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Item Area Mob / Room Misc. Info Submitted By
an executioner's axeMidgaardthe executionerOuija
a wrenchBloodshrineToreador Vampirearea below the Vampire Pits
An ice staff.PomarjA swarmp trollChristof
A pink potion.Smurf VillagePapa Smurfc curse papa smurf, he will tele local sometimes when attackedChristof
A fire lance of the balrog.Arena 13w and N of midgaardthe Balroghes all north from the entrance i think......Christof
The Dogs Toy.DabourDogChristof
A file.AsylumBob the can c sum bob....Christof
A leather shield.Vishna'AkVishna'Ak Warrior.the warriors flee, but they dont have sneakChristof
A battery.Red Light DistrictThe Viewing BoothGet it out of 'a special toy' on the groundChristof
Carrot.SolaceJhen the farmer.Christof
A milky white potionCansereganVillage Magic VendorChristof
The darkskullThe Sapphire SkiesAerial Servantid mist and command him to drop it if you could... touch @$$ areaChristof
An obsidian clubWonderlandA Fire ImpChristof
A huge metal spatulaAsylumThe Smelly CookChristof
An ankhPyramidsA gynosphinxChristof
A hide shieldVishna'AkDark Vishna'Ak Hunter.Christof
A jagged spearDraconian Towersthe Draconian.drac towers is in the shadowgroveChristof
A gythkaVishna'AkVishna'Ak Warrior.warriors and guards are the easiest to get it from... target hand so they drop..Christof
A murky green potionNear Gangrel Clan HallA green troll.2s 13w s 2w all sChristof
A kiwiOlympusAn apprentice musician.Christof
A small green kiwiAraniiAranii food merchant.Christof
The globeflowersKalevGet to Kalev's from Northern TaleChristof
A small dusk of black gyvel.Celene2s 4w 3n 2e 3n wChristof
The HourglassUltimaTimelordBe careful not to mort, Timelord is a cap mobChristof
An abacusAsylumThe administratorChristof
A pussnugaKalevKurivaim.Christof
broken spearNine HellsAvernuson ground
an arrow headNine HellsAvernuson groundOuija
a bag of coinsNine HellsCharonOuija
a fiery exploding globeNine HellsAvernuson groundOuija
an iron longswordNine HellslemureOuija
a bone chestplateNine HellsosyluthOuija
a set of bone greavesNine HellsosyluthOuija
bone maskNine HellsosyluthOuija
a pair of bone armguardsNine HellsosyluthOuija
a scroll title 'Iliad'Nine HellsHomerOuija
a scroll titled 'Odyssey'Nine HellsHomerOuija
a scroll titled ' The Republic'Nine HellsPlatoOuija
a scroll titled 'The Art of Love'Nine HellsOvidOuija
an amulet of the nine hellsNine Hellsabishaihunt and kill Tiamat - enter portal to get to second levelOuija
a scrying mirrorNine Hellsfurieshunt and kill Tiamat - enter portal to get to second levelOuija
a pair of rusted scissorsNine Hellsfurieshunt and kill Tiamat - enter portal to get to second levelOuija
a long piece of stringNine Hellsfurieshunt and kill Tiamat - enter portal to get to second levelOuija
a succubi's fangsNine HellserinyesOuija
an ice keyNine HellsFiernaOuija
a fiery whipNine HellscornugonOuija
Lessons in DiplomacyNine HellsHag CountessOuija
a tarnished haloNine HellsBaalzebulOuija
a gold crownNine HellsLibicoccaOuija
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