Phil Cort

Phil Cort

It is with great shock and sadness that we have heard that WCR Presenter Phil Cort died suddenly on Tuesday 13th February
Phil Cort
Phil was WCR's "Gigmaster" and had been a volunteer with us for many years, presenting a great number of programmes.

We'll miss you Phil.

The funeral will take place at St. Benedict Biscop Church, Wombourne on Monday 26th February at 1pm, followed by Committal at Gornal Wood Crematorium, and then afterwards at The Mount, Wombourne. Family flowers only, and any donations to British Heart Foundation or Sunnyside Kennels c/o Wombourne Funeral Services.

To leave a message, click 'Enter Record' below and we'll pass them on to Phil's family.
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Phil Cort

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The PilchardPhil Cort was one of the kindest, most wonderful, human beings it has been my privilege to know.
A lovely man, full of humour and concern for others, what fun we had in them West Brom days!
A friend, always, and loyal to the core - Mr Cort - rest in peace.
All of my friends thought and think a lot of you, too, God Bless, for all the memories.
What fun we had in them days!
JOi didnt knowu well but i absolutly loved your show and advice... the best ever radio presenter!!
Tom Hicks, KingswinfordI only met Phil once when he DJ'd at my 18th Birthday party, but he was a great bloke with excellent taste in music. Sixteen years later my friends still talk about the DJ rather than the party itself! He will be missed by many.
Richard Harrington [ Eire ]I'm sure these words have already been said many times
"Shine on you crazy Diamond" and party on at the "Great Gig
in the sky" It was a pleasure to have known you. Rock and Roll phil, RIP.
Karuna Raina/pocorn showIwas so shocked to hear about phil'S passing.He was always
proper gentlemen to me.
Ican't believe I wont hear the quote he used"Karuna is now in the wcr building"Rest in Peace Phil!
My sincere and heart felt condolensces to his family for such a tragic loss.
All my love karuna/
Kate Smart (ex WCR co-ordinator)Since I was told the tragic news about Phil I've really not known what to say. I've logged in and out of this message board, wondering what I could add and not being able to find the words. However, I couldn't not pay my respects, so here are my feeble words ....
I met Phil when he first joined WCR. He was fun, lively and his enthusiasm was endless. He was always friendly and genuinely interested in what people had to say.
Reading through all these messages and seeing the list grow longer and longer is a clear measure of the man. Phil, it makes me wish I'd got to know you better - I think you could have taught me a thing or two about life and how to live it. You were clearly loved and respected by all who knew you. (if I could generate even a quarter of those comments/memories should my time come, I'd feel proud).
Enjoy the next life and keep looking after those luscious locks!!
Much Love
Kate x
Pete WhitehouseWhat a sad and tragic loss.
Phil's shows were magic - you just knew he'd be at that gig as he plugged it with so much enthusiasm.
It was great to just meet up and catch up on the latest stories - Phil had a fund of them!
You are really missed by all at WCR - Rest in Peace.
SlimBalmy summer days watching Test Matches at Edgbaston and The Oval.
The Rock n Roll bus to Berlin to see the Stones.
Friday night Warlocks down the Canyon.
Annual Amsterdam trips with the usual suspects,Dr Feelgood springs to mind.
The Bathams Nine on bike.
Dancing with the revellers around Notting Hill Carnival.
Glastonbury,need I say more?
Putting the world to right over a pint at The Bull.
The ultimate party animal,a true friend.
Heaven must surely be happening!
Stu BrattPhil, as you would have always wanted, the church was rammed, the crem was full and the Mount was bursting at the seams for most of the afternoon, we partied till the wee hours just like you taught us to. You were one of the few totally genuine people in this world and your memories will live forever Shine on you crazy diamond and PARTY ON!
DonnaPhil,not only have you left me with some of the most amazing memories in my life,(Glastonbury 2000 standing by the cider bus having a laugh and listening to great music,our nights in the Web with Rachel,Steve and Rob dancing till we could dance no more and our times at Cheeky Monkey`s watching you strut your stuff to the likes of The Doors!)
I`ll remember those times with love and fondness,life`s gonna be just that bit duller now your not around.
Thanks for touching our lives, there will be no other to take your place!!
Paul WiddowfieldI had a show on WCR back about 5 years ago and Phil was on afterwards. His enthusiasm and dedication to music and radio was outstanding. A sad loss.

