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Nathan's Warrens Rabbitry is a Watership Down-themed Spam Database that records and displays data on various known spammers, both large and small. The Rabbitry is also a clearinghouse for those who are looking for spammers to punish from their own nationstates. Please have a look around and see what you can do in the international war on spam.

Recipient First Name Recipient Locale Spammer Name Spammer Email Spammer Message Spammer Locale Spam Classification
witheldHong KongSean ConnelyDear PsiPog Users,

Howdy howdy :-). First, the big news: our third PK Party is scheduled for February 19th, at 7:00pm EST. It will take place in the chat's practice room. Everyone is invited (as long as you aren't banned from the chat), and you can even join with mIRC or some other chat client if you want. It'll be super awesome and fun, so don't miss it! :-P

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NathanUnited StatesBruce A. BermanDear Friend,

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NathanUnited StatesCoolSavingsGet a FREE Preview Issue
PLUS — Your FREE Digital Pedometer
Today's Health & Wellness magazine, official publication of the National Health & Wellness Club, gives you access to leading health practitioners and experts in nutrition, fitness and medicine. Through in-depth articles and step-by-step instructions, you'll have everything you need to increase your energy, stamina and start enjoying life to its fullest.

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NathanUnited StatesJessica P.Hello,

We apologize for contacting you at this time of the day, and we hope
that we haven't interrupted you in anyway, but we wanted to make sure
that you received the message that we sent you last week.

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witheldUnited StatesTimeshare Match ServiceDo you own a timeshare?

Are you paying fees for something you don’t use?


We have a service that will match people looking to
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We look forward to talking with you soon.

Follow this link for removal:
Customer Support 7500 W. Lake Mead Blvd.Suite 9-145
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NathanUnited StatesunknownThis is an image with a link. There is no text to be copied.
End of Note...
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wushuUnited StatesRon McLean Forte-from-Home Newsletter

From the President’s Call on February 1st
Volume 1, Issue 1, Date

Feb 1st, President BK Boreyko announced that Forte will not only be launching in Mexico, it will be launching in Europe as well. BK reported that Forte overtook their #2 selling product in 3 months and is closing on the #1 product.

Based on the predominance of Forte and the acai berry in the marketplace, we look forward to a new weight loss program, based on the acai berry, to be available soon.

Congrats to BK and Courtney on the birth of future CEO “Cannon”!

Looking for a Great

Business from Home?

Team Jabez Announces Extension of National Co-Op Ad!

Senior Director Dick Nichols reports that with the success of our first full-page ad in Small Business Opportunities magazine, we will be enlarging the co-op and increasing to other business publications.

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Test-drive our web success system at MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be winsoar.fortesecrets.comwww.winsoar.

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LukeUnited StatesGift Card NoticeSecond Attempt: Confirmation #35729

Congratulations! You've won a FREE* $500 Sam's Club Gift Card

Good to shop at any Sam's Club store, Walmart

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NathanUnited StatesTaxBrain 24Hr.Dear Taxpayer,

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witheldUnited StatesFake US ImmigrationThis is a deceptive tabular image. Please use caution when answering such emails... thank you.

End of Note...
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witheldUnited StatesTravelPositionAvailableDo you like to travel? Get free vacations and make $1,000s with just a few hours a week! Nations premier discount travel provider looking for home Reps who want to make big bucks!
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LukeSouth KoreaFake Background CheckThis is a decptive tabular image. Please use caution when answering such emails. Thank you...

End of Note...
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DuxFijiDrug Rehab (FAKE)This is a deceptive table. Please use caution when answering these types of emails in the future, ok? ... thanks.

End of Note...
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LukeSouth KoreaPlease Respond by Feb 7Dear Eligible Winner,
As authorized payment agents, we are required by law to disburse the first round award of $4,687.63 (Four Thousand, Six Hundred Eighty-Seven Dollars and Sixty-Three Cents) to the correct recipient, but we must verify that you have the winning first round claim number before we can send this money to you. To submit your claim for verification, click here. Your provisional Claim Code # 13750228 in conjunction with your email address is yours and yours alone, and has not been issued to any other person. You must act before the deadline date stated above or your claim will be void and these funds will definitely be distributed to some other claimant.

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There is no cost to submit your claim, and no further obligation on your part.


Michael J. Armstead
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NathanUnited StatesKellyDid they "get you" too?

Ok, Ok I admit it, I "fell for" about a dozen work at home schemes...

Kissed a lot of frogs till I found the right one, good money, good
hours. You need to check this one out.


To stop receiving announcements:

Data Entry Position
4040 East 82 nd Street Suite C # 106
Indianapolis, IN 46250
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NathanUnited StatesFree Ebay TrainingStart a fulltime income on eBay

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NathanUnited StatesVictorias Secret GiveawayWhy am I getting this? I am a heterosexual male wushu competitor, I do not need this stuff - it's for women or gay men who have serious issues...

End of Note...
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NathanUnited StatesJumpstart your criminal justicAt MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be CriminalJustice-Degrees.comwww. you can choose from the top online criminal justice programs. These programs are specifically targeted towards current law enforcement professionals looking to climb the ranks or students considering a career change to the rapidly expanding field of Criminal Justice. Earn a degree on your own time, at your own pace, while you work.
Airport Security
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