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1. What´ s the highest price you´ve ever paid for a raincoat ? 2. How many garments do you own (in numbers)? 3. Do you agree- matching boots are necessary ? 4. Your preference on colours ? 5. What garments do you own, and what´s your favourite ? 6. Do you wear your protective gear frequently outdoors ? 7. Is a matching hood required ? 8. What about a rainy day ? 9. Do you wear your favourite gear also on sunny days ? 10.Why do you prefer rainwear- what about an umbrella ? 11. Have you ever visited a club or party with rainwear connoisseurs ? 12. What are your experiences ? 13. Do you use your garments out in the public ? 14. Did you ever pay for; somebody wearing special garments and-if yes-which garments ? 15. What would you describe as a real turn on ? 16. How old are you (optional) 17. Where´s the place to go, looking for a "shiny" dressed partner ? 18. What efforts have you made to go for "the one and only" ? 19. Does your partner share your faible ? 20.Please enter the questions you are missing in this questionnaire ? 21. Male 22. Female 23.Your Name (no real names) ? 24. Single and Looking 25. Where do you live ? 26. How should the ONE, you´re dreamin´of look like ? 27. Funny part (choose a famous person, actress etc, to describe what you´re looking for 28. Is it very important to you what she/he looks like ? 29. What do you do if a "shiny" person appears unexpected ? 30. Some people believe, being a rainwear connoisseur is a man´s world ? 31. Have you ever met a likeminded person ? 32. How did you recognize, she/he is likeminded ? 33.Most of the rainwear connoisseurs can be found in the following countries... 34.Why do you think so ? 35.Can rainwear connoisseurs also be found in countries where it rarely rains ? 36. Is rainwear out of fashion ? 37. Have you ever met a woman refusing to put on rubberboots or rainwear ? 38. What about another questionnaire featuring your additional (missing here) questions ? 39.Do you think a woman, prepaired for the rain, is aware of her beauty ? 40. Imagine-out in the pouring rain, well protected, and a woman asks you to give her shelter ? 41. Have you ever made love, out in the pouring rain ? 42. Makin´love without your favourite gear is like ... 43. What about your schooldaze. Have you tried to touch someone wearing "shiny" clothes ? 44. If yes, did she/he recognize your feelings ? How long did it take to cool down ? 45. Growing up, surrounded by people wearing raincoats ! How did you handle the situation? 46. Have you ever made love to a person wearing a raincoat, not knowing about your preference ? 47. If yes, which efforts have you made to make it real ? 48. Have you ever met the one you´re lookin´for ? 49. Do you believe your dreams will turn into reality one day ? 50. What´s your definition on "Bad Weather" Most people really hate bad weather. What about you ? 58. You may describe yourself and the person you´re looking for, do you ? 60. Are you hungry for some more questions ? Don´t say Yes ! -they´re right around the corner. 61. Will you come back from time to time to see how far it´s been gone ? 62. Comment (optional) :
£35043noblack,red, bluerubber macs all with hoods
dresses trousers bondage items, straight jacket hoods etc
yesyesalways a macI wear a mac every day as I am toldnever an unbrellanoI was intoduced to rubber and macs by my husband/master I always wear some rubber have been taken out naked in a mac and in bondage. I love hoods and gags and adore not knowing what is in store for me. ours is a very strong relationship over 30 yearsyesnorubber bondage and being told what to do.I do notI have him we met when he was my Dr and unmarried so i fell for him
yesflorenceFrancemy husbandpepeyestalk shiny rubberrubbishyesit is intuativeeurope/usa/australiado not knowyesyesyeshow do you like rubber against your skinyesgive he a macYES!!!strawberries without creamnoeasily al my family wore macsnoyesthey havemackintosh weathernowhyokyes
30020no but nicered black and bluemackintoshs capes rubber aprons directoire knickers gasmasks yes in inclement weatheryes i love hoodsnot oftenfeel protected yes have three or four plastic see through umbrellaprivate party interesting safe and funyes but mainly weather appropriateyes to parade in aprons and mackintoshs for meanything involving mackintoshs sissys and rubber 34fetish clubs gay bars given up but hopefullno partner United Kingdomlike doris daymummy aunt type figure noget excited blushin the main i think so but there are exceptionsyes both dressed as girls so a common interestuk and usa in the amianuk weather yes in and out currently innoyes for sureits happened yes pointless for me cant get excited without yes both boys and girls yes another sissy with mack interest nervous scared aroused nono still trying probably not lots of lovely rain i love them i wake up excited sissy tv very sub and femme id like to meet the same yes and no probably
$30.007NoRoyal Blue,green,black,yellow8 Reversible Rain Slickers 2 non-reversible rain slickers 1 Rubber Raincoat 1 Pvc Raincoat 1 Vinyl Raincoat 1 Vinyl Safety Patrol Raincoat 1 Pvc/Vinyl RaincapeYesNoAlmost Always.On occassionSo much fun to wear. No!No, but I would like to!YesNoA ankle-length hooded vinyl/pvc raincoat with shiny buckles.31Would I want a rainwear connoisseur as my partner? Yes.
Would I like to meet some rainwear connoisseurs? Definatly Yes!!
ThanosUnited StatesWearing a long lengthy shiny slicker with cape. Sexy. Depending on how alluring they are, I'd do my best to conceal my arrousal, while approaching them and commenting how great their particular shiny garment looks. Not true at all.Sadly,no.United KingdomNot a taboo (like it is here in the U.S), widely accepted, availability that such shiny gear can be bought anywhere, larger group of "fans".Possible.Yes!I would.No, but I would LOVE to!!!!!! boringYesNo, quite awhile.*blushes* masturbated.No opportunanity as of yet to find out.NoYes!Too cold to wear rainwear.LOVE IT!!!!Shy,inexperienced, 30's Bisexual male looking for my "dream lover" or "playmate". No preference. Leaning more towards same sex, than female. Someone with an extensive knowledge and collection of slickers, raincoats, and capes, with a place thats far away from the hustle and bustle of life where there's privacy galore to explore my dreams and fantasies....to take me by the hand and wrap me in their warm coccoon of caped, slickered, or raincoated body - to be with me, to make me feel sooo good....gentle, understanding, and very likeminded.Yes!I still haven't been able to acquire the safety patrol poncho I've been soooo wanting.
