Bad Ebay Buyer
bad ebay buyer bad ebay buyer bad ebay buyer bad ebay buyer

Are you sick of Bad Ebay Buyers?

Fed up with ebay's ridiculous "No Negative Feedback for Buyers" policy?

Let the Deadbeats, Scammers, Non Paying Bidders, Clueless Idiots and Just Plain Bastards have it here!!!

Bad Buyer's User ID Brief Description
Example IDThey said the item was broken, but wouldn't return it or send proof. I gave a full refund, & they STILL left Negative Feedback! Complete & utter bastards!!!more
call-centerBuyer took forever to pay for the item, then filed a non-received item report with PayPal the day after he paid!more
bescuraClaimed that motherboard was dead (It was not and was tested) refused any assistance and continued to demanded a refund.more
countrypolicechiefBid my item sky high and never paid. This guy is a BAD dude and is a player! He will worry yout tail off and not pay.more
big44gunnBought the item and said he would pay in the next few days but never paid in 2 weeks. Dispute filed FVF returned.more
mrmiketrikeJust another non-paying bidder. Dispute filed and fvf refunded.more
oxfeirPicked up & paid for item, then left Negative as didn't like it. Refused refund. Was rude, abusive & possibly deranged.more
drink66sleeperComplete idiotmore
mooseyspazClaimed the custom repaint described in auction wasn't worth the price - but bid anyway?!more
mooseyspazClaimed pictures were misleading despite paying for extra large pics and doing close ups. Full description also in auction.more
neophite1Claimed issues with packaging and figure after I refused to discount the final sale pricemore
warbirdf4spoke to buyer on cell phone about payment but never sent it..but paid for other auctions after winin mine... waited over 30 days to file An Unpaid Item dispute.more
saita1111Chargeback scammer - orders from ebay sellers, after receiving the merchandise he files fraudulent chargebacks and then he resells the items to buyers in Russiamore
callieskiingBuyer uses feedback extortion and demanded partial refund on charity item Left false negative feedback after we said refund would only be given after item is retunedmore
furiosatempestadBid on auction 1st day listed then decided to not pay after winning as he had changed his mind. Refund givenmore
worldtradecenter_manchesterhe said item was late arriving and damaged, he made no attempt to contact us, he just left Neg. Tried emailing him but no reply. admits he rarely leaves possmore
vogts6sent $ to wrong PP email. spent 2 wks helping her fix it. THEN she lies to PP saying I never answered ANY emails and demands her money back!more
bshamilHell bent to take sellers down-leaves negative feedback and gets ebay to shut you down-has done more than a few timesmore
j66bspSend Xbox360 game, that only been used once, i took picture of it, claimed scatched and demand a refund, left negtive FB, send really abusive email to me, threatingmore
moparsaremythingReceived item , said wasnt nice enough. Wouldnt return , wanted more items. I refunded 100% , never got items back. Still left negmore
70chrysler300Buyer bought rebuilt items from me, resold them as new / NOS . Left me - feedback when I wouldnt give partial refund because 1 wasnt 'new looking' Now blockedmore
gowind24buyer purchased purse and other items at or around same day. . .paid for other items but not mine., Said the description wasn't detailed. . . .that was untrue!more
jmacguireLeft negative feedback before even contacting me. Then demanded full refund. Says the program is a demo. It is full version, exactly as described!more
rockroad213lied that the item is worn out and I listed wrong sizes so she can get it for free, Sure enough ebay helped this thief get it free with no proof .more
meowinthemix2009said the item was stained which was a lie so they can get it for free and I also got a negative feedbackmore
pug55555552zshlied that I sent wrong measurements and unusable items and demanded full refund and threatened to leave negative feedback so she can get items for freemore
mindblowintoysRefuses to respond to messages and doesn't pay for items until the last day of an unpaid case is open, then gives the seller negative feedback! Complete douche.more
Monicamm85Buyer doesn't know how to read listing, complains about size, leaves dishonest negative feedback after she says its her mistake not mine.more
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