Roller Derby Schedule & Scores
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Date Addr of location (street, city, zip) State Website Contact for info Leagues/Teams Team 1 Team 1 Score Team 2 Team 2 Score Tournament Winner
2009-03-07CharlotteNCwww.charlotterollergirls.comCharlotte Rollergirls
Classic City Rollergirls
Charlotte Rollergirls110Classic City Rollergirls64N/ACharlotte Rollergirls
2008-11-22BakersfieldCAwww.bakorollers.comBakersfield Rollergirls vs Stockton Derby DamesBakersfield RollergirlsStockton Derby DamesN/ATBD
2008-10-18Orange CountyCAwww.bakorollers.comBakersfield Rollergirls vs Orange County Roller GirlsBakersfield RollergirlsOrange County Roller GirlsN/ATBD
2008-09-20BakersfieldCAwww.bakorollers.comBakersfield Rollergirls vs Silicon Valley RollergirlsBakersfield RollergirlsSilicon Valley RollergirlsN/ATBD
2008-08-16VenturaCAwww.bakorollers.comBakersfield Rollergirls vs Ventura County Derby DarlinsBakersfield RollergirlsVentura County Derby DarlinsN/ATBD
2008-07-12BakersfieldCAwww.bakorollers.comBakersfield Rollergirls vs Prison City Derby DamesBakersfield RollergirlsPrison City Derby DamesN/ATBD
2008-06-14Inland Empire TBDCAwww.bakorollers.comBakersfield Rollergirls vs Inland Empire Derby DivasBakersfield RollergirlsInland Empire Derby DivasN/ATBD
2008-06-13Birmingham Englandwww.blitzdames.comBirmingham Blitz Derby Dames
Team Canada
Blitz DamesTeam CanadaTBD
2008-05-24BakersfieldCAwww.bakorollers.comBakersfield Rollergirls vs Sonoma County Roller DerbyBakersfield RollergirlsSonoma County Roller DerbyN/ATBD
2008-04-26Los AngelesCAwww.bakorollers.comBakersfield Rollergirls vs Angel City Derby GirlsBakersfield RollergirlsAngel City Derby GIrlsN/ATBD
2008-04-12Birmingham England UKwww.blitzdames.comBirmingham Blitz Derby Dames
Glasgow Rollergirls
Blitz Dames91Glasgow Rollergirls74Blitz Dames!
2008-04-05SacramentoCATBDThe Big One TournamentN/AN/AThe Big OneTBD
2008-03-15BakersfieldCAwww.bakorollers.comBakersfield Rollergirls vs Central Coast Roller DerbyBakersfield RollergirlsCentral Coast Roller DerbyN/ATBD
2007-12-093022 Moon Dr. Mesquite,TXwww.acderby.comAssassination City Roller Derby vs. Texas RollerGirlsAssassination CityTexas Rollergirls
2007-11-176907 Linda Vista Rd, San
San Diego Derby Dolls
Diego Rollers vs Hard Corps
Diego Rollers64Hard Corps45N/ADiego Rollers
2007-10-27Birmingham England UKwww.blitzdames.comBirmingham Blitz Derby Dames
London Rockin' Rollers

The UK's first interleague bout!
2007-10-26AshevilleNCwww.blueridgerollergirls.comBlue Ridge RollergirlsWham Bam Thank You Ma'ams88Candy Apple Razor Blades92n/aCandy Apple Razorblades
2007-10-206907 Linda Vista Rd, San
San Diego Derby Dolls
Hard Corps vs Diego Rollers
Hard CorpsDiego RollersN/AN/A
2007-10-1460 Harvester Rd,
CT RollerGirlsElm City BoneCrushers69Widowmakers74N/AWidowmakers
2007-09-286907 Linda Vista Rd, San
San Diego Derby Dolls
Diego Rollers vs Hard Corps
Diego RollersHard CorpsN/AN/A
2007-09-26400 Scottswood Dr., TaylorsSC
Charlotte Rollergirls
Reedy River Rollergirls
Charlotte Rollergirls118Reedy River Outlaws116N/ACharlotte Rolergirls
2007-09-23400 Scottswood Dr., TaylorsSC
Charlotte Rollergirls
Reedy River Rollergirls
Charlotte Rollergirls118Reedy River Outlaws116N/ACharlotte Rolergirls
2007-09-092020 Rowlett Rd, GarlandTXhttp://www.acderby.comAssassination City Roller DerbyDeadly KennedysLone Star AssassinsDerby Never Diesn/a
2007-09-0960 Harvester Rd, WaterburyCTwww.ctrollerderby.comCT RollerGirlsIron Angels143Elm City BoneCrushers72N/AIron Angels
2007-09-024475 Privetts Road, ConwaySC Quad Squad Rollergirls
Charlotte Rollergirls
Columbia Quad Squad28Charlotte Rollergirls36Labor PainsCharlotte Rollergirls