£250noyellow, red, blue greennone owned. belted single texture rubber lined cotton, nylon or similarnonot essential but nicehope (in vain) to see some woman suitably dressed. Maybe some day.............only indoors, not until after six o'clock.lifelong fetish. Umbrella not needed.not yet.straight sex with five lovers - they wore the mac.could do with new lover.have done twice woman wearing mac over naked body75macintosh society annual do -just joined.several times.not intrinsically, but will do so for me.love to know more about % of women who are genuinely, in themselves, turned on by mac wearing. bryanUnited Kingdomas she does, but suitably macked and beltedHayley mills when she was about sixteen and I was twenty five.Quite.Get (secretly) very excitedIt does appear so, but you never know. A woman, I hope might be 'trained'to genuinely love it.Yes.Proprietors of three lovely mac establishments.Don't know, but not Saharan Africans,. Too hot.I think it's come about in temperate zones where i rains quite often.Don't know, but doubt it.Sadly...oh that it might return.yes.to try to discover what % OF women are not turned off AND what % feel they could be turned on. probably some. Not allI'd love the approachno, but would have loved it. I'm too old now.....normality. Still beautiful but not perfect.no.a long time, probably never.with delightno. they knew.n/aoh yes, but we aint bought the mac yet.I certainly live in hopes.When she has to slip into a rubber mac I love it, imagining and hoping.Senescent but still horny and still hoping.This, here ? Yes.Keep up the lovely promotion/ I'll support it while I live.

Black & Red
Mackintoshes varies

It is OK
Does'not matter
As above
No way
Yes rubber
wearing a mackintosh
As above
78On line
No but co-operates
rubber loverNew ZealandWearing a mackintosh
Marlene Dietrich No
make contact
What they are wearing
UK Germany USA

Yes Australia Yes
Oh yes
Yes a while
Got horn & wanked

Don't understand
No rain
Not if women are in rainwear
Rubberrainwear fetishist
£3514NoPink or natural14 plastic macs with my favourite being a semi transparent C&A plastic mac in blue bought in a charity shop for £2.50.Occasionally when on a coastal walk femmed up.Most definately.If it's raining,so much the better.Certainly do.An umbrella can add to the effect when femmed up.No but I would love to.I regularly wear macs in the house but find I have to go out whenever I can femmed up in a ladies plastic mac,it gives me a nervously exciting buzz!Whenever possible.I visited a Dominatrix who wore one of my plastic macs for me.When out walking to meet a mature lady who also liked wearing plastic macs.60I was hoping you could tell me!Don't understand the quetion.She knows but has no interest.GreenmacGreat BritainMature,wearing summer dress,high heels,plastic mac.Like a 1950's sexy lady.Shirley McClaine when wearing a plastic mac in a film about French prostitutes!Not particularly.I would have to go up to them and say they looked fabulous in their "shiny" gear!Yes,unfortunately there seem to be more men ehan women.Yes,once.Met through the internet.I would say,Great Britain,United States,Germany and Australia.Through internet sites.Of course they can.Unfortunately for the general public,yes.NoHow could I meet a plastic mac loving mature female?Only if she is wearing a colourful plastic mac!She could spend time under my umbrella anytime!Unfortunately no.Not quite getting there.I used to brush past girls wearing plastic macs whenever I could.In those days,when raining girls wore plastic macs as a common rain garment so I don't think they recognised my feelings.It would remain on my mind for quite some time later.Not very well.I used to sneak up to my older sisters wardrobe and put her plastic mac on when home alone.When I first met my wife she wore a cheap plastic mac but being fussy about the "shininess" it wasn't quite right.My wife,some time ago,tied me up in a plastic mac but it does nothing for her so it felt that something was missing.Nearly but not quite.I would like to think so but I need to be a bit more assertive.As long as it's not snow and ice then it's out with the plastic rainwear!Love it.These days it's the only chance of a possible sighting of a plastic mac adorned lady!Plastic raincoat loving mature,dominant lady!If you have any more I will try to answer them.I would be interested to see if there is any feedback.What happens now?
£240noYellow, red, blue, greennone at presentnot rubbermaybeNot essentialn/ano necessaryafraid notthree visits to 'specialists' n/ayes; single textured cotton, nylon with rubber lining.as above, naked underneath75mackintosh society, nbut with a partnerseveraslnot innately but will try for me.Mr MacUnited KingdomMature medium build with pleasantly pert breasts and prominent nipplesDylan ThomasFemale only and yesIf reasonably attractive, give delighted welcomeI'm afraid I have to agree.YesIt emerges sometimes during conversation.Don't know, but suppose in Northern Europe.Tradition, thus imprintation.Don't knowRubber rainwear is, sadlyAfraid soSome might beDelightonceStill lovely.not without their permission.don't knowdiscretelynoasked them if we couldYes.With age less and likely but still live in hopesRain, rain, frainLike itover 55, female, sensuous in mt woman...for me I'm well preserved but over seventywhy not ?Yes.Sorry I seem a bit tame.