Shivani Mair (former WCR radio presenter and staff)He was a true dipiction of a great radio personality - kind, amibitious and always fun to hear on the radio waves.

Rest in pease Phil - your enthusiasm will last through the radio waves. My wishes go out to all of Phil's family and friends.

God bless!
Ruthie (O'kards Daughter)Being six wouldn't have been the same without Phil driving me back from school (never to school, I don't think he did 8 in the morning!)Or having my toast nicked by Floyd!
I'd say rest in peace but I doubt you'd want it that way, Say hi to Iwan for me,
Much Love,
clive live(wcr 1994-2001)i introduced PHIL CORT to wcr way back in 2000, and the very first thing he did was the whats on guide with me on the very first wcr show of jan 2001, and that was one of my ways of thanking him for all the tmes he had helped me out, ive known PHIL since we were about 14 and we never argued.... how can you argue when youre laughing so much?PHIL, also got me working for him when he started selling burgers at JB'S in DUDLEY... and at one point i was doing 2 jobs there as i was also collecting glasses and HEATHER the bar manager said i was a "LIVEWIRE" and quick as a flash PHIL said "a CLIVEWIRE".. and then "CLIVE LIVE".. and thats how i got the name!!! one other memory i have of PHIL and JB'S..and i dont know how he arranged it.. but one night as i entered the big room to collect the glasses, he got the DJ to play WAR PIGS by BLACK SABBATH and the crowd to sing "generals gathered in black masses,CLIVE GOES ROUND COLLECTING GLASSES!!!" and strangely enough i now look like the singer with that band! goodbye "noddy" from your old mate "ozzy" ROOOCCKK N ROOOLLL-CLIVE LIVE/IZZY OSBOURNE.
Vicki Tennant (Former WCR presenter)God Bless Phil! One of life's troopers! I had known Phil for many years whilst I was presenting at WCR with Andy Walters, and he always made me smile with his cheeky humour and his zest for life!

I first met Phil about 6 or 7 years ago and he was a true gent. During our conversation he turned to Andy Walters and spoke about me, asking in his gruff voice...

"Andy, She's a right little cracker isn't she, Ay, does she GO, does she?

I will never forget that phrase nor his actions - Phil certainly knew how to get a laugh out of any situation.

He will be sadly missed now that he's gone to the big radio station in the sky, which I am sure he's put his own stamp on it by now!!

Please send my very best wishes to Phil's friends and family, I cannot imagine what they must be feeling!

Long live Phil Cort - Rest in Peace!

Mr and Mrs O'kard (Mick and Chris)What can we say ?.
Phil was one of lifes originals and we cannot begin to say how sorry we were to hear the news. Joyce, Bill, Jude and the family are in our thoughts.
Will always remember The Springhill, Honest johnsons, The Monaco Club, The Bull and Bladder, Junction 10, J.Bs, most of all the little red rascal. Working with him we knew that whenever a crisis loomed he would have an urgent need to walk Flloyd over Pickerells Hill. Most of lifes problems could be solved over a pint and a trip to the Balti House.
Love you loads.
Gill and family in DerbyshireWe didn't meet up very often, but when we did you truly were a wonderful, warm, funny and fantastic guy. Always enjoyed your life and nobody can take that from you, I hope
you are at peace and we will take some comfort that you are
with your cousin Liz. Keep rockin Phil
Cuz Gill, Aunty Ol, Lynds & Adam
Jayne, H, and familyJude and Liam and co are our good friends.When we first met up the pub we enjoyed hearing stories about Judes big brother Phil. A K A Peter Pan! When we met him we knew what they meant! He was a really funny, genuine bloke with a zest for life. It was a pleasure for our family to have known him. A great loss to his family and many friends. R.I.P. Phil. God Bless x x
Big AlPhil were some one that you would describe as a good un, a man of the world,A friend to all that met him, I only new him for a few years but ya only needed to meat him for a second to remember him.The comments quick humour the hair/catch phrases, thanks Phil Blastoff was such a laugh/dixies and the night bus, see ya later George!! Wombourn With An E Will mis Ya!!!!!!!!!
Darren (dippy)For the 5 years i had known him he was a one off a man younger than most for his age and could party longer than most younger people. Phil had become a good friend over these years and though a party animal and an hilariously funny man he also had a calming effect while in his presence. He took things as they came and was easy to get on with, with all who met him. I often nick named him Doyle ( the professionals) because of his fuzzy hair and i can't believe i won't see this funny fuzzy haired man again, because he was the most alive person i had met. I'll miss him.
Chris WeavingI was shocked when I read the sad news about Phil on the WCR website.
I didn't really know Phil, but I'd seen him around WCR and in town.
WCR is like a family, and it's sad something like this has happened to such a nice bloke.