2007-08-266907 Linda Vista Rd, San
San Diego Derby Dolls
Hard Corps vs Diego Rollers
Hard Corps58Diego Rollers54N/AHard Corps
2007-08-26Virginia BeachVAwww.varollergirls.comDominion Derby GirlsFemmes FatalesSt. Brawli GirlsSemifinal Bout!N/A
2007-08-192020 Rowlett Rd,
Assassination City Roller DerbyLSA vs. La Revolucion9249DKs vs. Bombshell Brigade8353Derby RoyaleLSA and DKs
2007-08-18Rollerama, BakersfieldCAwww.bakorollers.comBakersfield Rollergirls vs Sac City RollersBakersfield Rollergirls55Sac City Rollers69NSac City Rollers
2007-07-286907 Linda Vista Rd, San
San Diego Derby Dolls
Diego Rollers vs Hard Corps
Diego RollersHard CorpsN/AN/A
2007-07-28Skate Factory, Panama CityFL
Panama City Roller Derby
Tallahassee Rollergirls' Capital Punishment
Panama City Roller Derby58Capital Punishment99n/aCapital Punishment
2007-07-2260 Harvester Rd, WaterburyCTwww.ctrollerderby.comCT RollerGirlsWidowmakers75Iron Angels80N/AIron Angels
2007-07-22Virginia BeachVAwww.varollergirls.comDominion Derby GirlsDirty Diesel Darlins113St. Brawli Girls72Dirty Diesel Darlins
2007-07-212060 N Marine Dr, City Rollers Wheels of Justice and Rocky Mountain Rollergirls 5280 Fight ClubWheels of Justice1115280 Fight Club74Wheels of Justice
2007-07-07N FL Fairgrounds,
Capital Punishment (Tallahassee)
The Tampa Tantrums
Capital Punishment49The Tampa Tantrums87n/aThe Tampa Tantrums
San Diego Derby Dolls
Hard Corps vs Diego Rollers
Hard Corps45Diego Rollers64N/ADiego Rollers
2007-06-23WAMU Theater,
Mile High Club &
Throttle Rockets
Throttle Rockets (Rat City)126Mile High Club (DRD)121N/AThrottle Rockets
2007-06-21Stockton Fair, www.bakorollers.comPort City Roller Girls vs Bakersfield RollergirlsPort City Roller Girls59Bakersfield Rollergirls106N/ABakersfield Rollergirls
2007-06-172020 Rowlett Rd, GarlandTXhttp://www.acderby.comAssassination City Roller DerbyBombshell BrigadeLa Revolucionn/a
2007-06-172020 Rowlett Rd, GarlandTXhttp://www.acderby.comAssassination City Roller DerbyLone Star AssassinsDeadly KennedysLicense to Thrill - Bout IVn/a
2007-06-16Fresno Fair GroundsCAwww.bakorollers.comSmog City Roller Grrls vs Bakersfield Rollergirls Smog City Roller Grrls109Bakersfield Rollergirls119N/ABakersfield Rollergirls
2007-06-16N. FL Fairgrounds, TallahasseeFLwww.tallahasseerollergirls.comSpace Coast Slashers (Brevard County Derby Girls)
Capital Punishment (Tallahassee Rollergirls)
Space Coast Slashers74Capital Punishment132N/ACapital Punishment- Tallahasse
2007-06-101609 Trexlertown Rd.
Lehigh Valley Rollergirls
Morristown Madams
LVRG Hissy FitsMorristown Madams
2007-06-1060 Harvester Rd, WaterburyCTwww.ctrollerderby.comCT RollerGirlsWidowmakers80Elm City BoneCrushers41N/AWidowmakers
2007-06-09Las VegasNVWindy City Rollers
Sin City Rolergirls
Windy City Rollers117Sin City Rollergirls36Windy City Rollers
2007-06-09Dorton Arena, RaleighNCwww.varollergirls.comDominion Derby Girls All Stars vs. Carolina Rollergirls' Trauma QueensDominion44Trauma Queens72N/ATrauma Queens
2007-06-09Dorton Arena,
Dominion Derby Girls All Star Team vs. Carolina Rollergirls Home Team, the Trauma QueensDominion Derby Girls44Trauma Queens72Trauma Queens
2007-05-272801 E Broadway Maryville, Knox Roller Girl All-stars vs Nashville Rythym and BruisersHard Knox Roller Girl All-Star111Nashville's Music Rythm and Br81N/AHard Knox Roller Girl All-S
Tucson's Vice Squad vs
OC Roller Girls
OC Roller Girls AllstarsTucson's Vice SquadRoll For A Cure FundraiserTBD
2007-05-261004 34th St,
Bakersfield Rollergirls vs San Joaquin Valley VixensBakersfield Rollergirls112San Joaquin Valley Vixens56NBakersfield Rollergirls
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