20.0025YesPinkPlastic raincoat capes aprons and plastic rain bonnetsYesYesFor sureYupLove the soft spot pastichfetish against my skinYupBeing forced to wear several plastic raincoats and rain bonnetsYesYes plastic raincoatsDressed from head to foot in pink plastic68Plastic sissy salonWent dressed in pink plastic to a beauty salonNoNonePlastic sissyCanadaPretty and wearing the plastic clothesSo op sheppardSureGo get a plastic rain Cape and rain bonnetTo be sharedYesShe was wearing plastic and I new her from my salad UkResearchNoNoNoSureNoUbetNoBeing nakedYesYes a long timeIt was tough but excitingYes Insist they wear a raincoatYesYesNo such thingNoOld and not fussyI guessYesThis has been fun and exciting
20.0025YesPinkPlastic raincoat capes aprons and plastic rain bonnetsYesYesFor sureYupLove the soft spot pastichfetish against my skinYupBeing forced to wear several plastic raincoats and rain bonnetsYesYes plastic raincoatsDressed from head to foot in pink plastic68Plastic sissy salonWent dressed in pink plastic to a beauty salonNoNonePlastic sissyCanadaPretty and wearing the plastic clothesSo op sheppardSureGo get a plastic rain Cape and rain bonnetTo be sharedYesShe was wearing plastic and I new her from my salad UkResearchNoNoNoSureNoUbetNoBeing nakedYesYes a long timeIt was tough but excitingYes Insist they wear a raincoatYesYesNo such thingNoOld and not fussyI guessYesThis has been fun and exciting
20.0025YesPinkPlastic raincoat capes aprons and plastic rain bonnetsYesYesFor sureYupLove the soft spot pastichfetish against my skinYupBeing forced to wear several plastic raincoats and rain bonnetsYesYes plastic raincoatsDressed from head to foot in pink plastic68Plastic sissy salonWent dressed in pink plastic to a beauty salonNoNonePlastic sissyCanadaPretty and wearing the plastic clothesSo op sheppardSureGo get a plastic rain Cape and rain bonnetTo be sharedYesShe was wearing plastic and I new her from my salad UkResearchNoNoNoSureNoUbetNoBeing nakedYesYes a long timeIt was tough but excitingYes Insist they wear a raincoatYesYesNo such thingNoOld and not fussyI guessYesThis has been fun and exciting
2550yespinlplastic raincoats aprons and plastic dresses. My fav are plastic rain bonnetsyesyesyesubetmakes me feel and look girlyNoneyesplastic rainwearwearimg pink plastic raincoat and matching rain bonnet with no clothes onBeauty salonseeing a gal at the salon in plastic raincoat and asking her outyednonePlasticSissyCanadaAttractivesible shepardnot reallybe gratefulreallyyesbody Englishukcommon knowledgeYessomewhatnonpyesubetchanobeing depressedph yashe did. All dayvery carfullyyeswore a rain coatyesyesno rainnoobsessed with plastic and looking for the samenomaybeinteresting
£60 years ago3Yes, thigh length waders in sbrBlack but have enjoyed some ladies mackintoshes in navy blue and brown rubber linings Three sbr mackintoshes, my favourite is lighter in weight, very shiny and is modelled on the motorbike mackintoshes of1950's-1960's. Double breasted, high collar, belted, etc.No, I no longer own a motorbikeNo, I wear/wore an old pattern leather helmet similar to WWII aircrewRain or fine is not important, I usually wear my rubber gear indoorsYes, indoors, as long as it is not for too long and not too hot.I love the feel, sound and smell of rubber and the excitement mackintoshes bring me. Rain is not important. It is the mackintoshes and rubber waders that interest me. No, but I would like toNone from clubs. Many years of experiences with mackintoshes on.I used to when I owned motorbikes, wore sbr macks and waders all year round.No and I don't think I would do so as most mackintosh enthusiasts enjoy other like minded persons company without any thought of money. The commonn interest is all that is needed.Two figures wearing sbr and waders riding a motorbike or just standing beside it, and any action by one or more persons indicating that the mackintoshes and rubber boots/wders they are wearing are exciting them sexually.50I have no idea. I live in a 'no-mackintosh' country. There are no contacts on the net that interest me.Great efforts in my youth but it was not about mackintoshes.
I lost her.
No, I never asked her. Rubber was still a very personal thing but just beginning to emerge.RubberiderSwedenNothing more than standard normal human being. I gave up on greta looking girls long ago. Mackintosh interests can also be shared by other members of ones own sex without the relationship being homosexual. The kinship of enjoying sbr together is sufficient.OK, if it happened, send me Ann Hathaway, but what chance is there ?No, not very, if we are on the common ground of mackintoshes it is less important, just a clean wohlesome, intelligent person with a bit of charm and a good talker and a genuine rubber lover.Greet him/her warmly. Probably start with a complement about what he/she is wearing, 'Pity they don't make them like that any more etc etc'. Test the atmosphere to see if the interest is real and get a feel of its nature. Many people enjoy the same thing but in many different ways. It has to harmonise before it is satisfying.No, this may have been so early on but more and more girls are coming forward and joining the growing population of rubber lovers. I am in touch with a lady who loves wearing black rubber on her motorbike !
Of course the fair sex are into this. Perhaps not as many there are men but it will grow.
