Number President State Age Elected # of Terms Political Party Vice President Highest Education Occupation Main Issues Foreign Policies Year Elected
5Monroe, JamesVA64RepublicanTompkins, DanielNone, he dropped out in his mid- high school years.Joined the continental army, and he was moved upSeminole War, Panic of 1819, Adams-Onis TreatyNone1815
26Roosevelt, TheodoreNY42RepublicanFairbanks, CharlesHarvard CollegeGovernor of New YorkRusso- Japanese warPanama Canal1901
35Kennedy, John F.MA44DemocraticJohnson, Lyndon B.College - Harvard UniversityNavy, SenateAssassinated1961
12Taylor, ZacharyLA64WhigFillmore, MillardNoneGeneral in ArmyDied of Cholera July 9,1850 of cherries and fresh milkClayton-Bulwer Treaty1849
31Hoover, Herbert C.CA55RepublicanCurtis, CharlesCollege- Stanford UniversitySupreme Economic Council, American Relief Administration, Secretary of CommerceGreat Deppression1929
41Bush, George H. W.TX65RepublicanQuayle, J. DanforthPhillips Academy (No College)Buisinessman (Oil)Persian Gulf War, Birth Control, The EconomyAttempted to make a peace treaty involving all countries.1989
27Taft, William HowardOH52RepublicanSherman, JamesCollege - Yale UniversityLaw Politics1909
25Mckinley, WilliamOH54RepublicanHobart, Garett Roosevelt, TheodoreAllegheny CollegeTeaching, Congressman, GovernorAssassinatedWar with Spain1896
7Jackson, AndrewTN62DemocratCalhoun, John Buren, Martin VanLaw SchoolGovernor of FloridaAttempted Assasination, Nullification CrisisIndian Removal1828
20Garfield, James A.OH48RepublicanArthur, Chester A.Williams CollegeLawyer, Educator, MinisterAssasinatedNone1880
36Johnson, Lyndon B.TX65DemocratHumphry, HerbertCollege- Southwest Texas StateSenatorVietnam War, Cold War, Civil Rights protestsWar in Vietnam1963-1969
33Truman, HarryMO61DemocraticBarkly, AlbenCollege- Kansas city law schoolVice president, small business manWorld War 1War aganist Germany1948
24Cleveland, GroverNY48DemocratHendricts, Thomas Stevenson, AdlaiLaw schoollawyer, mayor of Buffalo, Govoner of New YorkassassinatedHawiian Queen established dictatorship over Islands after US raised tariff on sugar1885
21Arthur, Chester A.NY51DemocratNoneUnion collegeVice presidentNoneChinese exclusion act, International prime meridian conference1881
3Jefferson, ThomasVA58RepublicanBurr, Aaron Clinton, GeorgeCollege of William and MaryVice President LawyerWhisky Rebellion tariff and taxesBritish impressing ships1801
1Washington ,GeorgeVA57Adams, JohnWent to school in his townPlanter , FarmerWhisky RebellionSigned Jays Treaty1789
10Tyler, JohnVA51WhigNoneCollege of William and MaryVice PresidentCivil WarNone1841
28Wilson, WoodrowNJ57DemocraticMarshall, ThomasPrinceton Collage, College of Virginia Law School, John Hopkins CollegeCollege professor, historian, political scientist, President of Princeton, Govenor of New Jersey1917 War against Germany1914 Neutrality Act passed with Europe1913
38Ford, Gerald R.MI61RepublicanRockefeller, NelsonCollege- University of Michigan, University of Michigan LawNaval Service, House of Representatives, Warren Commision, House of Minority Leader2 Assasination Attempts1974
18Grant, UlyssesIL47RepuplicanWilson, Henry Colfax, SchuylarCollege-U.S. Military AcademyGeneralCuster's defeat at BighornTreaty to Annex Dominican Republic defeated1869
15Buchanan, JamesPA66DemocraticBreckenridge, JohnDickinson CollegeLawyerPanic of 1857The treaty of Guadolupe1856
17Johnson, AndrewTN57DemocratNoneNoneTailorReconstructing the Union, Lincoln AssassinationTenure Office Act1865
14Pierce, FranklinNH49DemocraticKing, WilliamBowdin CollegeLawyer, General, Senator, Congressmanagainst slavery, supported Missouri CompromiseNone1853
