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Huge Disney/Universal Talent Casting Call
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Hey! How would you like to be seen by Disney? Universal? Manikin Agency? Venus Swimwear? Roxy/Quicksilver/ Billabong, International High Fashion Agencies in Japan? Europe?

How would you like to appear on Commercials, TV shows or in the movies, such as "The Glades", "Burn Notice", "Royal Pains"; films such as "Rock of Ages", "The Last Song" featuring Miley Cyrus"; Wet N Wild, Orlando Magic, Disney Cruise Lines?

How would you like to perform for a major label record executive, or appear in dance videos?

TAMPA CASTING CALL! Calling All Singers, Dancers, Actors, Models, Plus size models and comedians ages 6+.

On August 25th at 3pm, Manikin Model & Talent Agency, Along with Showbiz World, and Global Stars Network will be hosting an audition in Tampa for our upcoming talent showcase cruise to Mexico! This is your chance to be discovered!

Check it out and share with family and friends! We will have a Country Music Hall of Famer as a special guest, along with a famous photographer, a Sony Film Star Actress and many more!

3 of our talent received over 30k in scholarships to NYC Conservatory and LA casting directors by attending last years showcase! The remaining 11 of our talent signed to other world wide agencies, and had other great successes!

Here are a few videos that have all the information on the casting that you need.

P.S. MAKE SURE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT FOR THE AUDITION BY CALLING 855-MANIKIN (855-626-4546) If you do not call, you may not be able to audition due to limited space & time!

Email for more information to Subject line: Tampa Showcase audition.

Check to see how busy the agency is.

Amy Varela
Booking Agent

Manikin Model & Talent Agency
10151 Deerwood Park Blvd
Bldg 200 Suite 250
Jacksonville, Florida 32256

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