade (from clone wars) neutral1none
Dynier ExalcyonHumanMaleYT-1930Jensaarai Armor, Blue Duel Phase LightsaberJensaarai7None
Armantaro CeomozabrakmaleBlade 32 beta "Placid Hull"Sith1Empire
Yulanl It'klaCaamasiMaleNonetraining sabreJedi3Republic
Kadigar KyHumanMaleThe Thespis: SoroSuub 3000 Luxury Yacht
- Purple Lightsaber (built in the GENB) with Silencer, Intensity Magnifier and Length Adjuster (up to 3m)
- Purple (originally green) Lightsaber (built at WoD) with Length Adjuster and Waterproofing)
Nementh Sunfire RaltHumanMaleZeta 1 Cathedral Cruiser2x Yellow Lightsaber
Samantha Nyi-Sai RyiHumanFemaleSmoldering Burning Hole on Corellia....Lightsaber-Green (Given to her by Nementh) DH-17Jedi1FAS
Linara ReinHumanFemaleNoneDH-17NoneFAS
Aira Tieu, Kuat of KuatHumanFemaleKDY HuntMasterEclipse Armor (ask for details),
Purple-bladed Lightsaber
Classified6Kuat Drive Yards
Dhak KilbornRodianMaleATR "Nebula Horizon"(customized to carry Space Cloud and speeder)/ Modified HLAF-500 "Space Cloud"/ 64-Y Swift 3

Three PIP/2 Systems Control Droid (piloting, navigation, and maintenance of Nebula Horizon)
Dual Kylan 3's/ Kelvarek Consolidated Arms MM9 with Locris Type-12B rocket/ Czerka Vibroknuckler/ 5m Thermal Detonator

Custom Impervium Battle Suit
NeutralKilborn Klan
Varz'era'lekindor (Core Name:ChissMaleHelix Interceptor (Upgraded Hull and Engines)Xerrol Nightstinger
Merr-Sonn Treppus-2 Vibroblade
None1Chiss Expansionary Force
Sixtus QuinnAugmented Human "Viper"MaleNoneDL-44 Heavy blaster, vibroblade, three vibrodaggersNone1NGD
Mialaca AtekCorellianMaleReprieve, Lambda Class ShuttleLightsaber (modified), DL-44 BlastechJedi5None
Vincent LightbringerEroicanMale"Mon Eroica", heavily customized Star Defender classClaymore Lightsaber (light blue blade, combination woven cortosis handle), body armor, variety of ranged and hand weaponsJedi8New Republic
Cole StarwalkerHuman?MaleDeath StarMandalorian Armor with a Cortosis Weaved lining.Dark Jedi/Sith8Consolidated Empire
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