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SETC Fall Professional Auditions
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Actors, singers and dancers can audition for over 30 professional companies simultaneously at the Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC) Fall Professional Auditions, Sunday and Monday, September 9 and 10, 2012. All auditions are held in Atlanta, GA at Hilton Atlanta Airport.

Actor/singer auditions begin at 8:30 AM and continue until same-day callbacks are complete; dancer auditions begin after group auditions and continue until callbacks are complete.
Employment is for 2012/2013 for fall, winter and early spring season productions at non-equity, LORT, and equity theatres across the United States includes touring and dinner theatres, repertory and stock companies, cruise ships and entertainment venues. Professional actors should prepare a 1-minute monologue; actors who also sing, 1 minutes; AEA, 1 minutes. Dance Call follows acting auditions. Choreography and accompaniment is provided. Application required.

Registration and detailed information:
Cost to register: $45 by 8/15; $60 onsite
Deadline: August 15th. Walk-in applications accepted onsite after the deadline.
Call (336) 272-3645 or email if you have questions.
Casting needs: varies by company ages 19 to seniors; non-musical, singers and dancers
Pay scale: varies by company: estimate $350-$550 per week plus room and board
Union status: Non-Equity, some AEA

The Southeastern Theatre Conference is in its 64th year of connecting professionals to theatre opportunity.
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