Rob James

It is with great sadness that we have heard that Rob Dentith died on 6th October.

'Rob D' was a presenter with WCR between 2000-2005, co-hosting Naked Ambition (the Unsigned music programme).

From WCR, 'Rob James' moved to Telford FM/The Wyre/The Servern to become their Group News Editor as well as working for Kerrang! Radio's Unsigned programme

Rob's funeral took place on Friday October 20th at St. Mary's Church in Nantwich, Cheshire. The service was followed by a short cremation ceremony in Crewe, and the wake took place back in Nantwich at the Crown Hotel where some of Rob's friends played a number of accoustic songs.

It was announced that a local event is being planned, watch this space for further details.

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Deena CampbellAlthough I didn't know Rob very well I feel compelled to write something here as he was such a lovely person. I met him at WCR a couple of years ago now when my then boyfriend appeared on the show. I told him about my ambition to work in radio and he kept in touch every now and again to see how I was getting on. He even told me about Telford FM where he worked and said he'd let me know if anything came up. I can see from reading all of these well wishes that he was such a special person and offer my sincere condolences to his family and friends x
Victoria Tennant AKA Dolly, & Dippy (Former WCR Presenter)I was shocked to hear of Rob's death from Andy Walters & it still hasn't sunk in! I've known Rob for many years at WCR & have always been amazed by his career driven attitude and happy go lucky personaility!

Rob D was true inspiration! He never a bad word to say about anyone and always looked on the bright side of every situation - good or bad! His enthusiasm for life was truely infectious!

A wise man once told me to follow my dreams & that one day they would come true!

Rob was a very wise man beyond his years & a fantastic radio personality - he was a true WCR success story!

Rob will be sadly missed! My thoughts are with his family & friends at this time of sorrow!

Rest in peace Rob D! XX
Saul Abner (WCR Senior Producer)I couldn’t bring myself to write anything here until now because the shock was too much and there’s little I can add to fully do the guy justice in a few lines.

For me, WCR isn’t just a job, it’s like a family.
And it hurts to lose someone like Rob, who meant so much to so many.

He worked with me over several years, presenting on our WM programme, and of course producing and presenting countless WCR shows.
I have particularly fond memories of our recording sessions for a comedy programme, during which we’d improvise a variety of ludicrous sketches and he’d always outshine with his amazingly sharp wit and powerful delivery.

We shared so many great times, and I can only echo the sentiments of everyone here.
His generosity, compassion, talent and enthusiasm.
The loss is overwhelming.

Pete Whitehouse WCR ChairRob was a great inspiration to all of at WCR - his enthusiasm was endless. In the time with us he achieved so much, producing programmes that were very unique and special. All across the region, new and unsigned musicians (including my son Dan) were helped in their mission to air and develop their music. 'Naked Amibition' encouraged and nurtured music talent and continues to do so - a great legacy.

Rob was always so generous with his time, taking on one project after another and often helping someone else in their career. Whether it was working on a live gig at the Wanderer Pub or putting together the Mediacove music compilation, Rob always found time for it....somehow!

We were pleased that Rob progressed so well in his career; in the last 3 years he'd moved to Telford FM and most recently to The Severn. And at the same time kept up his Kerrang unsigned music work and I'm sure so many other projects. He'd achieved so much and wherever he worked he made a huge difference.

Rest in Peace ROB - you always had time for all of us.

Phil ['Gigmaster'] Cort (WCR Presenter)I was introduced to Rob Dentith, say it right or else, just before i joined WCR. It did not take long to know I've met a true good friend. One day I said to him "Rob I've got an hour on WCR". He replied "Great". I said "but it's between three of us". He replied "Who is driving the desk?". "Me" I said. "Then the hours your's Phil".

"What you doing this monday Phil between seven and nine?"
"Good, you're with me on 'Sold Out'"

Rob was always counting hours, he would phone me and say come and meet me in my restaurant['King Kebab'] always got this fresh nan bread covered in everything you could inagine, What a deal,£2 a £2,not bad mate. When we were flush (not very often) we would go to the Moon and have the burger deal with a pint £1.99. Well didnt take long before the beer was flowing and the hours were now going to be added up.