Rest in peace, Phil.
BainsyPhil was a great, warm and geniune person.

His energy and kindness shone through in everything that he did, and the world will be a sadder place without him.
Jim Duncan, The country showMay peace be with you Phil, change overs with you were always great. We would put the wou,ld always put the world and radio to rights. Hope they still do mobiles with you.
It was a pleasure being in the same team as you.
kevin leightonI was doing some work for an assignment at Uni, and I got chatting to a techie called Chris, about stuff, and he recommended that I go to WCR, and I smiled and told him Iím already a volunteer, and then he told me about Phil, I was so shocked, and saddened by the news, I remember the night of the One City party, and the way he made everyone laugh, and he was so knowledgeable, he was telling me about Budapest,

God Bless you Phil, WCR will miss you.
Gary O'DeaI've only just heard about this very, very sad news regarding Phil (or Corty as I always called him...him always calling me 'Tipun') by reading it in the Express & Star newspaper. I presented a show at WCR from around 2000 to 2002 and Phil was a real laugh - always in good spirits.

I always remember the night I did a documentary /special on the late great Steve Marriott. Phil was a big fan of Steves and I'd got a live link up with Steves old manager Laurie O'Leary throughout the show. Phil helped me present it along with Steve Morris and I still get requests to hear the show- I've got it on CD - in fact the two guys who wrote the autobiography on Steve Marriott - celebrated writer Paolo Hewitt and Small Faces historian John Hellier had copies of it and loved it. The show was a great success and Phil was excellent on it. One memory of the show was Phil opening up a pack of cheese and onion sandwiches he'd made himself to snack on through the show. The onion was so strong it took your breath away - honestly - we were gasping for air - ha ha. See you have to smile when you think about Corty - he made you laugh.

Sincere condolences to all his family and friends and colleages at WCR - Christ he was part of the furniture there. Really sad news.

God Bless ya' Corty ...and your Noddy Holder hairstyle.

Gary O'Dea - GOJO' MUSIC
liami was lucky enough to live with phil at the wodehouse for a couple of years. as you all know he was a night owl which mean`t i never got any sleep.he`d sit on me bed rabbiting on about whatever had happened that night and when he was sure i was wide awake would say "shape up george" and come down stairs "if ya will". i`d say i`ve got work in the morning his normal reply would be "you know it makes sense".i`m really gonna miss you bro. see ya on the flipside george.X
HypeI knew phil for a number of years and one thing he would always have is kind words of encouragement,even if he was just passing by he would always ask how i was getting on in my music career.
He will be missed by all
JudeYeah, the record shop! As his little sis, Phil gave me first refusal of being his assistant, We agreed my hours,ten till two, mon to thurs. My wages were gonna be 30 quid a week (well it was back in '84!)The first week, on the Thurs, a little envelope appeared by my bag, inside was a 20 pound note. "Oi" I said, "where's the rest?", Phil replied, "I'll sort you out the weekend". Well , not sure what weekend he meant, but I'm still sort of waiting!That Christmas, in my card, he'd put in a 50 pound note, I was overwhelmed!Then i realised just how lightly he'd got off! As far as the selling of records went,he did have his moments............but not enough! As Motor and Hedgehog quite rightly point out, the shop was a meeting place, somewhere to chill and drink coffee. Phil would come in (after his brekkie of paracetamol) and ask me "How we doing?", I'd reply, "sold nothing, and we need more coffee!"Phil also was passionate about the youth of Wombourne and he had a couple of disco's for kids in the village. The kids loved him and never caused any bother (well pretty much anyways.) All this, and more, make him "Our Phil", a unique man with a unique wit, and zest for life.

