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Name of Card Total Casting Cost Color Mana Cost Card Type Creature Type #1 Creature Type #2 Power Defense Abilities Ability Cost Set
Burrowing1red1 mountainEnchant CreatureTarget creature gains mountainwalk.4th edition
Unsummon1Blue1 islandInstantreturn target to owner's hand4th edition
Instill Energy1green1 forestEnchant Creatureyou may untap target creature one additional time during your turn. Target creature may also attack when it comes into play. 4th edition
Instill Energy1green1 forestEnchant Creatureuntap target creature one additional time this turn. Target creature has haste. 4th edition
Ironroot Treefolk5green1 forest 4 colorlesscreaturetreefolk354th edition
Tranquility (2)3green1 forest 2 colorlessSorcerydestroy all enchantments4th edition
Raging Goblin1Red1 mountaincreaturegoblin11Haste7th Edition
Shock1red1 mountainInstantdeals 2 damage to target creature or player.7th Edition
Boomerang2Blue2 islandinstantreturn target to owner's hand.7th edition
Unsummon1Blue1 islandInstantReturn target creature to owner's hand.7th edition
Stream of LivegreenX 1 forestSorceryTarget player gains X life7th edition
Redwood Treefolk5green1 forest 4 colorlesscreaturetreefolk367th edition
Merseine4bluetwo islands two colorlessEnchant CreaturePut three net counters on merseine. Enchanted creature doesn't untap as long as net counters remain. Target creature's controller may pay creature's casting cost to remove a net counterFallen Empires
Vodalian Mage3blue1 island 2 colorlessCreatureMerfolk11counters a target spell if caster does not pay an additional 1 colorless. Play as interrupt.1 island, tapFallen Empires
Night Soil2green2 forestEnchantmentRemove two creatures in any graveyard from the game put a saproling token into play. Treat this token as a 1/1 green creature.1 colorlessFallen Empires
Soul Burn3black1 swamp 2 colorlessSorceryDeals 1 damage to single target creature or player for each swamp or maountain paid in addition to casting cost. Gain one life for each swamp spent in this way. Can't gain more life than toughness of the creature or the total life of the targeted player. Ice age
Soul Burn3black1 swamp 2 colorlessSorceryDeals 1 damage to a single target creature or player for each swamp or mountain you pay in addition to casting cost. Gain 1 life for each swamp spent this way. Can't gain more than creature's toughness or player's total life.Ice age
Wings of Aesthir2white/blue1 island 1 plain Enchant Creaturetarget creature gains flying and first strike and get +1/+0. Ice age
Jeweled AmuletcolorlessArtifact1 colorless,tap; add one charge counter the color of mana used to charge tap; remove charge counter an add that color mana to pool.Ice age
Brawn4green1 forest 3 colorlessCreatureIncarnation33Trample; as long as in graveyard and you control a forest all creatures you control gain trample.Judgement
Boggart Shenanigans (2)3red1 mountain 2 colorlessEnchantmentGoblinWhen goblin you control is put in a graveyard deal 1 damage to target player.Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Boggart Harbinger (2)3black1 swamp 2 colorlessCreatureGoblinshaman21Search for Goblin card, reveal it, shuffle library and put it on top.Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Boggart Birth Rite (2)1black1 swampSorceryGoblinReturn target goblin from your garveyard to your handLorwyn: Boggart Feast
Hornet Harasser (2)4black2 swamp 2 colorlessCreatureGoblinShaman22when put into graveyard from play target creature gets -2/-2Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Facevaulter (3)1black1 swampcreatureGoblinWarrior11gets +2/+2 until end of turn1 swamp, sacrifice a goblinLorwyn: Boggart Feast
Shimmering Grotto (2)colorlessLandtap, add one colorless tap colorless, tap; add one mana of any colorLorwyn: Boggart Feast