Yes, a countryman some thirty years ago and an earlier contact in my teens, both very gratifying.It was a he. Chance sighting of a person wearing an sbr mack. Followed his glance and saw the reaction. Told him I always wore a black rubber mack when I had a motorbike and said something about a pity you can't get them anymore. Got around to the emergence of sbr as a sexual thing and found we were two of a kind. England, Holland, Australia, some Germans.Vast majority of subscribers to rubber sites are in these countries. RubberPal site must be 99% British.I have no idea. Quite possible there are peoplewho would like to be but can't find rainwear or afford it. Good question. We should perhaps find out as they are missing something very exciting.The traditional mackintosh is no longer worn on the street but something is still necessary to keep dry. One thing is for sure, rubber mackintoshes or even PVC will never lose its popularity with mackintosh lovers. It is still ahuge market but nobody seems to be acting strongly to keep mackintosh enthusiasts supplied.Yes, my wife.Ask what you like, what I do, how it feels, be my guest.Got littleto do with her beauty. Searate mackintoshes/rainwear from normal non-mackintosh appearance. Theseare two distinct fields. A pretty woman withou a mackintosh on is attractive in a normal way. Wearing a rippling, rubber smelling black mack and rubber boots it becomes a mackintosh turn-on instead.Hard to answer. I could take her home and we could discuss it.Yes, standing up, but in a bus shelter waiting for the rain to stop.I have two frequencies. Making love in bed with a sexy girl is great, naturally. But if I put on mackintosh and rubber waders etc I am back in the world of ridng a motorbike and the excitement stems entirely from the mackintosh experience and it is from the sensation of wearing mackintosh rubber that I get my satisfaction.Yes, but it did not lead to anything.No, it never beyond a friendly clap on the shoulder.I felt stimulation every time I saw or felt the aroma of a mackintosh and frequently as a small boy would stand and take a handfull of a mackintosh hanging in the closet and masturbate against it. I was given several rubber mackintoshes as a small boy growing up. I wore them whenever I could and masturbated frequently preferably with rubber boots on as well. I always pretended I was riding a motorbike as this was the frst impulse to my interest, seeing people on m/cs wearing sbr.Yes, but without penetration. With a girlfriend on the pillion, resting in the grass both wearing mackintoshes. I was more excited by her mackintosh than I was by the thought of intercourse which was not possible at that moment. With closeness and with cuddling etc., her I reached orgasm without her knowing it.It was still before mackintosh or rubber sex was admissable so it got away.No. The bitter disappointment of my life. The important one - there is always one - married somebody else.No, I am too old to get that luckyNOW ! Snow, bitter cold, leaden skies and no prospects of any change in the coming weeks.I hate bad weather too. Don't we all ?Middle aged plus, academic, music lover, old soldier, language interest, English background - Still much more a Britt tha anything else. Not influenced by the environment. Still secretly wearing my black rubber gear and enjoying it to te full. Nobody to share it withGo aheadOK will try.What is anybody going to do with what I have written. I can't be of all that greater interest.
Have a god day.
3599NoBlue Green & pinkPlast raincoatsYesI hood attached to raincoatI love wearing my plastic raincoatsYesI don't like them there easily lost & when it's windy not a good ideaNo but I'd like toI like & I get turned on in wearing themYesNoSeeing people wearing raincoats like me.65I wish I knewWeathervain in kew is where I buy themI don't have a partnerI love wering plastic raincoats indoors outdoors rain or shineplastikmaconUnited KingdomNo preference noNo preference noI go up & talk to them.I disagree women can be connoisseurs to.No but I really would like toThey wearing a plastic raincoatIn most of the worldBecause tthere so practical &you can wear them in allweathersI guess so It's never out of fashionNoOkayyesI'd give her a plastic raincoat to wearNo but I would like toThere is no turn onNoI loved it & got turned on by itselfNoNot yet but I live in hopeI hope & pray they doI love all but the wetter the better I love it because I can wear my raincoatsLoves wearing plastic raincoats like meyes Yes
25040not always love heelsblue res yellow black white purple transparentmacs boots gloves hoods basques ectnoof coursemac boots umbrella glovesyes out in the gardenlove the feel of pvc and rubberyesi was surprisedhoe relaxed the atmospherewas in the clubyes when its rainingnoa women wearing a pvc mac and boots 40si wait for people to come up to me and speawheffield nottingham derby i wait for people to come up and speak to me im singleshinymacGreat Britaindressed in pvc dress and mac and bootscheryl cole in pvc no as long as she normalpluck up the courage to speak to hernot at allyes a fewi was wearing a sbr in town shopping and she came up to me and asked were i got it fromgreat britainour weatherdefinately notyes germany italy france sweden norwaydefinately notyes my ex wifeoksome do some dontyes i wouldyeshaving your arm cut offyes a girls black and white pvc mac when i was in the second year at schoolijust admired them from a distancet was hung up outside the classroomjust admired them from a distanceno but would love tono not yethopefullygrey skies wet and windy i love itlove raincoats on both men and women im a normal guy with a fetish yes
£25080NoBlack knee bootsMackintoshes, Capes All in one suits. SBRyesNot alwaysLove itIf its not too hotRainwearNoRelationships with women mac loverssome of themyes. Black rubber mactightly belted females with boots and rubber gloves61Dont knowJust look and livesometimesMackUnited Kingdomconfident and houghty lookHonor Blackmanas long as she has the rubber lookPanic and get arrousedNO women enjoy tooyeswe talked it throughGermany UKIts in the genesyesReal rainwear isManynoMost know the effect it has on the opposite sex also the same sexyesnonothing at allnonowith pain and dificultyyesit developedyesmaybewind and rainlove it, excitingLife style Mackintosh fetishist and rubberistyes
300 €99Yes certainlygrey, yellow,red, blueKlepper raincoat
PVC capes and raincoats
whenever there is a chance of rain and storma hood is must for rainweari´m always hoping for rainydaysseldoman umbrella is not handy, rainwear seems more practicall for meno
I know friends who share the faible for rainwear
ExcitingWhenever there is a chance of rainA Klepper raincoat for my wifeYes, it was exciting54beach on rainy dayswearing rainwear myselfunfortunately seldomnonebrekleppGermanyCrossing my way in heavy rain and wearing a Klepper raincoat with fastened hood and rubberbootsmarylin monroe in niagaraYesenjoying the sightingI think more men than women are
rainwear conaisseurs