Naked Ambition, Drivetime, Sold Out, Breakfast and maybe a Packed Lunch. One night he was asking a few friends about changing his name.
"Phil what do you think?"
"Where were you born Rob?"
"Right leave it with me."
We had a few more beers then I jumped on the bus. He walked home then the texting began: Rob Crewe, Rob Cheshire, Rob James.. and lots more. Well we all know who the winner was and i am glad i knew them both. I am also pleased he acheived his goal, being paid to broadcast. It's a shame it came to an end far to soon.
Love to all who will miss HIM X
Andy Ward (WCR Volunteer)I'm sorry to hear that Rob has died. I got on with Rob - he was a good lad.

I have special needs and Rob was very kind to me when I first joined WCR. He showed me how to use the computers and I felt he was a friend to me.

I wish the family all the best.
Derek Thom (WCR Director)The world will be a sadder place without this enthusiastic and sincere young man. In his all too brief career, Rob made a very positive contribution to society. In broadcasting, his work to promote “unsigned bands”, has provided many others with success and the skills to cope better with the vagaries of the music industry. His gratitude to WCR for providing him with an opportunity to do some ”practical radio” was often expressed to me personally but Rob already had the professional intuition required; WCR just gave him the platform.

Derek Thom
WCRT Director
Sat Dhaiwal (Starchat Presenter)
i was shocked by the news because i knew Rob from his early days at WCR i got on well with him. I trained up Rob and he went on to do the unsigned bands show, this was when Kate Ramsey was Manager at WCR.

Rob was someone who had a lot of talent that is why he went on to be so successful in local radio being head of news at Telford FM.

it is such a shame to loose someone who had so much talent and someone who was so young, my thoughts are with his family.

Paul Hayes (WCR Presenter)I never met Rob, but as someone who is always interested in seeing bands before they make it big, I can understand what a contribution he made to music in Wolverhampton. WCR, Telford FM and radio has lost a great servant, RIP Rob
Chris Weaving (WCR Presenter)When I read the news about Rob, I was shocked. I didn't really know Rob, but I do remember him being a friendly, genuine and enthusiastic bloke the few times I met him at WCR.
My thoughts are with his friends and family.
Rest in peace, Rob.
Mark AstburyI have been a close friend of Robs for the last 19 years or so - I went to school with him and we've remained friends throughout. I remember he was so chuffed to get his first proper radio gig at WCR that he used to drag me (usually a bit hung-over from a live band gig the night before!) to the studios on Sundays whenever I used to visit him in Wolverhampton so I would get the chance to hear the latest unsigned band he was enthusing about. Not going with him wasn't an option - it was his mission to make unsigned bands heard!

I know that there is some information on the index page of WCR's website about Robs funeral but after speaking to his sister Lizzie, we thought it might be useful to post more information on this thread.

The funeral service will take place on Friday 20th October 2006. The church service will be at St Mary's Church in Nantwich, Cheshire at 14:00. This will be followed by a cremation service in the neighbouring town (Crewe). A Wake will be held back in Nantwich at The Crown Hotel function suite to include acoustic performances from some of the local musicians that Rob worked with over the years in the wolverhampton area. The Crown Hotel, a 30 second walk from the church, is expecting people to arrive anytime from 15:00 with those attending the Cremation arriving there a bit later on. If you are unable to make the church service but would like to come along later in the evening to the wake then we would like as many people as possible that knew Rob to join in. It will be a celebration of Robs life and achievements and consequently, will go on until late in the evening.

If you want any further information please mail me at

Please can anyone intending to come along email me to register your interest to allow us to plan around the numbers expected to attend.


Mark Astbury.
Shivani Mair (WCR Presenter)I only just heard about the sad and very shocking news about Rob D. He was such a genuine and lovely person and my heart goes out to his family and friends. From a personal level Rob D was always so helpful and happy to help when I started my volunteering at WCR - helping when I had a query about anything radio related. Even when he was a little stressed out he always seems to smile - which is a rare quality in many people.

He was a lovely person with a flair for good radio, and was definitely an asset to WCR's broadcasting.
Ant V (Former WCR Drivetime presenter)I only met Rob a few times, every time he was doing things for his show. always listening for people to highlight as good stuff. To hear of his death is shocking!!!