Fodder Launch4black1 swamp 3 colorlessSorceryGoblinas an additional cost sacrifice a goblin. Target create gets -5/-5 until end of turn. Deals 5 damage to that creature's controler.Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Warren Pilferers (2)5Black1 swamp 4 colorlessCreatureGoblinRogue33Comes into play return creature from graveyard. If a goblin than pilferers gain haste.Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Lowland Oaf (2)4red1 mountain 3 colorlessCreatureGiantWarrior33target Goblin creature you control gains +1/0 and flying. Sacrifice creature at end of turn.tapLorwyn: Boggart Feast
Boggart Mob4black1 swamp 3 colorlessCreatureGoblinWarrior55Champion; when goblin you control deals damage to a player you may put a 1/1 black rogue creature into play.Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Squeaking Pie Sneak2black1 swamp 1 colorlessCreatureGoblinRogue22as an additional cost reveal a goblin card from your hand or pay 3 colorless; fearLorwyn: Boggart Feast
Spiderwig Boggart3Black1 swamp 2 colorlessCreaturegoblinshaman22When comes into play target creature gains fear until end of turn.Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Adder-Staff Boggart (3)2red1 mountain 1 colorlessCreatureGoblinWarrior21Comes into play clash. if you win gets +1/+1 counter.Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Mountain (10)RedLandLorwyn: Boggart Feast
Swamp (12)BlackLandLorwyn: Boggart Feast
Mad Auntie3black1 swamp 2 colorlessCreatureGoblinShaman22Other Goblin Creatures you control get +1/+1tap; regenerate target goblinLorwyn: Boggart Feast
Tarfire (2)1Red1 mountainInstantGoblindeal 2 damage to target player or creature.Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Mudbutton Torchrunner (2)3Red1 mountain 2 colorlesscreaturegoblinwarrior11When put into a graveyard from play deals 2 damage to target creature or player.Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Marsh Filtter (2)4black1 swamp 3 colorlesscreaturefaerierogue11Flying; When comes into play add two 1/1 black goblin rogue creatures into play.sacrifice a goblin; becomes 3/3 until end of turn.Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Tar Pitcher4red1 mountain 3 colorlesscreaturegoblinshaman22deals 2 damage to target creature or playertap, sacrifice a goblinLorwyn: Boggart Feast
Exiled Boggart (2)2black1 swamp 1 colorlesscreaturegoblinrogue22when put into graveyard discard a card.Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Hoarder's Greed4black1 swamp 3 colorlessSorcerylose 2 life and draw two cards. Clash, if you win repeat. Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Ghostly Changeling (2)3Black1 swamp 2 colorlesscreatureShapeshifter22gets +1/+1 until end of turn1 swamp 1 colorless Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Goatnapper3red1 mountain 2 colorlesscreaturegoblinrogue22comes into play untap target goat and gain control until end of turn. Gains haste until end of turn.Lorwyn: Boggart Feast
Inner-Flame Igniter (2)3Red1 mountain 2 colorlessCreatureElementalWarrior22Creatures you control get +1/0. IF this is the third time used this turn creatures you control gain first strike until end of turn. 1 mountain 2 colorlessLorwyn: Elementals' Path
Mountain (12)RedLandLorwyn: Elementals' Path
Consuming Bonfire (2)Red2 mountain 3 colorlessSorceryElementalChoose one- 4 damage to target non-elemental or 7 to target treefolk creatureLorwyn: Elementals' Path
Mournwhelk (2)7Black1 swamp 6 colorlessCreatureElemental33Comes into play target player discard two cards Evoke- 1 Swamp 3 colorlessLorwyn: Elementals' Path
Springleaf Drum (2)1Colorless1 ColorlessArtifactTap an untapped creature you control add one of any color mana to your pool.TapLorwyn: Elementals' Path
Mulldrifter5Blue1 Island 4 ColorlessCreatureElemental22Flying; Comes into play draw two cardsEvoke- 1 Island 2 ColorlessLorwyn: Elementals' Path
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