Please enter your 6 selections for races 1 to 6 on the racecard.

Note in Champions League we dont miss out any races on the racecard, so selections are always strictly races 1,2,3,4,5,6

Note: When you come to view player selections once race one if off, if a player has enter more than one set of horses, then the last one entered is treated as the actual selections.

Username (race 1) (race 2) (race 3) (race 4) (race 5) (race 6)
bigmartinElas RubyExecutive ForceMemorial DayImperial AviatorGlitter GirlAfrican Beatmore
calamataSilent ApproachCity of JoyMountain BellImperial AviatorGlitter GirlDynamicmore
CityNormCrimson RockExecutive ForceKings FeteImperial AviatorGlitter GirlAfrican Beatmore
flushwayscrimson rockexecutive forcetashaarwhat about carloglitter girlafrican beatmore
lightworkercrimson rockexecutive forcefrontiersmanimperial aviatorsoul silverafrican beatmore
martin_withers_22silent approacheaton squarefrontiersmanblair houserajardynamicmore
paulclarkeelas rubyeaton squarememorial dayblair houseglitter girlafrican beatmore
world_wide_whippetElas RubySilver LineWestern HymnStorm RockEmmieHarakamore
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