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2-3 Actors for 10min Student Film (This week!)
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United States
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Must be available for shooting some day between August 7th - 9th.

There are 2 parts (male) + an extra role (older male) available for a 10 minute short student film. The film will be submitted to various films schools (NYU, USC, California Institute of the Arts, etc.) and short film festivals as well.

The film is called Dark Paradise and follows the journey of a girl, Natalie, in a world where there is a liquid drug that will create ultimate happiness, when you go into water that you pour the drug into, for a fleeting moment (imagine ecstasy x 100). This high schooler, along with 3 others (one of those parts is available) decide to kill themselves with this drug because of various reasons. They meet up with the dealer (part available) and pour the drug into a fountain (Balboa Park Fountain. Actress would be required to go into fountain at night). All of them go in except for Natalie. Natalie soon joins the drug dealer, Rasmi, because of his open arms when she had nowhere else to go. She soons becomes his delivery girl and begins to make deals for him. One particular day, she pockets some of the money from a deal. Rasmi find out, after counting the money multiple times, and gropes her to find the money hidden in her bra. He beats her and Natalie runs away with all of the money he was counting. The next morning, Natalie is awoken by a person who is trying to open a door, which her sleeping body was blocking. She looks up to him to realize that she went to school with him, Julian. He recognizes her, takes her into his apartment and cleans her up. She tells the story of what happened to her and how she need to stop Rasmi from what he does. She comes up with a plan. Julian calls Rasmi to make a deal fro the drug. They meet up in a discrete location. He hands over the money that Natalie stole,, and the drug dealer counts it. He recognizes a mark on one of the bills and realizes he is in a trap. Julian and Rasmi get into a fight. Natalie comes out from hiding and rushes towards Rasmi's bag and pulls out the Dark Paradise drug. Julian pushes Rasmi off of him and she throws the liquid at him, soon followed by the pulling out of water balloons that are thrown repeatedly at him to activate the drug, as he tries to run away. Natalie and Rasmi have a final conversation, for her to only realize that she is the killer, and that he did not kill anyone - they came forward to him and he gave them the happiness they wanted. Natalie cries and Julian tries to console her. She asks to call her parents, and begins to beg for forgiveness just as they answer the phone. THE END

Rasmi - Needs to look intimidating, Age Range of 20+ (Needs to be available August 7th @ night + sometime either 8th or 9th)
Julian - Needs to look older teens/young 20's (looking younger is better), friendly, etc.
EXTRA - Older Man (darker skin tone) will play the father of one of the girls who kills themselves. During a quick montage it will show him grazing his hand up his daughter's leg and whispering in her ear, while a sister looks into the room and closes the door without saying anything.

This is a student film, so there is no compensation. Equipment is limited (no soft boxes, etc.). This will be a unique project unlike anything you have done before and will make a great addition to any demo reel.
Here is a link to a teaser trailer made from testing footage. The fountain will appear how it does in this video when the drug is put into it.

If you are interested, please send me your Head Shot and Resume if you have one ASAP!
Any Age is acceptable for the role of Julian (must look older teens, early 20's).

I look forward to working with you.
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