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Many of us look back on ourselves a few (or perhaps more than a few)
years ago and remember how good we used to be. Whether it was running
a 6-minute mile, bench pressing 300 pounds or finishing a tough course
at four under par, its easy to start believing that well never reach
those heights again. That were hopelessly past our primes. This web
series is devoted to proving that the game is never over, and that
with a little hard work we can still recapture the glory we once knew.

Who we are looking for:

We are currently looking for both males and females who were in their
athletic prime around the age of 21 (Or a few years older). The ideal
candidates will now be between the ages of 28 and 39 who are looking
to get back into their best shape, and recapture their best athletic
achievement. Please read the requirements and answer the questions
listed below.

*Athletes must have been at least 21 years old on the day they turned
in their best performance.*Live in LA or surrounding areas (we are
located in Santa Monica)
*Flexible schedule - we will only be filming once or twice a month for 3 months
*Energetic personality
*Between 28 and 39 years old.
*Must be willing to record a video diary of yourself to show weekly progress.

1) Tell us about the best athletic performance of your life.
2) How old were you?
3) Describe how you felt at that exact moment.
4) What was your training regimen like in those days?
5) Did you have any coaches, teammates or trainers who were
particularly influential at that time?
6) Do you have many photographs or videos of yourself from those days?
7) Describe your current lifestyle and why you feel that youve fallen
out of peak conditioning.
8) If youre selected to participate in this project, how do you
envision yourself rising to the challenge?
9) How much time do you have to devote to training?
10) Do you have any coaches, trainers or friends who would be willing
to participate in this project with you?
11) Why are you passionate about getting back into prime physical condition?
12) What are your long-term athletic goals?

Please answer the questions and email the following to

Name, age, email address, what city you live in, phone number, and a
recent picture of yourself.
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