LMYC. Please select the best reponses in the following form. We will try to balance maintenance teams and tasks. Feel free to enter additional information under Other Skills.
Member Name Sailing Experience Lift Over 50 Pounds Lift Over 100 Pounds OK With Heights? Mechanical Repairs Electrical Repairs Other Skills Cabin Cleaning Available Sat. Mornings?
Mike WebbGeneral dogsbody and very willing to learn !
Pat WebbNo skills but much enthusiasm and very obedient(just ask my children!)
Bob HepburnI am a GP so could look into emergency kits etc.
Jennifer HepburnCan't think of any in particular! However, very hard worker and eager to learn.
Robert JutrasAdministrative skills, management, marketing/sales. I do work on friend's 29' Ranger on regular basis, so I am somwhat experienced. Sanding, painting, applying antifowling paint, zincs, engine and prop shaft. Have done some wiring. Willing to apply myself and work hard in any area needed. Cheers!
Douglas SmithI have good management and leader skills. I have done some fibreglass work on cars and am willing to learn anything needed to do to keep the Co-op working.


Kal TmanaI can do most things at an average level however I do not have any training in mechanical or electrical repairs.
Eric GemmellFinishing Carpenter/Joiner
Minor electrical repairs
Brian ClewesI have mainly administrative skills but would enjoy working on the boats to learn more.
Ralph BittnerGood gopher
Bob MorrisonAlthough I have said no to mechanical repairs, I have some knowledge which probably makes me more dangerous. Last year, I worked on Bridget as a gopher etc.
Bill Vanderpol
Paul PathyWilling to learn and a fast learner.
H. Paul SchmidtWood work, built cabins on my own 20' power boat. Simple electrical, painting, general maintainance of boat
cgriffithsAdmin, Treasurer, some dry-land teaching of Sailing Theory.
cgriffithsAdmin, Treasurer, some dry-land teaching of Sailing Theory. Willing to listen to reason.
Electrical - shocking lack of knowledge.
Ken PawlakI have owned my own boat (now in Pt. Roberts) for 5 or more years. Previous to that I was a member of LMYC and previous to that I sailed with friends in the summers. So I do not have any formal training in boat repairs and maintenance, but I have hands on experience and am handy.
Kathie TweedieSewing, painting,
Bruce TobiasonNo particular skills related to boat maintenance
Barbara PodorThese skills are not directly related to sailing but...ya never know!
I'm a graphic designer and have many years as a marketer. Plus I've got some pretty good organizational and planning skills.
Lin ParksKeen, willing to learn, able to help relocate boats, good gopher, can help during the week days
Blake Forrestwilling to help out and learn with mtce (cleaning painting most anything)
Arne Dusang
Arne DusangNo formal mechanical, electrical, or woodworking skills but have limited experience in all. Willing to learn and help where needed.
Phil McRaeFibre glass, sheet metal, rigging, woodwork and any upgrades to the runnig rigging.
Martin CyrBoth mechanical and electrical repairs are 'in between yes and no. Can work on basis maintenance items.
Steve HardingCarpenter
wbarteskoRope/wire splicing.
Dave GustafsonCarpentry, teak parts duplication or fabrication, etc., reasonable mechanical abilities, and generally fairly handy. Have a well equipped shop and prefer to do most things there whenever I can fit them in to a crazy work/travel schedule.
Geoff CollinsGeneral duties as assigned, usually with a smile!!
Bob FairGeneralist. Sanding,Varnishing, Painting. Have contacts for fiberglass, wood, mechanical repairs.
Dave WorkmanCarpentry, painting, cleaning
Darrell UnrauApprenticed at Plumbing 3yr
Apprenticed at Electrical 3yr
Apprenticed at Mechanics 3yr
Joureyman Carpenter
Fiberglass Expert
Markku KostamoWoodwork
Rod ForsCarpentry
James Schwartztax skills, building inspector, electrical and mechanical repairs
Judy Listiakaccountant, admin, cleaning, social coord,
James SchwartzI'm able to help with all areas.
Dawn McArthurGood sewing skills; with some instruction, can do basic handywork (eg. painting, woodwork, basic mechanical). Good organizational skills. Good learner.
Chris MortonMechanical and Electrical Engineer. Motor and electrical work ok.
Curtis RadkeSome carpentry and plumbing(residential). Basic mechanical experience.
Doug BeglawNew to sailing. Fairly handy with most hand tools. Basic carpentry & Mechanical skills.
Have held post of treasurer for other volunteer organizations.
Kelly WindoverCarpentry, and have done some epoxy work, on small boats.
Mark WilsonHave helped a friend who owns a fishing boat do painting and general maintenace. Have done some fiberglassing/gel coating.
Earl HallPartner in building a 16.5' sailboat with cabin; wood, epoxy & fibreglass cloth, rigging layout, varnish, paint, sanding (ugh), purchasing new & used sailboat bits on Ebay & in consignment stores (to reduce costs).
Paolo Arnaldiwoodworking, electrical, fiberglass work, painting, many tools at my disposal,
catherine robertsonlove sanding, varnishing, painting, polishing brass, chrome, cleaning cabins, etc. Really super interested in learning all I can re boat maintenance.
Andreas KaufmannAdministrative, Marketing
Warren HillWinter watch crew (live nearby)
Admin/web/IT skills
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