Yesin a chatroom fpr raincapesEngland, Germany, scandinavian countries, FranceA lot of rainy days and tradition of rainwearmaybeI don´t think so, see the lot of rainwear with ebaySome women who don´t like rainwearcould possiblei think soI would offer her my raincoatYes, once with my wifeit´s possible, but it lacks the essence of the second shiny and smooth skinYes, a femla schoolmate with yellow pvc sailingjacketI don´t think so and it kept me a long time to cool downI tried to get a raincoat for my self and got a blue pvc rainjacketNosee aboveYesThat´s my hopeNo cloud in the skies, a totaly sunny dayI enjoy rain and storm enabling to enjoy wearing rainwear and feel the wet surface of itI´m openminded and I´m clear that I am addicted to dress up in rainwear indoors and outdoors an my wife accepts itThe questions give the opertunity to think about the love for rainwearsure
$ 8007yesblack or redsbr mackintosh in blackyessometimeslikelynoumbrella are a nuisance and often lostyesI enjoy being with rubber peopleof courseno46I am a member of RUBBERISTyesphyllisCanadaattractiveI welcome hernonsenseyesby their wardrobeUSA , England, Germany , HollandI have been theremaybenounfortunatelyshould be??yesa good whileenjoyed ityes??great if dressed appropriately( in rubber)love itI am single but have a partner living with me
250 Euro30NoBlue, transparent white, blackCollection of PVC hooded raincoatsAlways in the rain.DefinitelyI always wear my raincoat in the rainNoI feel safe in it, It protects me - I stay dry especially if the wind blows in the rainy day, I don't to hold. Who likes hold the umbrella?Unfortunately no.SexyYes. I my raincoats.NoGirls/Women fully buttoned up in PVC Raincoats with their Hoods tightly tied by Cord of Drawstring of the Hood.32I don't know, but I would like to know.I don't have a partner recently.ISOCzech RepublicI would like to meet a girl/woman with same interest as me.Missy Peregrym, Amanda Righeti, Parker Posey or any other tall and beautiful lady.YesFirst enjoy the look and then talk to them.I don't think so. Women are the same level as men, but little bit more shy or not aware about it.Yes once.Base on her comment/respond right after appears someone in the Plastic rainwear.UK, Germany, France, Sweden, New Zealand, Holland, Norway, Czech RepublicLot of rainy days, rainwear brands or rainwear websites/forums.If he/she is keen for the rainwear and spend lot of time keep on the right websites.I think the golden years (60s, 70s and 80s)of rainwear is over.Unfortunately yes.Why people wearing so rare a plastic rainwear/raincoats?YesI would give her my raincoat.No, but I would like to.Not sweet candy.Yes, once.No she didn't recognize. An it took couple of hours to be a cool down.I didn't do anything in that time, because I was confussed and "suffer" the excitement.NoN/A (see previous)Unfortunately not, yet.I hope so.without the rain or -20°C or +30°C.I love rainy weather if I could enjoy it.I am openminded tall man with inclination to plastic raincoats and with a DOM preferences. And looking for young pretty lady with the same inclinations and SUB preferrences.Hmmm...Yes
$8019NoPurple, Green, Pink, Red, Silver, BlackMac, One piece suit, two pieces suit, Mac is my favouriteYesYesJust waiting for that day when it will come,yah but inside my street clothsI love rainwear because its made of plastic and pvc. Umbrealla is ok but prefer rainwear alwaysNoInside my own roomYah on rainy dayNoI love to wear and see the pvc plastic rainwear, its shinyness and sounds and smell, love to sweat in it.31I am an Indian so I like to go at Cherapunji where 365 days raining.Can't sayNoNoAshim Kr. MitraIndiaOnly pvc rainwear person when i will meet in IndiaOnly rainwearNoI will try to hug him and looking for hug him with his/her shiny dressNoNoCan't sayUK, USAbecause I have seach the net since 10 years above not found an Indian into itNoNoNoit will be goodyahyes i will agreeNowrostYahNo they never realiseI will become madNodoes not ariseNoYesIts lucky for me I want bad weather should be always welcome for usMe love Bad weather very much.
They didnot know feelings of rainwear
I am an Indian male, 31 yrs. old a rainwear lover looking for a good person who love rainwear.Yesyes
blue red
macs and rubber clothes
shiny black rubber mac
yesyesgood for macsyes especially if told torainwear umbrellas are banedyesgoodyesnobeing tied mackintoshed hooded and gagged 57no ideai have he is my masterjennyUnited Kingdomgood loking and a nice smilewill smith humouryesengage in conversationno its notyesvibesuk/usano ideayesgood rubber and pvc isyesgood idea for all the other sides of wearing rubber macsvery much sogive it to her and talk macsof courseheavenalways loved to touch them and wear themyes he is my master and that is how I like ityesnoyesthey havegreatI love it and always wear my macsi am an extrovert female that was introduced to rubber and mackintoshes by my husband i enjoy lifeyes
300Euro15Not reallyblack, red ,dark blue and metallic bluehooded capes, hooded coats, catsuits all in pvcAs oftn as it rainsYesWish there will be moreSome timesNot that interested in umbrellas, but see the nice matching with a lovely raincoatNoYes some timesNoA woman in a nice noisy shiny raincoa/capeI do not knowcvaticanNorwayThat is not very important as much as she has character and is openminded and caringNoThat would be a dreamThat is the myth, but the women is the persons they make the shiny rainwear for in fashionNoUK, USA, Germany, France and DemarkYes of courseLooks like itNoThat you will see in the way they wear the garmentThat would be a dreamYesYesShe did not as I was descreteHave not had the pleasureYesIt was quite natural and she was totaly with itHope soI am a tall 6'3" guy looking for a woman who love to wear rainwar and will be intereste in a man with the same interests plus nature and a lot of cultural things as concerts theatres and then having nice walks with our shiny rainwearYesHope to get some answers
£3203yesblack red blue green2 satin rubber macks 1 latex mack 1 satin rubber cape 1 latex catsuitwhen I canmost definitelya good time to go out dressed in a mack yes the wonderful feel and sound of rubber rainwearnoyesnobeing fully dressed in rubber and gas masked52on the netsomeyesJennieUnited Kingdomlooks not importantnot reallystop and stareI believe there is some truth to this but not completelyyesby talking and observeringeurope usanot really sureyesnonoyesyes of course that would be lovelynomind blowingnoloved it tried to wear there macks etc:noyesalready haveheavy raindepends on what the bad weather is hate the coldI am a T girl love cross dressing I only wear female rubberwear. Someone simularyes
$4003nored, black, green, whiteLatex trench coatNoyesYesYesto feel the rainnoFascinated by rainwear since childhood.yesnoSex in a mac.69don't knowTried to buy onlineNoPommie`New ZealandFair hair, friendly face, nice teeth, slim legs and a good figure.Judy LoeYes Get very excitedNot necessarily.YesBy discussing the subject.Britain, US Germany.Plenty of wet weather.YesSadly yes.YesNo thanksYesI would love to help herNoMissing something very specialYesNot sureIt was very hard to keep my feelings under controlNo.NoI hope soStrong winds and heavy rainNot if I am well wrapped up against the cold and wet.I am a caring, shy man who misses comfort of loving and sex and having a lady who will wear rainwear.No thanksYes.
