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Title Author Publisher DDC number Year of Publication
Complete Chemistry for AIEEE 2008TMH2008
Data WarehousingBPB2006
Developing Java ServletsNew Delhi : BPB2006
HTML Complete BPB2008
Himani Solved Papers for B E ( I ) Electrical TechnologyHimani Publication2008
Himani Solved Papers for B E ( I ) Elements of Mechanical EngineeringHimani Publication2008
Himani Solved Papers for B E ( I ) Essentials of CommunicationHimani Publication2008
Himani Solved Papers for B E ( I ) Fundamentals of Computer and ProgramHimani Publication2008
Himani Solved Papers for B E ( I ) Manufacturing ProcessHimani Publication2008
Himani Solved Papers for B E ( I ) MathematicsHimani Publication2008
Himani Solved Papers for B E ( I ) PhysicsHimani Publication2008
Introduction to Digital Communication SystemPrentice Hall of India2004
Introduction to Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Process netPrentice Hall of India2004
Java ProjectBPB2008
Longman : Language ActivatorLongman2008
Macmillian English DictionaryMacmillan India Pvt. Ltd2006
Data Structures and AlgorithmsAchuthan, M KDorling Kindensley2008
Fundamentals of Semi Conductor DevicesAchuthan, M KTMH2007
Data Structures and AlgorithmsAgrawal O PPearson Education2008
Environmental Science and EngineeringAhmad, KafeelGalgotia2007
Compiler Principles, Techniques and ToolAho, Alfred VPearson Education2008
Design and analysis of Computer AlgorithmsAho, Alfred V.Pearson Education2002
Contemporary Polymer ChemistryAllcock, Harry KPearson Education2005
Electronic Engineering Materials and DevicesAllison, JohnTMH2002
Chemistry for EngineersAmbasta, B KLaxmi Publication2008
Improve Your WrittingArora, V NOxford University2006
ElectronicsArun, PNarosa2008
Heavy Metals and EnvironmentalAthar, MohammadNew Age International2006
The 8086 MicroprocessorAyala, Kenneth JCengage1995
Design of the Unix Operating SystemBach, Maurice JPearson Education2008
Dictionary of ChemistryBackett, A HDelhi : CBS2003
Chemistry in Your LifeBaird, ColinW H Freeman2001
E - Commerce : The Cutting Edge ofBajaj, Kamlesh KTMH2008
Programming in ANSI CBalaguruswamy, E.TMH2008
Numberical MethodsBalaguruswamy, E.TMH2008
Control EngineeringBandyopadhyaya M NPrentice Hall of India2008
Digital Computer FundamentalsBartee, ThomasTMH2008
Computer TodayBasandra, Suresh KGalgotia2008
Computers TodayBasandra, Suresh KDelhi : Galgotia2008
HTML, DHTML Java script PerlBayross, IvanBPB2008
Java 2.00Bayross, IvanBPB2006
Linux Kernel ProgrammingBeck, MichaelPearson Education2007
Electronic Instrumentation and MeasurementBell, David ANew Age International2008
A Course in Mathematical LogicBell, JohnOxford : Pergamon1997
Data Warehousing, Data MiningBerson, AlexTMH2008
Data NetworksBertsekas, DimitriPearson Education2008
Basic Electronics and Linear CircuitsBhargava N NTMH2008
VHDL premierBhaskar, J.Prentice Hall of India2007
Machine DrawingBhatt, N DCharotor2007
Experiments Basic Electric EngineeringBhattacharya, S KNew Age International2007
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