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Tour Dancer (Employment Application)
Be Apart of Our Cast. Club Culture 360 is looking for male and female dancers with a strong background in jazz, hip hop, modern and contemporary technique (in layman terms for the backup dancing styles that you see dancers perform for various pop artists). Currently in the company is in pre-production and is forming a cast to perform at its shows that traveling from city to city within North American, Europe, Asia and Africa and may even include such as entertaining our U.S. Troops overseas, corporate tradeshows, and so much more!

•Dance Technique
•Enthusiasm and Personality
•Well Groomed Personal Appearance
•Fit and In Shape
•High-Level Energy

Club Culture 360 Dancers are often synchronized precision oriented dance squad 50% of the time. The remaining 50% is free style dancing. We have a co-ed cast.

Making a positive and profound impact in the charitable community by participating in various charitable events and causes Enjoying numerous perks such as professional hair makeovers, professional photography sessions, and so much more! Getting paid for doing something you love!

Compensation is weekly and pays $925.00 (Nine Hundred Twenty Five Dollars (US) before taxes. Plus $75.00 (Seventy Five Dollars (US) per diem for meals. Rehearsals are paid $100.00 per rehearsal (based four hours). Travel and lodging costs are paid for by the company. You will perform between 3-5 times a week.

Our tour window is between November 2012 to July 2013. Our tour can happen at anytime between the aforementioned allotted time and can last anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks (depending on how well the show is sold in the touring marketplace).

attendees will know whether or not they have made in onto the squad to be hired
for our upcoming tour before the end of the auditions. The entire audition
process is filmed including interviews.


1.Submit our casting application along with your headshot, and a full length body shot.

2. Complete the stats portion of your application.

3.Meet the producers and the casting director for a closed casting call to audition.

At the casting call, you will audition for a coveted spot on the upcoming tour. All attendees will know whether or not they have made in onto the squad to be hired for our upcoming tour before the end of the auditions on that same day. The entire audition process will be filmed including interviews. You will also receive a contract and your Club Culture 360 gear on that day as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact via email at We are looking forward to meeting with you.
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