I remember a conversation about his show content as he was around on day just after my show, we were talking about our ambitions and the music at WCR. I didnt know this chap from adam but he still engaged in conversation with me. He told me to always be myself on air, for some reason i have taken that advice not only to hospital radio plymouth but into my everyday life. Dont know why but that advice really stuck with me.

Rest In Peace Rob
Martyn AKA Merkin (WCR Presenter & Former Training Officer)I first met Rob properly when I started working at WCR and, it was fair to say we probably rubbed each other up the wrong way until one day things just clicked into place.

Rob and I would sit in the IT room and talk for hours on end about the most extraordinary tthings. He was always open and honest and I hope I reciprocated that in our conversations. Rob was a great listener as well as talker, whenever there was something on my mind (and there was a lot at times!) he was always prepared to listen and offer his take or advice. Similarly I would do the same if ever he had something he wanted to talk about.

After I left WCR rob and I stayed in touch every now and then via texts and a few months back I met him at telford FM do some work and we headed off to the pub for one, of course one turned into many and before we knew it we're both pretty legless having a great time - much to the chagrin of other punters who wanted to watch the football on the telly.

I'd planned to meet up with Rob in the next couple of weeks for a catch up and a pint or two! - I'll never get that chance now. I enjoyed Robs company and wish I'd had the pleasure of it for longer.

For some reason this text message he send during the world cup always makes me smile;

"Good morning! Will u be watchin da footy later in town? - rob, the very part time football enthusiast".

Take care Rob.
Katie Jay (WCR Presenter)I was pre-recording my show one Saturday sometime in 2003/2004 and there were three guys in reception who were hanging around looking lost and uncomfortable. I was on my way out but dealt with them anyway.

"Are you OK, guys - are you waiting for someone?" I said.
"Yes..." they said. "We're Emmet and we are here to meet with Rob Dentith for an interview but he isn't here yet - we have a gig to do and we haven't got much time."

"OK..." I said. "I am sure Rob'll be in shortly. Grab a chair and chill and I am sure you won't be waiting long."

I rang Andy Walters and explained; he told me to 'keep them entertained' whilst he chased Rob.

After an infinite time chatting and having a laugh, keeping our guests feeling comfortable, a svelte young gentleman with the air of professionalism and an aura of depth breezed through the door like a gazelle with a very warm smile.

"Sorry I am *so* late!" he apologised. "I got delayed. I'm not sure we've met but aren't you Katie? I'm Rob."

Rob extended his hand and a firm soulful handshake later we were acquainted. I knew he was a kindres spirit. His eyes blazed with excitement at the impending recording of his interview. "These guys are going places" he enthused. "And I am glad to be interviewing them. People need to know about them".

He said he listened to my show and said he really enjoyed it - so positive and bubbly about it I got a full review of my presenter style and his enjoyment of my genre of music (commercial dance) in about 40 seconds. I learnt in a quick time that it was a tribal thing and that beats were in our evolution. I liked him immediately.

He was really grateful for me looking after his guests that he sorted me tickets to see 'Emmet' who had travelled all the way from Merseyside for 'Battle Of The Bands' (who have become friends of mine since).

I came into the station a couple of weeks later and bumped into him in the studio (which was covered in creative chaos of CDs, carts and scripts) and we had longer time to chat. I didn't want to disturb him but he invited me to sit with him for a while and talk. He wanted to know all about me and in turn we chatted about him, his show and his enjoyment of what he was doing. He had 'radio' running through his veins and I was truly touched by his gentile and calming approach to something so dynamic. He inspired me and I was truly moved by his intelligence, eloquence and depth.

He was still gracious about the little favour I had done for him and effervesced about the interview he had managed to gain... we listened to some of it and you could feel the energy. My little welcome had helped him out and he was really pleased with the result so he presented me with a copy of Emmet's demo CD and said it was for me to keep with his thanks. Very touching and thoughtful.

He was into spirituality and all things parapsychological - we wallowed in many discussions thereafter about the soul, the way music touched one's soul and how important it was to quench his thirst for new music, always unearthing new species of talent from the locale, discovering an oasis of creative genius from an often chastised area of the UK (the West Midlands), he had big belief for Black Country musicians - he said we had a creative epicentre here and it was so under-appreciated. He was so passionate for music and musicians expressing their gift that he never turned down a demo - he always listened to them and gave polite but useful critique.

