This is the Wrestling Event Tracking Database. I am trying to gather information from people who go to various forums about what events they've gone to. I think that once we have the data people can look and see similarities in attendence. "Oh I was at that show with you" or "I saw the really cool promo thing leading into that PPV you went to" would be the kind of things that you can get out of this.

The page is sorted by most recent entries first. To change the sort, just click on the heading of the column. You can also search by the fields to see who went to similar things.

If you can't remember what the exact date of the show was, try looking for it on the Obsessed With's Results Archive

Username Date Promotion Event City, State Comments
Raid2001-08-27WWERAWGrand Rapids, MIAustin stole Kurt Angle's medals. *i think it was in 01, could be wrong*
The CrucifiXioN2003-08-24WWESummerSlamPhoenix, ArizonaExcellent Event I Especially Loved The Elimination Chamber Match
Phishie2006-07-03WWERaw / SmackdownPhiladephia, PAEdge wins WWE Title over RVD & Cena; The Animal Returns
TheWolfDogg2006-07-03WWERaw / SmackdownPhiladephia, PAEdge wins WWE Title over RVD & Cena; The Animal Returns
D292006-05-01WWERawColumbus, OhioThe Spirit Squad GM for the night plus John Cena vs Kenny Doane
Benoitfan2005-05-31WWERawCalgary, ABBatista destroys Muhammed Hassan after being hit with the sledgehammer the week before
Benoitfan2004-04-19WWERawCalgary, ABChris Benoit and Edge win WWE Tag Titles from Evolution (Night after backlash)
-Vandaminator-2006-02-12WWENo Way OutBaltimore, Maryland MDFirst Mariner Arena
D292005-08-11WWESmackDownColumbus, OhioChapter 3
Deadman 6192006-02-06WWERawLawrenceville, GACena and Maria vs. Edge and Lita
The Monsterous2006-04-03WWERawChicago, ILThere was too many commercials and not enough wrestling.
The Monsterous2006-04-02WWEWrestlemaniaChicago, ILMan, the flames from Kane's pyro was hot! So was Lita!
Jay Lesner2006-03-19WWERaw House ShowNew York, NYJohn Cena vs Edge as the main event (Foley as ref). Shawn Michaels pulled down Triple H's shorts.
Mr Benjamin 1042004-03-16WWESmackdown!Boston, MAI remember some sort of gauntlet and at the end it was Eddie vs Rey. Farooq got fired
Mr Benjamin 1042004-03-15WWERAWEast Rutherford, NJNight after Wrestlemania. Pretty good Show. Vince announces a draft lottery
Mr Benjamin 1042004-03-14WWEWrestlemania XXNew York, NYWell, It was wrestlemania and I was there. Great to make it to the Garden
Jaguar1994-06-25WWEWWE House ShowToronto, OntarioCan't Remember the exact date, but it was in 94 & Bret vs Owen was the Main Event.
Typhoon Vance2003-05-26WWERawMobile, ALJericho Spears Goldberg; Orton returns
Christen2004-04-18WWE RAWBacklashEdmonton,AlbertaChris Benoit def HHH and HBK
Typhoon Vance2006-03-07WWESmackdownMobile, AL
Stardust2005-10-22Jersey All Pro Wrestling8th Anniversary ShowAtlantic City, NJHeld at Bally's
Stardust2006-03-27NWA CyberspaceDisturbing The PeaceDover, NJMain Event: Rhino's Open Challenge
Bib37732001-03-25WWEWrestlemania Fan FairHouston, TX
Sharpshooter2006-01-09WWERawHershey, PALive Sex Celebration
TheWolfDogg2003-01-23WWESmackdownAlbany, NYHulk Hogan Returns
Phishie2003-10-23WWESmackdownAlbany, NYPaul Heyman becomes GM
TheWolfDogg2003-10-23WWESmackdownAlbany, NYPaul Heyman becomes GM
TheWolfDogg2004-03-08WWERawBridgeport, CTMick Foley - This is Your Life
Phishie2004-03-08WWERawBridgeport, CTMick Foley - This is Your Life
Phishie2004-06-07WWERawAlbany, NYEvolution vs. HBK before Bad Blood
TheWolfDogg2004-06-07WWERawAlbany, NYEvolution vs. HBK before Bad Blood
Typhoon Vance1999-04-11WCWSpring StampedeTacoma, WA
Phishie2005-08-21WWESummerslamWashington D.C.
TheWolfDogg2005-08-21WWESummerslamWashington D.C.
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