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Only A Scream Away

Be careful what you wish for... you just may get it.

It wasn't so long ago that the prospects for archive television on dvd were dismal to say the least. In those dark, unenlightened days "nostalgia" was a dirty word in the industry and the most we could hope for was a few pitiful crumbs from the BFI from time to time - and although they were gratefully received, most of us fantasised about an ideal world where shop shelves were packed with box sets of long forgotten series with titles like "Thriller", "The Omega Factor" and "Children Of The Stones".

Now the exact opposite scenario has arisen. Having now entered a glorious Indian Summer where even the most esoteric series is almost guarranteed a lavish release at some point, the problem is what not to buy.

So what do you do when you're confronted with hordes of box sets and a limited bank balance? Answer: turn to like-minded souls for suggestions!

So, go on, tell us what we are all missing out on...

RESOURCES: IMBD * Sendit (UK) * Amazon (US) * EzyDVD (Australia)

Top Cat

TV series:

Heres a few (mostly Region 1) thriller/light horror DVD's that some people may have missed but all of which are worth seeking out:

AND THEN THERE WERE NONE - Brilliant 40's thriller (R2)
EYES WITHOUT A FACE - Classic 1959 French horror/thriller (R1)
NIGHT OF THE DEMON - Dana Andrews (R1)
THE DEVIL RIDES OUT - Hammer classic in 5.1 sound (R1)
DEAD OF NIGHT/QUEEN OF SPADES - The best horror anthology film ever. Buy the Anchor Bay double disc rather than the UK Ealing box set as the print used for Dead of Night is superior. (R1)
RACE WITH THE DEVIL - Peter Fonda (R1)
DOUBLE INDEMNITY - Now finally available on region 2

Most want to see on DVD:
Journey to the Unknown
Twisted Nerve
Night Hair Child (Mark Lester)


TV series:
THRILLER (1973-1976 - various directors)
HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR (1980 - various directors)
HAMMER HOUSE OF MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE (1984 - various directors)
LA POUPÉE SANGLANTE (The Bloody Puppet) (1976 - Marcel Cravenne)

DON'T LOOK NOW (1973 - Nicolas Roeg)
THE SHINING (1980 - Stanley Kubrick)
SHIVERS (1975 - David Cronenberg)
RABID (1977 - David Cronenberg)
THE BROOD (1979 - David Cronenberg)
SCANNERS (1981 - David Cronenberg)
VIDEODROME (1983 - David Cronenberg)
DEAD ZONE (1983 - David Cronenberg)
FULL CIRCLE (1977 - Richard Loncraine)
SEE NO EVIL/BLIND TERROR (1971 - Richard Fleischer)
AND SOON THE DARKNESS (1970 - Robert Fuest)
MIND OVER MURDER (1979 - Ivan Nagy)
COMA (1978 - Michael Crichton)

Most want to see on DVD:
FULL CIRCLE (1977 - Richard Loncraine)
MIND OVER MURDER (1979 - Ivan Nagy)

Lucas Finn

TV series:
No order (except #1):

The Persuaders
The Protectors
Hammer House Of Horror
Children Of The Stones
Sapphire & Steel
Tales Of The Unexpected (R1)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (both)
The Veil (R1)
Hammer House Of Mystery & Suspense

A select few, no order:

The Vanishing (US)
Homicidal (R1)
Strangers On A Train
The Birds
The Changeling
Ghost Story (R1)
Fear In The Night (Hammer)
The Ninth Gate
The Tenant
Marathon Man
The Boys From Brazil
The Boys Next Door (R1)
The New Kids (R1)
Diamonds (R1)
Rosemary's Baby
The Score
Narrow Margin
The Great Train Robbery
Endless Night (R1)
The Innocents (R1/R4)
The Haunting
Extreme Measures
Dead Of Night (R1)
Eye Of The Needle
Play Misty For Me
Day Of The Jackal
Die Screaming Marianne
North By Northwest
Flashpoint (R1)
House Of Mortal Sin
Schizo (R1)
The Comeback
Eyewitness (US/R1)
Diabolique (US)
Time After Time (R1)
A Woman Hunted (R1)
The Amityville Horror
Body Double
Escape From Alcatraz
The Dead Zone
The Hitcher
Farewell, Friend
The Odessa File
Road Games (R1)

Most want to see on DVD:
No order:

Dead Of Night
Ghost Story For Christmas
Out Of The Unknown
Armchair Thriller

John Allison

TV series:
Children of the Stones
Hammer House of Horror
The Stone Tape

My favourite films here do include one or two that some may think of as slasher flicks (they're not); I'm only including a few of my favourite Italian films because they are mystery/thrillers - anyway many of the classic Thriller episodes involve "escaped psycho killer on the loose" scenarios. You may like to try some of these:

And Soon the Darkness (still R1 only, as far as I know)
Dark Water (Japanese original)
Death Walks at Midnight (Italian/Spanish giallo thriller)
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde
The Haunting
The House That Dripped Blood
The Legend of Hell House
The Man Who Haunted Himself
Red Lights (Cedric Kahn, France)
See No Evil
The Vanishing (original Dutch version)
Vault of Horror

Most want to see on DVD:
Fright (Susan George, Dennis Waterman, Ian Bannen)
- can't find this one anywhere.
Children's TV/Thriller series:
Ace of Wands
The Chinese Puzzle
The Long Chase

Lost Hearts (another BBC/MR James Christmas Ghost Story)

Stephen L.

TV series:
Armchair Thriller.
Journey To The Unknown.
The Brothers.
Boris Karloff's Thriller.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents. - (Coming soon!).

Whatever Happened To Aunt Alice?.(Available on DVD - Great gothic suspense drama starring Geraldine Page and Ruth Gordon.

Most want to see on DVD:


TV series:
Hammer House of Horror
Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense
The Nightmare Man
Rod Serling's Night Gallery (R1)

The Haunting
Witchfinder General
Fear In The Night
Endless Night (R1)
The Woman In Black (R1)

Most want to see on DVD:
Armchair Thriller
Ghost Story/Circle of Fear
Journey to the Unknown
Tales From the Darkside (TV Series)

Mark B

TV series:
Sapphire and Steel
The Signalman
A Warning to the Curious
Whistle and I'll Come to You
(the last 3 BFI releases of BBC "Ghost Story For Christmas" episodes, although the last named isn't really one of them).


Most want to see on DVD:

The Black Nun

TV series:
This is a provisional list just to get the ball rolling - by no means comprehensive!

Thriller (well, you could see that coming...)
Tales Of The Unexpected (S1-3 out now in the US)
Children Of The Stones
The Stone Tape
The Omega Factor
The Day Of The Triffids (BBC tv series)
The Twilight Zone (both versions)
The Avengers (the B&W ones... got a bit silly after that!)
Sherlock Holmes (the Granada tv series... though there are others)

And Soon The Darkness
See No Evil
Rosemary's Baby
The Man Who Haunted Himself
Straight On Til Morning (R1)
From Beyond The Grave (R1)
The House That Dripped Blood
Watcher In The Woods (R1)
The Andromeda Strain (scifi crossover)
Collossus: The Forbin Project (ditto)
Farenheit 451 (the Truffaut film)
The Plumber (R4)
Village Of The Damned
Endless Night (R1)
The Wicker Man
The Wyvern Mystery (R1 & R4)
Picnic At Hanging Rock
The Abominable Dr Phibes

Most want to see on DVD:
Armchair Thriller
The Clifton House Mystery
Out Of The Unknown
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