32Roosevelt, Franklin D.NY51DemocraticGarner, John Wallace, Henry Truman, Harry S.College/ Harvard University Columbia law schoolGovernor of NY, public official lawyer his polio, great depressionpearl harbor, civil war1932
19Hayes, Rutherford B.OH55RepublicanWheeler, WilliamKenyon CollegeLawyerEnd of the Civil Warpolicy of avoiding foreign issues1877
42Clinton, William J.AR47DemocraticGore, Albert Jr.College-Georgetown, College-Oxford, College-Yale LawLawyerTravelgate, LewinskyOsama bin laden, Saddam Hussein, Serbians, Albanians1993
8Van Buren, MarcusNY55DemocratJohnson, RichardLaw SchoolVice President, Secretary of StatePanic of 1837Aroostook War, Caroline Affair1837
2Adams, JohnMA62FederalistJefferson, ThomasCollege - Harvard UniveresityLawyerXYZ Affair, Alien and Sedition Acts, States' RightsXYZ Affair1797
16Lincoln, AbrahamIL52RepublicanJackson, Andrew Hamlin, HannibalNoneStore clerk, rail-spitter, lawyer, congressmanSlavery, assasinatedNone1861
29Harding, WarrenOH55RepublicanCoolidge, CalvinOhio Central CollegeEditor, PublisherDied after 2 yeras in office, Wife accused of murdering him, Teapot Dome ScandleTreaty of Versailles(which ended WW1), The Dawes plan(called Americans to loan to Germany)1920
6Adams, John QuincyMA58National RepublicanCalhoun, JohnCollege - Harvard UniversityLawyeerAndrew Jackason's accusing John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay of "Corrupt Bargain"1825
4Madison, JamesVA58Democratic- RepublicanClinton, George Gerry, ElbridgeCollege- Princeton UniversityLawyerWar of 1812War aganist Germany1809
9Harrison, William HOH67WhingTyler, JohnHampden Sydney CollegeSoldier, Seretary of State, Delegate, Congress man, SenatorDied in office from pneumoniaHe died to early but he promised to stay out of forign wars1840
23Benjamin HarisonIndiana55RepublicanLevi MortonCincinnati law office of Storer & Gwynne, Miami University, Farmer's CollegeCivil war veteranAnti-Trust lawsFishing rights over Alaska1889
39Carter, James Earl Jr.GA53DemocraticMondale, WalterGeorgia Southwestern College, College-Georgia Institute of TechnologyThe Navy's nucleur submarine program, Senator of Georgia, Governor of GeorgiaA war between Isreal and Egypt, Iran held hostages from the American EmbassyPeace Treaty between Isreal and Egypt, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks1977
34Eisenhower, Dwight D.New York63RepublicanNixon, Richard M.U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New YorkMilitaryCold warSoutheast Asia treaty for Vietnam and Korea1953
11Polk, James KTN49DemocraticDallas, GeorgeCollege- University of North CarolinaLawyer, House of Representation, Speaker of HouseDied four months after retiredSigned a treaty with Great Britian concerning Oregon, got some of the territory of Texas1844
30Coolidge, CalvinMA51RepublicanDaws, CharlesAmherst Collageopened his own law officeNonesigned bill making indians citizens of the U.S1923
13Fillmore. MillardNYC50WhignoneHe was 15, and his parents couldnt afford it.Head of State.noneThe slave trade was abolished in the district of Columbia.1848
22Cleveland,GroverNY48DemocratHendrickes,Thomas A.Grammar schoolGovernorNoneNicaragua Canal Treaty, Canadian Fishing Treaty, Berlin Conference Treaty1884
43Bush, George W.TX55RepublicanCheney, RichardYale University, Harvord BusinessBusinessman (Oil, Baseball)September 11War on Terrorism2001
37Nixon, Richard M.CA56RepublicanFord, Gerald Spiro, AgnewWhittier CollegeSenatorVietnam War, Watergate ScandalNone1969
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