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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We have come to one of the busiest time of the year where many of us are preparing for exams, projects, thesis etc. As one in Christ we should pray for each other's needs:

As Jesus has told us himself in Matthew 18:19 -

"I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven."

You are invited to submit prayer items especially for your exam/project/dissertation/thesis, please include the date and details (should that apply) so that we could pray for you.

Let's pray that God pour His blessings onto us so that while facing the challenges ahead we will not be afraid and have the peace and joy and comes from Him.

Name Exam Date (or deadline) Exam / Project / Thesis Details
Jowie Yu2006-05-08Final year presentationThank Lord for the peace and love within. It is finally over with joy and relief.
Hilda2006-05-09Croucher Scholarship Interview5 min presentation on project + 15 min Q and A
Helen2006-05-19Final year dissertation
Him2006-05-22AS Levels 22/5 - 9/6
Janis2006-05-26Paper 8 Land Law
Janis2006-05-26Paper 11 - Urban Economics
Rocky2006-05-262nd year dissertation
Natasha2006-05-27MVST Part IB PathologyRely on Him for peace, wisdom and strength.
Natasha2006-05-29MVST Part IB Options Paper
Natasha2006-05-30MVST Part IB Human ReproExams in both am and pm! >< Please pray that I can sustain and can get on with revision in the evening.
lovable Cherry2006-05-30NST II Zoology essayi hv no idea wht these philosophical essaysss are about!
Natasha2006-05-31MVST Part IB Neurobiology
lovable Cherry2006-05-31NST II Zoology paper 1altogether 4 theoretical papers. i feel really unprepared.
Rocky2006-05-313rd year dissertation proposal
2006-05-31Job agent interviewPray God will open the door and show me His way. I have no expectaion and no idea what i am going to do after exam...
Natasha2006-06-01MVST Part IB Pharmacology
Janis2006-06-01Paper 6 - Finance
lovable Cherry2006-06-01NST II Zoology paper 2
Gordon2006-06-01Maths Exams 1/6 - 6/6
Jeremy2006-06-01Maths Exams 1/6 - 6/6
Danice2006-06-01Maths Exams 1/6 - 6/6
Michelle Leung2006-06-01Maths Exams 1/6 - 6/6
Natasha2006-06-02MVST Part IB Neurobiology
Janis2006-06-02Paper 10 - Built Environment
Lovable Cherry2006-06-02NST II Zoology paper 3
Natasha2006-06-03MVST Part IB Pharmacology
lovable Cherry2006-06-03NST II zoology paper 4the end of all the 3-hr essays ;)
Janis2006-06-05Paper 9 - Private Law
JoJo2006-06-05maths part IIpaper 1
Natalie2006-06-05AS Biology
Helen2006-06-06CST Part II paper 7Pray that God will give me peace within while preparing and sitting for the final papers.
Natasha2006-06-06MVST Part IB Pathology
Rosie2006-06-06ha.. Rosie' exam time is entered by Peggy so that she can have a complete list :-)
Joyce W2006-06-06Econ- last exam!!This paper basically determines if I get a 2.1 or 2.2 la... i just wanna be calm and try my v. best!!
Natalie2006-06-06AS Maths M1
Helen2006-06-07CST Part II paper 8
JoJo2006-06-07maths part IIpaper 2
Natalie2006-06-07AS Chemistry1 more to go!!!
Helen2006-06-08CST Part II paper 9
JoJo2006-06-08maths part IIpaper 3
JoJo2006-06-09maths part IIpaper 4
Q2006-06-09IIA Optical Fibre Linkpray that I won't blow my LED up for the second time, haha
Peggy2006-06-123.5 Strategic Business Plannin3 hours of none stop writing essays (4 case studies ><)
Pray for words of wisdom & good presentation skills
Ar C2006-06-12Economics Exams 12/6 - 16/6
Natalie2006-06-12AS Maths C3YAYY!! THANK YOU!!
Peggy2006-06-133.6 Advanced Corporate ReportiThe most nasty & horrible paper! Pray for a miracle!!
Rosie2006-06-13Yeah---! Last one ^_^
Peggy2006-06-143.7 Strategic Financial Managehai... calculation & analysis, pray for time keeping skills *_*

Yeah, on time for JF ^_^ We shall rejoice no matter what comes out at the end!
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