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Job Title: Type of Casting: Paid? Submit By Date: Casting Call State: Casting Call Country
Acting/singing2011-04-03MIUnited Statesmore
Assisant Director, Stage Crew, Musicians And More!2011-05-10NYUnited Statesmore
Crew for upcoming webisode2011-09-15CAUnited Statesmore
actor2011-09-28CAUnited Statesmore
the harris family2011-09-28CAUnited Statesmore
Ticket Agents/Stage Crew Needed: Off Broadway Play2011-11-20NYUnited Statesmore
Short Indy Film2012-04-24GAUnited Statesmore
The Pageant2012-05-28GAUnited Statesmore
Audition for Tango Performance Troupe2011-01-28CAUnited Statesmore
Pink Taco Casting Call2011-03-01CAUnited Statesmore
Hip-Hop Dance Workshop Coming Soon To Houston,TX2011-05-31TXUnited Statesmore
Male Dancers and Male Athletes for Workout Videos2011-07-20NYUnited Statesmore
Seeking backgroind dancers for a dancer2011-07-21FLUnited Statesmore
TV Talent Audtions2011-11-04NCUnited Statesmore
Keen Dance Theater Auditions2011-10-15NYUnited Statesmore
in need of dancers2011-11-10GAUnited Statesmore
Nude Models Casting2012-03-10GAUnited Statesmore
2 Female and 4 Male Dancers for Beyonce Tribute2012-04-19NYUnited Statesmore
2 Female and 4 Male Dancers for Beyonce Tribute2012-04-21NYUnited Statesmore
Auditions for New All-Male Dance Company0000-00-00NYUnited Statesmore
Your Big Break on TV2012-05-04CAUnited Statesmore
Pink Paradise Cabaret 2012 Casting2012-05-08Francemore
Hip Hop and Break Dancers2012-05-31FLUnited Statesmore
Ballet Dancers2012-05-25AZUnited Statesmore
Ballet Dancers Wanted - Voice Unreeled Production2012-06-04AZUnited Statesmore
Flash Mob/ Dancers Needed2012-06-15NYUnited Statesmore
Photo and Video Shoot (Earn Up to $800)2012-09-01CTUnited Statesmore
LAS VAGAS style Burlesque Group Dance Team2012-07-01OHUnited Statesmore
Muscle Model & Performing2012-07-11CAUnited Statesmore
Dancers Needed for Dance Film2012-07-15CAUnited Statesmore
Professional Dancers2012-11-01CTUnited Statesmore
MMAS Pilot - Extra needed (mainly boys) age range2010-08-15CAmore
Tops of the Pops - 1980s shoot2010-09-10more
Music Video2010-09-14CAmore
Female Partner for Movie Extra Featured Work by Ca2010-09-23CAmore
Aspiring and working talented artist search2010-09-26NYmore
Aspiring and working talented artist search2010-09-26NYmore
Casting Assistant2010-11-29CAmore
RISE- Actors Casting call for LOS TRAFICANTES2010-12-17CAmore
Extras needed for fun short film2011-02-25NYUnited Statesmore
Music Video Model2011-03-01NYUnited Statesmore
EXTRAS NEEDED2011-02-21CAUnited Statesmore
Urgent Actor and Extras required2011-03-16Great Britainmore
Oklahoma Casting call2011-03-23OKUnited Statesmore
acting modeling2011-03-29CAUnited Statesmore
Any gals 28 to 60's ( any average women ) notmodel2011-04-29CAUnited Statesmore
Resort ad, needs " women " 22 - 60ish " AnyFaces2011-04-29CAUnited Statesmore
2 Extra Male Reporters Needed for AFI Film2011-05-12CAUnited Statesmore
Woman Extra needed for AFI Film2011-05-12CAUnited Statesmore
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