We talked show ideas; he wanted my involvement on his projects having already prepped Emmet for his interview - he wanted me to get involved with his show and do some interviewing of his bands to add a female dynamic to the show - unfortunately I wasn't able due to other commitments and the night of the week he was presenting on was hard for me to make it to the studio. That was no problem for him - we just swapped numbers and would be friends instead.

Shortly afterwards, I left WCR on a hiatus from presenting (I'm back now), I've kept in touch with Rob via text since and bumped into him in Brum a couple of times. He was alway pleased to see me and immediately we would talk music.

I hadn't heard from him for a while; I'd wondered how he was and then I got a very saddening email. Such a loss.

I wanted to say to all that knew him, had the honour to work with him and to his family that Rob will always remain in my memory with fondness - he was a true spirited and soulful individual who was kind, sincere and genuine about the careers of those around him. Whilst he strived to further his career in radio, he never did it at the expense of anyone else; people were his passion and he was determined to bring as many people with him on his musical journey. There was always enough to go round and he'd do what he could to push you forwards.

He was well-respected, highly thought-of and extremely rare. He will be missed and continuingly loved by many.

Take care of your spirit self, Rob. Greater and higher callings await you.

David Blakemore (Former WCR Presenter)I only heard last night about Rob's tagic death, and I am completly stunned. I first met Rob in 2000 while at college, where we both did a short course on radio production, (he was known as "Devesating Dee" at the time. Afterward our paths would cross from time to time, mainly in a pub where he was telling people about a local band, or in the studio listening to the demos being sent in. I got to know him a lot better, when I presented the Sunday lunchtime show when he produced the Naked Ambition show after mine. Without doubt One of the nicest guys I've ever met, who truely believed in what he did, and always had a wealth of unsigned music, which I think tells you how much unsigned bands looked up to him.

This really hasn't sunk in yet, hopefully Rob's great work will continue. So long devesating, I'll miss you mate

David "Dodgy Dave"
Spence SC (Co-presenter with Rob on WCR's "Naked Ambition")Well, what can i say...It's a testament to Rob's personality the sentiment and positive comments that are on here already and i personally have recieved many more texts and phone calls from people who he had encounterd over the years and had made a lasting impression on, genuinley shocked and saddened at the passing of such a unique and compassionate being.
I could write a book on the experiences both good and bad i have shared with Rob and maybe one day i will. But i know that i'll never meet another person quite like him in this life time.
As long as i have known him, Rob has always been fascinated by the concept of spirituality and life after death and we had many deep conversations on the subject, he was always seeking proof, hard evidence, that it does exist and that his instinct, his unwavering belief in the eternal soul was not just a belief, but actual fact, and it's the knowldege that he was SO sure that we never really 'die' just move on to another dimension that makes his passing form this world easier to bear.
I will miss his prescence but will continue to be inspired by his enthusiasm, compassion and his energy. A true gentleman and a bloody good friend. Rob is dead. Long live Rob!
Julie Wall (WCR Drivetime & Admin Assistant)I never met Rob but had most definitely heard of him! He was the most prominant example of how WCR could lead you on to bigger things, and yet he never forgot WCR. My condolences to his family and friends.
Kate Smart (formerly Ramsay) (Ex-WCR Project Co-ordinator)Well, what on earth can you write in such tragic circumstances? I've taken a few days to write a message here, not knowing where to begin. I have just finished listening to the the re-run of the "inside tracks" show that Rob and I did years ago before I left WCR and now feel compelled to leave a message.

I first met Rob when I was the Project Co-ordinator at WCR. He approached the station with 2 of his Uni friends, wanting to get more experience of the media. What happened next has been explained by others, but the fact that Rob got where he did, whilst his friends disappeared in a short space of time was a measure of the guy he was. Yes, he used to drive me potty leaving the studio in a mess and getting the cds in the wrong cases, but his mind was always on to the next thing. He was enthusiastic beyond belief and always in search of furthering his experience and knowledge. He is a perfect example of what a project like WCR is all about ... if you want it bad enough and are prerpared to put the work in and still expect nothing, you'll have a good chance of making it. Rob made the most of every opportunity he could find - his passion could be a exhausting at times, but it's people like Rob that made working at WCR so rewarding.