£3004yes long shiny rubber wadersblack, red, purple2 rubber mac`s, 1 rubber catsuit, 1 long rubber waderseverydaysometimeslove to go out "dressed" on a rainy dayyeslove the feeling it gives me, no umbrellayesnone yetyes a lotnobeing dressed in rubber in a public place with lots of people around24not knownnoneyessybilUnited Kingdomtall and slimmadonnayesthrilledno wayyesshiny rubber macuk,germanylooking on the internetyesnonookyes, i know i amyes i would assist heryesboringyesshe was surprised but happy to let me touch her, afterwards i was oki have learnt to control my excitmentno---------yesthey havedry and sunny,no rainlove ithappy.sexy,not lookingokyesthanx for asking, enjoyed answering
£45011Knee high shiny black rubber riding boots are mandatory. Especially for mackintosh bondage.White or Black, followed by Red, Yellow, Royal Blue and Emerald Green.Various Black Rubber or White Rubberised or Heavy PVC Riding Mackintoshes, Mackintosh and Red Rubberised Satin Bondage Capes.Not as often as I used to, which is a pity.Asoften as possible; otherwise a matching Souwester or hat.Shiny PVC jodhpurs, knee high shiny black rubber riding boots, calf or ankle length SBR riding mackintosh fitted with a belt padlock, collar pulled right up and a SBR souwester.Used to wear my calf length white rubberised riding mackintosh on hot sunny days. My girlfriend wore ers and told me to wear mine!Umbrella's are good for poking eyes out!
Tightly belted long mackintoshed and capes are far better.
No.Oncehad a girlfriend who used to like tying me up in my white riding mac. Now my wife likes me mackintoshed booted, bound and gagged for several hours from time to time.Rarely.NoForced to dress in shiny PVC jodhpurs, long shiny black rubber riding boots, tightly belted white or SBR riding mackintosh and souwester, then bound and gagged completely hlpless with leather straps and a harness insert gag, thne kept like this all night!45No idea. I already have one. My wife!Already achieved when I married the ideal woman.Yes.Marmeduke JalopyGreat BritainWearing long shiny black rubber riding boots, calf length SBR skirt or dress, calf or ankle length SBR, or white DT, riding mackintosh [tightly belted with the collarpulled right up] and SBR souwester.
I don't need to dream - I have reality!
Dinah Sheridan.YesGulp! Gulp! Introduce her to my wife.I understand that more women than previusly thought like sexy rainwearin rubber, DT, PVC, leather etc.Yes. I have met two and married the second one.She lied white DT riding macs because I did. She wor one on our honeymoon. Then started to wear PVC and SBR.England, Australia, Germany and France.All great minds think alike!
Actually the weather can be quite wet.
Probably not.Not among connoisseurs, but the general public need reminding of the wonderful mackintoshes that characterised the 60's to late 70's.No.How many girfriends and wives like their man in tightly belted rubber rainwear, then binding and gagging them for fun and games!Most definitely.Let her share my mackintosh, though I'm not sure if my wife would approve.Not yet.Feeling something essential is missing.
It really does make all the difference.
NoShe recognised me looking at her wearing her mac. Took ages to cool down.Bought my own calf length white rubberised riding mackintosh!No.Many years ago and married her!They already have.Slightest amount of drizzle rain.Providing longh tightly belted white riding macs and SBR riding macs are available I love wet weather.Happily married male to a woman who likes mackintoshes and indulges in keeping me bound and gagged all night.Yes.Very interesting and worth while site.
25055jagelb, orange rotT-Shirts, Jeans,
jajanass und nochmals nassjaregenschirm ist umständlich
Kapuzen sind ideal
leider neinschönjaneinbei nässe und kälte tragenin der Stadtwenn möglichnobodySwitzerlandblondDevenueneinmal higucken, wenn möglich ansprechen?jadie Kleidung die er/sie anhatNordländer, Kanadafrankreich, Deutschland
Schweden, usw.
Portugal, ItalienneinjaLackregenmäntel
jajajastrand ohne Sonnesicherlangeschöner Anblickaber sicherIhr einen schönen Lackmantel gekauftjahoffe esBadewetter ist warmes Wasser, aber mit Regenkleider ins WasserIch liebe nasses Wetterhabe gerne Friesenjacken und eine Partnerin in einer Lackjackegehe mit Ihr auch in eine Pflotschige, dreckige Gegenddie Fragen sind gut, könnten manchmal noch exklusiver seinvielleicht
£6020NoBlack Red White And Clearjeans, shirt, raincoats, capes, rain suits, pyjamas, sheets and pillow cases,
i have no favourite i love them all
YesYesLove rainy daysnot outdoors umbrella no just pvc and plastic wearnoall in my homei have a rain jacket i wear out in wet conditionsyes my partner makes me pay for special treatmentdressed in pvc being restrained in cuffs ropes etc and being teased60no ideanonenot really but she does tie me up in pvc wearpvcpamelaUnited KingdomAs long as they love bondage and pvc it does not matternoget very excitedno i don't agreesadly noi think ukreading articles on internetyes why notno just might seem that way yes yesmost definitely they know what it does to us guys share my raincoat with hernodriving a car with no engineyesdon't think sovery hornyno yes but she does share my fetishone can only dreamanything with out sunshinelove it !guess i am just Mr average looking for someone to share my love of bondage and all things pvc and plastic, and if they prefer leatheryes
79yesblackwadersyesyesrubber boots pvc coatsometimescooler good turn onnosexyesnoblack waders on a girlbedroomaslotyessapersteinFaroe Islandsslimmadonayesaccomodatenoyeswadersbritaindampyesno waynonohope sono problemfrequentlyno feelingyesnoall rightyesmaking love standing in waders in mud. Superb.yesyesrain and more rain and pools for wading through.reckoncool loversnoyes
£70.0030not reallyred, blue, black ,green. infact any color1960s/70s cotton backed pvc macs. leather coatsnonoyessometimesno brolly just a good old macnononogirls wearing old pvc macs56dont knownonot reallydave jonesGreat Britaindressed in pvc or rubber lined mackintosheslilly allennohope to speak to hernoyesukyesnot for meyesokyesdeffonot yetyes a girl in my class who wore an old rubber lined school mackintoshnot longnot easyyestried to tell her i loved her macnot yetmayberaindont mindaverage, med build cropped hair and wear specsyesi adore the old fashioned rubber lined cotton mackintoshes, and also shiny cotton backed pvc macs. both sadly very hard to get hold of these days.
