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Taking into consideration that some people may not know how to give the link to their homepage, I'm only requiring you to give your NAME and NUMBER when you sumbit for listing. In order for quick access to view the club's homepages, simply enter its number into the following URL address:


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Club Name Club Number Club's Purpose
The Yellow Pages2431378A Directory of Designers, Trainers, Breeders, Clubs, & More!
Supreme Players Organization1806823To bring together the ELITE players of Horseland.
HL Ardennais Registry2141150Bring the Ardennais Breeders Together
HorseLand Player Point Club2269910The Best of the Best - Trainers
Animal Rights Club2163918Fighting for Animal Rights
The Unbeatable Players Club1757406For the BEST. UBP
The British Horse Club2574486For the Breeders of British horses and actual British people!
The Aliance of Horseland2619554For Groups outcasted by society. Support the causes.
Watchdog2617424Protecting and helping the HL Community of Hackers and Scammers.
The 7 Digit Club2000531A club for the Not-So-6 Digit members.
HL FanlistingURL --->http://www.equinus-sapientia.net/fan/horseland/
Quality Trainers Club1765769A Club for Top Quality Trainers.
*~*T.he P.oetry C.lub*~*2061154For the poetry readers, writers, and lovers of Horseland. [Website: http://maegal.tripod.com/tpo/]
Horseland Artist Association1964973Listings of Pro and Elite Graphic Designers on Horseland
Official Slaughterhouse Association1642545Listing all the slaughterhouses/cleanups on horseland; cards based on your level, contests, etc.
Der Deutsch Verein2630950To unite German lovers...in order to breed German horses and get to know people from Germany!!
SlaughterHouse HeadQuarters2252810A continuation of the first ever organization SH group, only the best SH's can be found here.
~The Writer's Club~ TWC2665251This is a club for Writers.If you write stories or poems,this is the club for you!Come check us out!
The Unofficial Rare Breeds Club2463710to help breed the rare breeds of Britain eg: cleveland bay.
Almost Perfect2639100For the members who are'nt yet "perfect players." Here they can meet other players similar to them
The Randomers1855369For random people to just hang out together and have fun! Contests, benefits, and more!
The Mediterranean Horse Association1835218For Elite Breeders of Horse Breeds that Origionated around and near the Mediterranean Sea
W.e R.emeber, W.e R.egret C.lub1833608To remember and regret what happened to America on 9.11
Experienced Players Club2580631To bring the best players on HorseLand together
the Top Foals Registry2775864Supporting top foals across HL, letting the young ones Shine
The Mentally Disabled Club2777417For people with mental problems and those who want to help.
w a i l s [ Whoa, am I like, stressed! ]2640392This club's purpose to bring the scammed people of Horseland together to bring down unwanted players
The Morgan Horse Breeder's Club2342256A perfect club for Morgan Horse breeder's on HL. Fun contests, easy registry, and much more.
National Corgi Club3002542to bring both cardigan and pembroke corgi breeds back to horseland.
HL Trainers Club1410262A club for Trainers. Basic players to Superior players. Contests every month.
~The Random Club!!!!! Join if you want!!~2370584jus another club!! ^_^
Project: Change The Homepage2476230To Change the Lime-Green-Blinding-Purply-babish Hompage of Horseland!
BRAT we are just amazing2551962A club to show who has the skills to be the best of the best.
Forgiving Christians Club2163669For all Christians who are willing to forgive...
The Darkside // club2487345To join all the emos/grungers/punks/goths/moshers etc together as a community
The Elite Lusitano Club2590083we are dedicated to bringing high pointed lusitanos back to HL.... we breed and accept ONLY pure
Lotto and Voting1972772I have lottos and voting contests!
The Black Parade Union1810055Horseland players who are interested in My Chemical Romance's new cd, The Black Parade.
The JMC2642591To buy crossbreeded horses and dogs, and for anyone who likes Jesse McCartney!
The Cassie Ventura Club2967029Anyone who love r&b and cassie are sure to love this club. Join now!
USAF PRIDE2642591To support the US troops
operation dog1697225no rules except that you support dogs; to show who supports dogs, not that we're the best out there.
The Horseland Jewels Club2152733an exciting club which holds many competitions with BIG prizes, also has alot of befefits
The Bones Fan Club2977747for people who absolutely are in love with the show bones just like me!=]
Disney Club#2506499For all the Disney fans out there. ^-^
The Way It Should Be a.k.a Club Twisb3238015To help members search/advertise pure horses with safe lines to breed.
The Breyer Model Horse Club2874264to bring together all people who love breyer models.
D.O.G1875061To bring together everyone who loves and supports dogs on HL.
Horseland's Hierarchy2612556Bring together the "best of the best" of horseland. Always a contest going on!
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