I left WCR to further my career, and it was great to know that Rob was still working hard to carve his own career. The last time I saw Rob, we bumped into each other at New Street Station in Birmingham. I was dashing to get a train and he was dashing off a train, late for a stint at Kerrang ... he was the same old Rob, just a bit further along with the career. I'm just sad that I didn't get to congratulate him on his latest promotion - what an impressive guy!

Rob was an example to us all, he came across many obstacles in the time I knew him, but just hopped over them and carried on on his mission. He was always keen to listen to advice, ask questions and act appropriately. A genuinely good guy.

Well done Rob ... you're an inspiration. It's just so very sad that we'll never get to see how far you would have gone.

Much love,
Kate x
Tim Sargent (Former WCR Presenter)Rob was the first presenter I met when I started volunteering at WCR back in 2002. He did the breakfast show at that time if I remember correctly, and i helped with the show after i think.

He was always very polite and ever so friendly, on the times I needed help or was unsure of things, he was more than willing to help out and take time to explain things.

In summary, I found Rob a dedicated and hard working guy who was genuine and honest. Finding people like him these days is almost impossible.

All the best.
Scott Harris (WCR Sports Presenter)I never met Rob, but I listened to his programmes on WCR, awesome show and an awesome person, regards to his family.
ellis (iamellis, u-iv and vfc)rob was just a genuinely great guy who loved people. he was interested in everyone he met and didn't have a negative word to say about anybody. he always saw the best in people and encouraged them to fulfil the potential he saw.

i know you will be missed by myself and many others. i 'll miss our conversations about god, spirituality, after-life et al. i guess the best the way to win an argument is always to say you've been there so you know. i'll let you have this one... til i get there.
Carys JonesSuch sad news. I first met Rob a couple of years ago at WCR, he saw my potential & went out of his way to help me get into radio. He arranged an internship for me in the news department at Telford fm. It was such a shock to hear that Rob had passed away, especially as I recieved a text message from him just four days ago. Rob was an amazing guy, so selfless & full of compassion for others. He would bend over backwards to help other people & expected nothing in return. I know he will be missed by many. xxx
Ed GouldingI knew Rob since 98 when we lived together at Crawford road in student digs. His greatest quality was that he always had time to listen others problems and spoke from the heart. A true friend he offered so much support to me in good times and bad. He achieved so much in a short time and in a career he lived for and loved. I was sure he was destined for even greatter things. I am proud to have known such a geniune and generous guy. I'll miss you man! We could all learn something from your humanity, the afterlife's gain is our loss.
Lee Bannister (WCR Presenter / Training Officer)Terribly sad news. I first met Rob in 2000 when his unsigned bands radio show followed mine on Saturdays. Always professional and passionate about what he did, and of course very keen on the unsigned music scene - if he's helped any new bands realise their dreams in whatever way, then that's surely something to be proud of. Bless you, fella.
Andy Walters (WCR Presenter / Board Director)I've known Rob for around six years. He started his career volunteering at WCR in Wolverhampton while still at Uni. His first show was the notorious 'Streetscene' local bands show. By September 2001 he was presenting Breakfast, a kind of desert island discs programme and a round table type show in the evenings and perhaps more importantly an unsigned music show called Naked Ambition. It was his successful show on WCR that got him his producing gig on Kerrang where he regularly used to share contacts between the two stations. He even, along with his co presenter set up unsigned band nights around Wolverhampton to give the acts he played more exposure.

His career with the MNA stations came after a chance reading of the Radio Magazine in which Pete Wagstaff was lamenting over the lack of demo tapes he gets sent. He duly sent one off and ended up as on and off cover reporter on Telford FM. When Ian Perry left Telford for Radio Shropshire Rob was the natural sucessor and also helped set up newsroooms at The Wyre and more recently moved to The Severn. A few weeks ago he called me to see if there was anyone at WCR who could fill his shoes at Telford FM when he moved to The Severn as he wanted to give someone else the chance that Waggy gave him.

We were still in regular contact and I often had weird and wonderful requests asked of me at all times of the day and night as The Severn came near opening.

He was a great bloke who'd always go out of his way to help and had a real passion for what he did. Nothing was too much trouble.

We didn't always see eye to eye all but Rob in time became a true friend.

All of us at WCR were shocked at the news yesterday. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
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