This is a database of MI6 officers who are known to have served, or are serving, in the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6. All the names on this list have been publicly acknowledged by the British authorities as belonging to MI6, or have been publicly identified as MI6 officers in open-source media. Officers who have been "denounced" by anonymous sources are not included in this list. "LL" refers to names that first appeared on Lyndon Larouche's website in 1998 (now mirrored at www.cryptome.org). The veracity of this list was acknowledged by the British authorities when they falsely accused former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson of publishing the list, and raided his home. "JJ" refers to the "John Jo" list, anonymously published on the internet in August 2005. "TV" refers to the "Todor Velichkov" list, anonymously published in September 2005. "AB" refers to the "Alan Bond" list, published in October 2005. The veracity of these lists was acknowledged by the British authorities when they again falsely blamed Richard Tomlinson and again raided his home. These three lists are also hosted in their original form at www.cryptome.org.
Name Forenames DOB Postings LL JJ TV AB Status Notes
ALESSANDRIMadeleine Kay1965 90 Vienna, 96 Frankfurt, 04 Tokyo (Cllr).*ActiveMI6 posting profile
ANKERSONDudley Charles194878 Buenos Aires, 85 Mexico, 93 MadridRetiredMI6 posting profile
ANTHONYIan Nicholas1960 88 Lisbon, 93 Brasilia, 97 London.*ActiveMI6 posting profile
ARONPeter James1946 68 Bonn, 84 Singapore, 86 Washington, 97 Seoul,00 London.RetiredMI6 posting profile
ASHDOWNJeremy John Durham (Paddy)194174 Geneva, 05 Sarajevo.RetiredPublic figure - well known to be ex MI6
ASHLEYDavid William196802 Belgrade.ActiveMI6 posting profile
ASQUITHRaymond Benedict Barthol195283 Moscow, 92 KievActiveMI6 posting profile
BACKHOUSENigel Anthony Richard1956 84 Kabul,85 Kath-mandu, 89 Madrid,98 Paris, 01 London.ActiveMI6 posting profile
BAGSHAWKerry Charles194382 Geneva, 88 MoscowRetiredNow lives in south of France
BAHARIEIan Walter1961 85 Cairo, 91 Abu Dhabi, 96 Jerusalem, 99 Abuja, 03 Riyadh (Cllr).*ActiveMI6 posting profile
BALLAnthony James1968 94 Kuwait, 99 Madrid, 03 Damascus (1 Sec).*ActiveMI6 posting profile
BARNARDIan Clive196594 GenevaActiveMI6 posting profile
BARNESNicholas John197202 Tirana, 04 London.ActiveMI6 posting profile
BARRETTRichard Martin Donne194983 Ankara, 88 New York, 97 AmmanRetiredMI6 posting profile
BATESNicholas Hilary1949 79 Geneva, 84 Cairo, 89 Muscat, 96 Kingston, 98 Kampala, 01 London.RetiredMI6 posting profile
BAXENDALEJames Lloyd1967 94 Cairo, 97 Amman, 99 Brussels, 04 Beirut (1 Sec).*ActiveMI6 posting profile
BEALESJonathanActiveMI6 posting profile
BEERNicholas James Gilbert1947 77 Nairobi, 82 Madrid, 92 Hague, 99 Buenos Aires, 02 London.RetiredMI6 posting profile
BIRDJulliette Winsome1963 92 New Delhi, 01 Brussels, 03 London.ActiveMI6 posting profile