$100.-15nored, blue, blackAll hooded. 2- Anoraks, 3 Klepper coats, 2- Ponchos,
4- long capes, 2- Bondage kleppers, 2- Friesenertz
yesAbsolutelyWonderful, let's go outsidesometimesIts a turnon. No umbrella !yesout of this worldyesnotwo raincoats , one worn right way, the othetr front to backwith hoods over face60My wifeI am there !yes, yesDo you wear the garments in bed and when sleeping ?swisshood36CanadaI am spoiled. My wife shares into everything.Tina Turnerinto rubber or plasticget them involvedno way. Women like it too but they need some convincingyesthey try to feel the garmentGermany, Switzerland, Canada and EnglandMy firnds are from thereoh yes.No, noyes?????yesNo problemoftenmost boringyesyes and a long timeDid judt that. My Mother loved rainwearnoyes and married herthey do every dayGentle rain is best but I have worn garments in big stormsNeverAverage built and nuts about rubberyesof courseGood questionaire. Keep it going.
£1406Boots are nice though not ecentialBlack Blue and greyBlack shiny pvc rain coat Black transparent rain coat grey transparent rain coat Blue pvc rain coat Purple transparent rain coatYes when neededNo use an umbrellaYes wear in the rainSometimes I doYes an umbrella is used in the rainNot as yetVery sensual when I wear pvcYes I wear my macs in publicnoThe feel of pvc on skin and people seeing the raincoats48Not looked as yetWorn pvc rain coats for my partner Yes he wears PVCWitchypooUnited KingdomTall sexy blue eyesGeorge ClooneyNoLook and see what they are likeNo not true females get pleasure from rainwearYes a male who like rainwearBy asking or lookingUK AmericaFrom website viewingYesNo Yes Yes please Does wearing Rainwear turn you on and in what way?Yes I think soYes would share my umbrella with herYesLike no excitementNo nevern/aTried to hide my feelingsNo always knewif so by telling them I would like them to wear a rain macYesYesPouring with rain I love bad weather with lots of rainAm looking for a guy to share my passion of wearing pvc rain wearYes will be back
50 euro's3yesblue/green/redcoats, trousersonly if it rainsnonice reason to wear your raingear and bootssometimesno umbrellano-if it rainsnorubber raingear inside out with rubberboots49--nobootwankerNetherland Antilles---watch intenselytrueno?wet/cold countries?More opportunitiesperhapsnono-??nono love at allyesno, quite a whileLove itno-noNot being able to wear bootsIt's fun--yes
£45.0010 nopink Flowery hooded nylon rain coat & pink see thru hooded rain jacketyesyes occasionallydon't use an umbrella prefer to put the hood up no. but would love to do so wearing my pink hooded long plastic macsent out shopping for my mistress wearing my French maids dress under my schoolgirls hooded gabardine raincoatyesno forced to go shopping for girly dresses & shoes wearing my pink mac over my girly flowery summer dress50 Have not found a good place yet searched the web & contact magazines no sissy nancy panseyGreat Britain dominant, tall & dressed in black leatherdianna rig in the avengers tv seriesno politely approach them for an initial meet, over a drink & then perhaps go furthernono difficult to judge usa,Australia,Britain etc wet weather not much long real womens proper raincoats now hard to find noyes I would do so with pleasure noyesno I took every safe opportunity to try on hooded raincoats. I loved trying on our house cleaners hooded rubber raincoatno noyes I love it.because it gives me more reasons to wear my sissy raincoats in public I am a submissive sissy faggot sucker
£45.006yespink or redhooded womens knee length
my pink hooded plastic mac
yesyesalways on a rainy day in publicoccasionallyit fits in with my submissive tranny sideno. but would love to do so ive gone on my own wearing my pink hooded plastic raincoatyes. under orders from my mistressno forced to go out to buy obviously female coats,try them on in the shop & wear them home50 I havnt found out yet very little no but my mistress loves dominant leather clothes sissy nancy panseyGreat Britaindominant & big build.likes to wear black leather boots ,tropusers & skirtscant think of one powerful & dominant this has not happened yet unfortunately yes i agree no dont know .has not happened yet unfortunatelyuk,europe,usa due to weather conditiponsoccasionally a little bit noyou have missed out fetish rainwear addicts such as myselfyesyes i would nonot so good I loved the 1950`s schoolgirls regulation hooded gaberdine raincoats along with hooded rubber schoolgirls raincoatsshe did not recognise my feelings i used to sneekily try them on when possibleyes none noyes heavy rain is great for wearing my obviously female raincoats in public i love it so i can wear wear my hooded pink plastic raincoat say on buses or in shops etc am a sissy sub & really want to be a 24/7 sissy maid to domsnoyes
80 Euros18Yes, of course.Yellow, green, navy blue, black. Raincoats, rainjackets, rainpants (bib and waist), rubber boots, sou'wester.Yes.Yes.I'm happy.No.An umbrella is not practical.No.Ocaasional laughing.Yes.No.A girl in foul weather gear.29I don't know.No.No.PaulGermanyI'm not dreaming ;-)No.Talk to her.No.Yes.Talking.Skandinavia, France, GB.Most manufacturers are there.Yes.Yes, unfortunately.Yes.Yes.I would give.No.normal.No.There were seldom raincoats.No.No.I'm not sure.Sunny and warm.I love rain.Yes.