May I also add, a huge thank you to WCR for setting up this page, I love it.
Sat (Starchat Presenter)I still remember the first time i met Phil, i was very new to the station and he was always willing to offer advice and have a chat.

he was a lovely guy with a brilliant personality, who was always on hand to lighten up your day.

My thoughts are with his friends and family.
HedgehogI feel I must respond to Motor's nostalgic recollection of Phil's famous record shop in Wombourne during the 1980s. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Motor and his friends I can fully associate with the fun they had while "chilling out" in the shop, which Phil named "Past and Present."
My main memory is of a tiny shop packed to the brim with teenagers and of Phil's booming voice telling some outlandish story which had everyone curled up with laughter. I am pleased to hear that Motor did make the occasional purchase - all I can say is that I can't remember seeing anyone buying anything! I did, however, eventually buy a Pink Floyd LP as a small part-payment for the hours of fun and endless cups of coffee.
The shop very soon became a popular "hang out" point in Wombourne, although I am not sure whether that was quite what Phil intended. Nevertheless, everyone who walked through the doors, whether to buy or not, was always assured of a typically warm welcome.

Thanks for the memories, Phil. You will live on in our hearts forever. Also I will never forget Phil's Mum and Dad, Joyce and Bill, Jude and her family for the care and kindness they showed me during my time in Wombourne - and for making me feel so at home. God bless you all.
Pat & ChipYou spent the night at our house when Rosie & Peter got married your sister was there also your personality was vibrant we had a great night with you we also met you again at Burton and again found your company brill.
Great to have known you briefly Phil rest in peace and keep rocking.
Derek ThomI really enjoyed the brief chats we often had as Phil came in to do his show. That wonderful voice of his and his great knowledge will be irreplaceable. Thanks for all you gave to WCR Phil, we will really miss you.
LauraI met Phil about 10 months ago when I started working at WCR. He always brought a smile to my day and cheered me up when I looked stressed. I'll miss our chats about his fun filled life and sorting out all the issues of our society. He was a great man and will be greatly missed by soo many.
srgt peper,george,little george,the boy (Darren Auzins)Phil, what a man he was good to be around he was a mate to all. I will always remember the time when Phil was on the 256 going up town to a night of blastoff, he was with Ste and Carl my brother. When I got on the bus i went up stairs, they were laughing i was wearing my military jacket they decided to call me "srgt peper!" this has stuck with me because of Ste and Phil and thats all they would call me along with george,little george,little ozins,ganit and the boy. This is one of the many good times i've had with Phil and gang! at the many bbq Phil was the master chef and i was elected the chief taster he didnt know where i put it.he even got me jobs designing flyers for the planet which is helping me towards getting a job.i've all so enjoyed working with Phil and Carl at the Giffard Arms and the Planet with Rebellion.I have many happy memories of Phil ! I will miss him.see you George. I hope your having a rebellion up there!! Deepest condolences to Phil's family

love srgt peper XXX
Jude and LiamHello, one and all.......
Meant to tell WCR that after Phil's funeral, it's back to the Mount in Wombourne(with an "e"),see you there....
Also, a heartfelt thank you for all your messages and tributes,they're a real joy to read.
All love, us. xxxxxxxxx
MotorYou will be sadly missed by me and the various roadies.
I have some great memories of the times in the mid 80s when you had the record shop in Wombourne. It became a daily visit for any of us who wanted a cup of coffee/tea and a good chat! (Sometimes we even purchased a record).
Whenever we met up you always had time for a good long chat about anything, Whatever the subject we would always end up laughing.
Till we meet up and have a good laugh again.
Later George