BLACKPeter John William194677 Kuwait, 80 Amman, 87 Dhaka, 96 Skopje, 00 London.RetiredMI6 posting profile
BLANCHARDWilliam Hume James1967 92 Budapest, 98 Islamabad, 04 Ankara (1 Sec).*ActiveMI6 posting profile
BLOUNTJamieResignedCurrently working for Control Risks Group in Bagdhad
BOWENRupert90 Windhoek, 92 Tirana.ActiveMI6 posting profile
BOYDAndrew Jonathan Corrie195081 Accra, 88 Mexico City, 96 IslamabadRetiredMI6 posting profile
BRADLEYTimothy Gavin1959 86 Kuwait, 96 Belgrade, 99 London.ActiveMI6 posting profile
BRAITHWAITEJulian Nicholas1968 95 Zagreb, 96 Belgrade, 02 Sarajevo, 04 Washington (Cllr).*ActiveMI6 posting profile
BREARAndrew James196094 SantiagoActiveMI6 posting profile
BREEZEChristopher Mark196388 Nicosia, 94 New DelhiActiveMI6 posting profile
BREEZEAlastairActiveMI6 posting profile
BREWERJonathan Andrew1955 86 Luanda, 91 Mexico, 98 Moscow, 02 London.ActiveMI6 posting profile
BRIDGERichard Philip1959 86 Warsaw, 89 Moscow, 98 New Delhi, 04 Geneva (Cllr).*ActiveMI6 posting profile
BROOKINGStephen John Allan196489 Peking, 94 Sarajevo, 98 Bangkok, 02 Kabul, 04 London.ActiveMI6 posting profile
BROOKSStuart Armitage194872 Rio, 75 Lisbon, 79 Moscow, 87 Stockholm, 93 MoscowRetiredMI6 posting profile
BURROWSChristopher Parker195882 East Berlin, 87 Bonn, 93 AthensActiveMI6 posting profile
BUSBYGeorge Benedict Joseph Pascal1960 89 Bonn, 92 Belgrade, 00 Vienna, 04 London.ActiveMI6 posting profile
CAMPBELLRobert Pius195784 Nairobi, 86 Belgrade, 92 Helsinki, 94 Skopje, 01 Bangkok, 03 Moscow.ActiveMI6 posting profile
CARNALLPhilippa Jane1957 83 Beirut, 84 Damascus, 88 Hanoi, 91 Washington, 97 Cairo, 02 Islamabad (3 Sec).*ActiveMI6 posting profile
CARTERPeter Leslie1956 86 New Delhi, 94 Brussels, 01 Tel Aviv (Cllr, CG, DHM).*ActiveMI6 posting profile
CHAMBERSDavid Ian1947 94 Hong Kong, 03 Bangkok (Cllr).*RetiredStrange posting profile, probably not MI6"
CHITTENDENGeoffRetiredMI6 posting profile
CHURCHRobert John Paul194776 Bankok, 81 Berlin, 86 Nairobi, 89 Bangkok, 97 NairobiRetiredMI6 posting profile
CLAYDENTimothy196091 Warsaw, 95 LagosActiveMI6 posting profile
CLEMENTSMartin Hugh1961 86 Tehran, 90 Vienna, 98 Bonn, 99 Berlin, 04 Kabul (Cllr).*ActiveMI6 posting profile
CLIBBORNJohn Donovan Nelson194166 Nicosia, 72 Bonn, 72 Brussels, 88 WashingtonRetiredMI6 posting profile
CLIFTONTimothy David196088 Luanda, 93 Belgrade.ActiveMI6 posting profile
COLLIERGeoffrey Thomas Grey196893 Belgrade, 97 Dakar, 02 Ankara.ActiveMI6 posting profile
COOMBSNicholas Geoffrey1961 87 Riyadh, 93 Amman, 00 Riyadh, 03 London.ActiveMI6 posting profile
COOPERAndrew George Tyndale1953 84 Canberra, 88 Geneva, 95 Stockholm, 99 London.ActiveMI6 posting profile
COPLESTONJohn de Carteret1952 75 Paris, 80 Islamabad, 87 Jakarta, 93 Lagos, 97 Canberra, 00 London.*ActiveMI6 posting profile
CORDERYAndrew David194775 Nairobi, 77 New York, 84 Lusaka, 88 Berlin, 95 OsloRetiredMI6 posting profile
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