£4530noanya targetdry long navey blue macyesyesoh yessome timesjust like the sound oand the feelnoyesnodont know62on the netjust keep lookingyesb0bUnited Kingdomin a nice ruuerized macdont have anyyessay hellononohaventyesyesnoyesyesyesnodont knowyesnonot badyesgoodyesyesa rainwear dayi like itnoyesgood
£253NoYellow, Red, GreenPlasticplay pvc rainsuit in yellowYesNoYesSometimesThe feel of your whole body being protected and not just being under a temporary shelterNoNot yetNoA women dressed in PVC rainwear with boots and gloves28Don't knowSingleUnited Kingdom
300 EUR8NoBlack, greenHelly Hansen, Ocean, Black Diamond, SBR, Jacket, bib-trosers, coats, sou´westerYesNoNoNoYesNoPartlyDenmark
440€6ouiaucunecapes de pluie ; ma préférée est une klepperoui, quand il pleutouij'adorenonje déteste les parapluies, de plus c'est dangereux : combien de fois ai-je été éorgné !nonpas d'expérienceouinon55nonFranceIsabelle Huppertnonje regarde pour observer ce qu'elle porteouioui, plusieursallemagne, angleterre, pays nordiquesil y pleut peu-être plus souvent qu'ailleursouioui, relativement : plus de rubrique "imperméables" dans les catalogues ou les journaux de mode.ouinonoui, il m'est arrivé d'être abordé par des femmes me demandant où l'on pouvait se procurer la cape que je portais à ce moment là.nonouinonouic'est quand il ne pleut pasj'adore quand il pleutnonoui
250 €12Yesgreen,red white,black,grey,purpleseveral raincoats with hood,capes,rubberbootsYes,on rainy daysYes absolutelyI can't get enoughNoIt makes me hot,with umbrellas you're able to fight and if your mummy told you, not to come home late, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.No,maybe some day...NoYes, she wore a raincoat with hood onApart from civilisation, out in the woods with a well protected female42Outdoor eventsAnnounces in papers and special magazines but I didn't really succeedThe girls accepted my preferences but weren't mad about macsaraindreamGermanyDressed in raincoat, tightly belted and matching bootsEmanuelle Seigner, Ornella Muti,It's most important,what she looks likeTry to follow herI don't think so but the "special" females are hard to findNoScandinavia,U.K,France,U.S,The Netherlands,GermanyI'm responsible for this question but don't know the answerI'm responsible for this question but have no ideaNot really, but the times have changed,the material is not the same. When I grew up, much more people could've been seen in high glossy clothes.YesYesNoNever !Yes, several times with several girls but just one at a time.It works but...YesI think so.I cooled down slowly when teachers keep asking me if I'm allright.I loved it 'til the day I realized, finding a special girl isn't that easyNo, they knew.NoYes,everyone have to believe in Rainin' cats and dogs w i t h o u t being well protectedThat 's the ordinary people,
I like it.
NoWhat a questionSweaty.I've spent hours for answering all of the questions, but fun to do !
8025Blue. Green.YellowAbeko. OceanrainwearsometimesyesI love a rainy day with lots of rainwear onYes...I always carry some form of rainwear do not like umbrellasNo...But would love to go to one46Ireland
PVC Rainjackets
PVC Macs
Plastic macs
and polyurethane macs
When I canSometimesOh yes i love thatI have done!I the feel, noise as you move . the aroma!No! but like to.many. Yesno!53unfortunately not completely!Susieoh lose it!NO I DO NOT THINK SO!YES.i THINK WE ALL KNOW!no no!YES AND NO.okyesI would of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yesyes, a while!yesmanyyes, but she was taken!always!what is bad weather?yes
150€10yesblack, dark blue,yellownoyeswonderfulnorubber nosometimesno50nodidierFrancepleasurenoI think so...noyesyesnoyesno i am very perplexedi love it
500 Euros25YesDark blue3 Klepper coats, 2 Klepper capes, 3 pvc capes, 5 pvc coats, 3 nylon coats, 1 latex cape, 2 nylon capesNo, only for "fun" with girlfriendNoNoSe answer 6It`s a fetishNon/aSe answer 6NoGirl wearing Klepper cape with black shiny boots33n/a?She is dressing up, she has not got the fetish herself, but she thinks it`s funFavorite rainwear film/movie, both regular and "adult" + favorite websiten/aNorwaySe answer 15n/aNo, a litte bitI just look....Looks like it though....Non/aGermanyDon`t know... Because they invented Klepper? :-)Yes, heard about a guy from India...Well, mostly...Yesn/aNon/aYes... a bit boring....Non/aEnjoy life:-)Non/aRainwear wise, yes. But don`t know if she is the only one...They have rainwear wise...Storm, rainI like all kinds of weather, exept snow...YesThis was ok:-)
100€14yes absolutly, i prefere aigle rubber ridingbootsGree, Black dark coloursKlepper Raincoats some with hood, original Friesennerz, 2 Sailing Overallsyes when i go for a walk and it is raining or maybe there will be rainyesIf it is possible i will go outdooronly the ridingbootsit is the only possibility to stay dryyes yes but only on rainy daysnothe rubber feeling on the naked skin42fetisch clubsstill singleGermanynot importentnot importenti do not knowyes i think that is rightyeswears rainwear on a dry and warm summer evening???yes no nononono heavy rain i like it
200 euro20yesbeige , grey , red , bluerubberized raincapesyesyes wonderfulnoumbrella's brrr dangerous weaponsnononeyesnocapeing with like minded57??mmm partlykleppercapercompletely encaped in rubber rain capeyes it isyesyesger
£2550dont have to match but boots are essentail like lots but black I thinkto many to listyesyesbest weathersometimes in the mudonly protects from falling rainyesmanyyesyes, lotswomen in boots and rainwear getting muddy43lots??yesdarftwadermichela strachennotalk to themrubbishyesnot to difficultpasspassyesnonomaybeyesI always have some spareforplay but not all the awygreatbad is hot and dry
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