Motor aka Mark Windsor (Mark Stokes)
Pete Smith
John Russon
Mick Kennedy
Jude Guest
Jo (JOPO)Wherever you are now Uncle Phil i hope its just as you wanted it! Nice big bed in the middle of a pub with your favourite tunes playing, oh wait no thats mine! haha!
really miss you already! You made a huge impact on my life, your my cool uncle phil, and your enthusiam in music blew my mind. I dont think i'd be half as passionate about music if it wasnt for you! Will never forget the time when i chilled out with you at your dj booth at The New Inns and helped you pick some tunes for the people! Got loads to say really but i dont even know where to start, so i'll just say miss you loads, Wolverhampton, and come to think of it any place that plays music wont be the same without you. You will be truly missed by all who knew you. All love and kisses, see you in the next life. You had best buy me a pint!
David Evans (WCR)I hadnt met phil, I'd seen him in the studio a few times when i had come in. But from what ive heard from people he was a great man with a great personality and i know he will be missed by all.
Margaret Chadwick (Vasey)Dear Phil, I look at your picture now in disbelief, we sat together in English you called me Magpie and it stuck! (thanks) you were known as the "Coot" you were great then and you just got greater!!! My thoughts are with your family now sleep sweetly xxxxMagpie
julie/lean Dean and Louwe only met a few times but those memories will stay with us forever, you brought a lot of joy and laughter to us in Wales, from your table manners (eating hot garlic mushrooms with fingers)!! to expensive wine at Lidles to Postcards which miraculously got to us from Prague with no address (near England?) Hope you make the next life as fun and as full as you made this one , we'll take care of george xx
"Say hello to Cardiff !"
KateGeorge, what can i say? I've known you all my life and i can't imagine not seeing you again, keep expecting you to walk in as if everything's normal. You will be sorely, sorely missed by everyone who knew you whether they met you once or like me had the honour of having you as a permanent fixture in their lives. Although you have gone there is no way you will ever be forgotten, your legacy will live on forever. People will still be calling everybody george and edna for decades to come!!! Not one single second of your life has been wasted, your humour and outlook on life was infectious, i for one will always carry a part of you with me and make you proud!!! Thanks for everything george! My love always, Kate XXX
GazFebruary Song

Where has that old friend gone
Lost in a February song
Tell him it won't be long
Til he opens his eyes, opens his eyes
Where is that simple day
Before colors broke into shades
And how did I ever fade
Into this life, into this life

And I never want to let you down
Forgive me if I slip away
When all that I've known is lost and found
I promise you I, I'll come back to you one day

Morning is waking up
And sometimes it's more than just enough
When all that you need to love
Is in front of your eyes
It's in front of your eyes

And I never want to let you down
Forgive me if I slip away
Sometimes it's hard to find my ground
Cause I keep on falling as I try to get away
From this crazy world

And I never want to let you down
Forgive me if I slip away
When all that I've known is lost and found
I promise you I, I'll come back to you one day

Where has that old friend gone
Lost in a February song
Tell him it won't be long
Til he opens his eyes
Opens his eyes
"Josh Groban 2007"
GazJust for the "record" were a true legend mate and THE shining star of Wombourne (with an "e")! It's been a privilege to have spent many hours talking nonsense and crying with laughter into the wee small hours with you mate, too may to count and I can't believe the banter we used to share and bounce quips off each other (should've been named Dennis Court) is no more. Big light's gone out my life George way too soon, just hope it was fast & pleasant. You were priceless and on mate, and God bless you. Loadsa love, Je Suis XXX
Rosie and Pete (Hedgehog) SmallPhil had a very rare and wonderful gift of being able to "tune in" to anyone - young or old and from all walks of life. He was a huge hit at our wedding, touching many hearts with his sparkling wit and friendly, outgoing manner.Phil left such a great impression that people are still asking after him - 14 years after our wedding.
We will miss you Phil, far more than words can ever say. The five years I spent as your "flat mate" or "Hedgehog" in Common Road were among the happiest in my life, thanks to your brilliant humour and zest for life.
You have been a great friend to both of us- it was always a comfort knowing you were there. God bless you Phil. We love you and are proud and honoured to be among your very many friends.
David Blakemore aka Dodgy DavidI really can't add anything new to this board as it has all been said by those who knew a lot better then myself. I did have the pleasure of chatting to him a number of times during my time at WCR, either at the studio or at various get togethers. A really nice guy, and I can only pass on my condolences to his friends and family.

Take care

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